Dear Island Friends,
Just a quick update to let you know about Mama Pip's condition. Last night and early today (Sunday 11/16) Mom's condition took a little turn for the worse. Her blood pressure was very, very low and her kidneys were not doing their jobs nearly well enough. Because of this, when I arrived at the hospital around 8AM, she was very, very weak, very cold and almost incoherent in her response to me. Her fragile state was a shock and a terrible worriment. I spoke with her nurses, who told me they were trying a different medication which would, hopefully, help raise her scary blood pressure and may stimulate her kidneys. Because her kidneys were so sluggish, the pain medication which she had been given yesterday mid-afternoon, was still, very much in her system and she was just "out of it". Thankfully, by noontime, her kidney output was better and her bloodpressure was rising. Slowly, her icy hands and feet began to get lukewarm and I was told things were turning around a bit better. They got her into a recliner, where, with some prodding, she was able to use her spirometer to help clear her lungs and she was able to eat some ice cream, apple juice and a couple of spoonfuls of potato and squash. When we all left tonight, she was back in the recliner again but was so weak she could only whisper, "I love you". Dad's constant attentiveness has been of great comfort to her. We continue to ask for your prayers and support as the days and weeks to follow may be tenuous and a bit scary. She is literally weak as an infant and has a ways to go before they can even think of moving her to a regular room. She is just too unstable for that right now.
She is well aware of all of the islanders' support, though she has been too weak for me to read your cards to her. I am keeping them all together and will take them to her, daily, until she is ready to enjoy them all. Thank you all for such amazing support and love from you all!
Bev and the Crew