November 23, 2008

Dear Family and Friends,
Well, both Mom and I survived bunking in together in her room last night. Neither of us slept a wink due to her constant coughing and pain. She finally nodded off around 4AM and I slipped off for a bit, too.

Her surgeon came for a visit early this AM and told us what all the fluid build up was about...the tricuspid valve, which he was unable to do anything about due to the danger of keeping her too long under anesthesia, is still pretty leaking and causing her heart to be too compromised to pump properly, hence leaving her very fluid-filled, swollen and leaking at her pic line.

He has a whole new plan of meds already in the works and it will be a day or two of tweaking before we hit on the proper concoction. He said it would be a couple of days before she would get all the fluid off but it should happen.

Her kidneys are working perfectly and she is getting lots of nasties out of her lungs. Her chest drains continue to de-fluid her yet the left one has slowed down dramatically and may be removed tomorrow. She as allowed a cup of ice water, which she has savored and has slurped down several Carnation Instant Breakfast milk shakes.

She is very dopey today, though you can roust her awake unlike yesterday when she was battling morphine. They are treating her with non-opiate pain relievers and it is taking care of her pain without the deep, deep sedation.She is pretty much down for the count today and has no energy at all.

It's a bit discouraging to Pat, Dad and me but we'll try and take what comes along. Barb, Jon and Judy will be in soon, stopping by before their trip to Manchester, NH to get Jon settled on his plane back to TN for Thanksgiving.

I can't tell you what all of your cards, calls, gifts (Kim and Edna...OH MY!!!), and love has meant to us all. I hope we can all properly express our gratitude when the dust settles and we have more time for one-on-one thank-yous.

Please keep the prayers coming as Mom still has a long road ahead.
Bev (and Mom)