November 20, 2008

Mom has had a bit better day today. We can notice small but obvious changes for the better each day, though she can't right now. I DO think her spirits are a little better and I'm beginning to see the sparkle in her eyes where there was nothing but a black void before. She is still having bowel problems but with the introduction of solid foods today, we hope that will change. Her white blood count continues to go down and one doc thought perhaps just the stress and trauma to her body may have accounted for the blood count because, aside from rattley lungs, there is no known cause of any infection and no fever or chills.
Because of the quiet, end of the hall room and keeping the lights dimmed and phone off, she has gotten pretty good naps in today and so has Dad. She is eating pretty good...a little bite of each thing here and there. She's still upset about her loose BM's but no one is concerned and they feel all will improve soon. She was able to stand today, with the help of a physical therapist, for about 3 mins. Strong leg muscles! They plan to help her walk from bed to recliner, about 2-3 steps tomorrow and will eventually work up to commode use. This will be a big morale booster.
Her heart rate is all over the place. The pace maker, which is wired up to her but still has an external power source is still in place but they have been giving her meds today to try and regulate it somewhat. Again, no one seems like this is anything but par for the course. She still does have 2 slightly leaky valves which may get a bit better in time but will most probably be regulated with meds forever.
They installed another pic line in her right arm again late this afternoon, just for ease of blood collection and giving meds more easily. This was quite a process and rattled her greatly. This is her third one since being admitted but the person who did the procedure asked if two med students could look on during the process and it took about 3 times longer and was totally narrated for the students' benefit. This was hard to listen to and she nearly was climbing the walls and didn't understand how Dad and I could allow this "experiment" to be performed on her. She had just had enough and told us all so! I would never have allowed it had we realized how graphic the ordeal would be to her. She does get panicy very easily and we have to "talk her down". Both Pat and I have suffered panic attacks in our histories and we well know how awful they feel. She doesn't understand why she acts the way she does or reacts the way she is and we've explained that emotional upset is part of this process and with help, will pass and she will have her sunny disposition and quick wit again. She can't BELIEVE how many days have gone by since she was admitted and doesn't understand why the time on the clock doesn't ever change. This upset Dad greatly, as he was concerned she was "losing it" but I know this is part of the process if you've been in the hospital for an extended period. Dad has a nice comfy cot next to her bed and I have fitted him out with all the creature comforts he needs...snacks, meals, change of clothes, meds, toiletries and lots of notes of instructions!!! He said he got lost last night while going down the hall to get ice water from the patient kitchen. We left handers have weird brains when it comes to directions! I'm the only person in the whole world who goes NORTH to go to Boston!! It's a lefty thing! Anyhow, we certainly hope and expect things to progress in a forward manner and continue to ask for your prayers. They have been such a help, obviously. Once this is all over with and Mom is back to really good health, I fully expect the rest of us will be permanent residents of P-6 Psych ward!
Love to you all,
Bev and Crew