December 2, 2008

What a great day!! Dad and I went in early to visit "Super Woman" only to find her down getting another Xray. She came back soon after we got there and the PA, Peter Donovan who had originally put in the chest tubes said it was her very best, clearesst chest Xray yet. Next came her cardiologist, who told us she was doing great, though that leaky Tricuspid valve is still and issue and will probably mean Cumadin for an indefinate period of time and she may carry some extra fluid...maybe not. Then came the PT. She got Mom into a walker/seat jaloupy rig and off she took down the hall like an olympic athlete! She went clear down the hallway to the nurses station, pivoted and came back...only stopping a few times to rest. The PT was thrilled, as this was her first "field trip" outside of the room (any room since coming into the hospital 29 days ago).

Mom gave Dad permission to go home to the island if he wanted and he didn't hesitate saying a heartfelt goodbye and headed for the door. Since Mom has been progessing so rapidly, Dad has had ants in his pants. He's not a person who is used to staying in one place for long and is perfectly contented to do so if he's needed but when things improve, he's ready to get back to chores. I took him home for lunch and off to the noon boat. This gave me about 2 hrs to do normal things, like dog walk, pick up some necessities at the store, etc. and then I returned around 2:30 to find her deep in slumberland. She slept a good hour while I did a crossword puzzle and was surprised to find me sitting there when she woke up. She ate a good dinner and followed it up with a hot fudge sundae (I snuck in homemade sauce). She is now down to one chest tube which is just barely draining and may come out tomorrow; no catheter so her silky undies are back on; her nasty pic line is gone so no more needle pokes and weepy dressings; and now the exercise and good rest and nutrition continues.

Hope is that she may be able to leave the hospital to come here for awhile by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. We are already planning the big day!! Her strengthening may take longer than she would like but it's slow and steady with lots of rest and good food, so that's what I can help with. I am going to be out of work to help care for her until the beginning of the year, right after Xmas vacation at school. By then, she should be safe and sound back on her beloved island in her snug and cozy home where Dad and Barb and me on the weekends, can keep a close eye on her and make sure she continues to get the food and rest and exercise that she needs.

Thank you, once again, for everything that you have all done for us! The support and love have been overwhelming and have meant everything to us all pulling through!!! Please remember her in your prayers until she is safe and sound!