December 3, 2008, 9:30 pm

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was yet another day filled with good things! Mom was napping when I arrived at 7AM but came alive when she smelled the coffee and fresh muffin! We had a nice chat and she seemed very upbeat and, as always, so grateful to be among us all! Soon thereafter, Dr. Weldner, her surgeon came for his usual morning visit and remarked about her awesomeness! When she told him of her corridor stroll and increasing energy he was thrilled and amazed and told her today the right chest tube would be removed. It was right after that, that her PT arrived and asked if she wanted to go for another stroll and she readily agreed. She flew up the hall and had to be told more than once, to slow down! Dr. Weldner came out of his office to watch and said to me, "I'm not just saying this because you are her daughter but this is JUST amazing!" I told him he had obviously been underestimating the power of the Island woman and he said he would NEVER make that mistake again!!!

Peter Donovan, the PA came in and removed the chest tube without much fanfare and then the leakage began. He told us for the next few days it would/could leak but the other side hadn't, so we assumed, wrongly, that this side would be equally as cooperative. After soaking several johnnys and dressings, they put a dressing that looks like a baggie on to collect the fluid and it was a quarter full by tonight. I would guess by the look of the size of bag it maybe holds a cup or so. She took a great 2 hr nap somewhere between 2 and 4 o'clock, when I left to come home to see to things. Judy and Aunt Charl had made a visit and later Karen and Aunt Connie made a nice visit too.

Mom has been told, that if things go as planned, she will be released on Friday!!! She is scheduled for a chest Xray again tomorrow AM to make sure the fluid isn't accumulating again and they have increased her diaretic to further her fluid loss. She is using the commode like it's second nature and can scoot around with her walker, from bed to chair to commode really well. She can see her strength returning by the hour. Because of the diaretics, she has a very low potassium level and is taking loads of supplements to correct her deficiency. This may continue for some time.

We saw the coordinator of the home care services and will be giving a call soon after Mom's release to schedule a visit and set up a regular schedule for the OT, PT and personal care nurse. We need to keep especially close watch of her fluid retention as they will be closely monitoring and "tweeking" her meds for awhile. Her appetite is good and she is eating most of her three "from home" meals and some of her hospital choices as well.

Mom and Dad's "sick bay suite", which was formerly our livingroom, is all set up and ready for it's new occupants. We just CAN'T WAIT!! It's not the island home, but it's the next best thing for now. It will be a wonderful day for them when she can make that trip over on the Islander and be driven to the front door of their cozy home with that great view of the "Cricks". Pat and I plan to stay at the cottage next door for a little while over the holidays so we can help and just be close to enjoy the Xmas spirit, more precious this year than ever before!!

Thank you all, once again, for all of your prayers, good thoughts, kind deeds and generosity to our family. We will never, never forget the love you have shown us all and so many amazing ways!!


PS: I may need to take a night or two off from the updates after Mom and Dad come to the house. I'm running out of time and energy but will let you all know when there is something newsworthy. For the next one or two weeks, she will be working on rest, good food and scheduled exercise!!!