November 9, 2008, 6:30 pm

Dear Friends and Family,

I know it's been a couple of days since my last update but the days fly by and I'm ready for the old beddy-boo by early evening.

Today has been a good day for Mom and the visiting nurse, Stacy and our dear friend, nurse, and Pastor Linda B. agreed...she is doing very well. She isn't making the rapid recovery SHE seems to feel she would like but evereyone agrees she is making good progress and she needs to be patient. The next few weeks are loaded down with PT, OT, nurse visits and many doctor's appts which we will enjoy hearing about her progress. The PT only wants Mom to walk about 30 mins each day and practice using her spirometer once every hour to help keep her lungs exercised and keep the congestion from accumulating. She still has a lot of excess fluid in her legs and feet but they are slowing going down with the help of elevation, ice and the right combination of exercise and rest. It's been hard to keep Dad from climbing the walls so he is in charge of the TV entertainment and helps greatly with the walking, bathroom visits and pillow adjustments.

Much as Mom would like to be on the island for Xmas, everyone who has evaluated her to date feels that is unrealistic and she needs to just pace herself and give her body time to heal completely...maybe 4-6 weeks. We will celebrate Xmas at home on the island whatever day she is able to safely go home. Until then, we will gather here to celebrate everyday that we can together. Her spirits are good and she is ready to try her walks and her ice/heat therapy...whatever is needed to get better. Pat has been just amazing in helping me keep things going. We are starting to get a routine down now and with Mom's progress and increasing independence, things are getting easier and more relaxed around the Murray Rehab Clinic. The visiting health care professionals are pleased with our little set up and none have spoken as though this was the wrong decision. They are all ready to get into a schedule, beginning next week, to get Mom in peak condition as quickly and
safely as possible...maybe three times a week.

Well, that's about all I have to offer. Everyone is eating well and getting lots more rest than we were. Mom is more comfortable now in the bed than she was a few days ago when she just didn't seem to be able to get into a comfortable position. Now that she is better, she is beginning to feel all the normal pains and aches of post surgery and I guess that's a good sign. Tylenol does the trick and that along with heat/ice and good pillows strategically placed, we are managing to keep her comfy. She rotates for chair, to chair, to couch to bed and walks in between seatings. She ate dinner at the dining room table again tonight and we enjoyed coffee and treats at the table with Pastor Linda this afternoon. It was a normal, simple pleasure that not long ago, I thought might be an impossibility.

Thank you all, once again, from the bottom of our collective hearts, for all of your love, support, cards, gifts, visits, calls, and most of all thoughts and prayers. Please don't stop!

Love from us all,