November 22, 2008

Dear Family and Friends,
Well, first off I can share with you all that Mom and I are having a sleepover tonight in her hospital room! We talked Dad into going to Falmouth with Pat for a "Stag night" and I have taken over the cot that Dad had formerly occupied. She had a difficult night with oodles of pain after the lung drain tubes were put in place and around midnight last night, after having suffered quite a while, Dad was able to summons a nurse who gave her a mightly wallop of Morphine, after she had been given Adivan and Percodan (sp?) Needless to say, she was more than a bit looped when I got here at 6:30 AM. Mom has a problem coming off Morphine and I dreaded the news when the nurse told me what she had been given. I knew from past experiences with Morphine and Mom that she doesn't tolerate it well and would be down-for-the-count for one full day and maybe into the second day. After a nerve-wracking morning of watching her stopping her breathing and me jiggling her foot, to no avail, I persuaded the nurses to give her something to counteract the morphine's effect yet keep some of the pain relief for her. They have found a nice balance for her, keeping her slightly looped by responsive enough to each and take her pills. Her urine output is down again, though her kidney function is fine. She hasn't had much to drink for over 24 hrs and so they have added a diaretic to the mix. She has eaten quite well considering her stupor and has slurped down two different milk shakes made with Carnation Instant Breakfast and loads of ice cream. Her bowel have been fine/normal and no fever. Her white blood count is down to 20, after being at one point up to 50, so she is still taking her antibiotic. Her spirits now are wonderful and she is very, very aware of all the love coming from her friends and family and "admirers" from all over the place. She is very grateful to be "with us" and has told everyone who will listen that "she IS going to make it!" This is music to all of our ears, as you can well imagine. I truly feel that no matter what goes on now, she can face it and will overcome any hurdles despite the long journey ahead. The plans for the pace maker installation is still up in the air, depending on when her infection is totally gone and her lung draining tubes are no longer necessary. She has spent the entire day and last night after midnight in the recliner and is very comfortable there and has no plans to move. We'll see what the nurses think. She is humbled by all the love and attention that has come her way and told me to tell all of you how much she loves you all and how much she appreciates everything, as do we all! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and know that we can feel them wrapping around us all.
Well, I'm off to put on my PJ's and take out my contacts and get ready to bunk in with Mom. I hope docs and nurses don't get mistaken and give me any shots or procedures tonight. I'm beginning to look more like the patient than she is!!! Can't wait to see what a night in the hospital will turn me into!
Good night, my friends. Sweet dreams and hopes of a brighter (warmer?) tomorrow.
Bev (and Mom)