Dear Island Friends,
As of 11AM, today, Friday 11/14, Mama Pip successfully underwent a complicated open heart surgery, consisting of a replacement aortic valve, cleaning up scar tissue and wiring her up for an upcoming implanted pacemaker/defibrilator! The surgeon was very pleased with the outcome and feels we should have her back, better than new, in a few weeks.
Due to her complicated surgery and very weakened state, her progress will be slow and probably she will get a bit frustrated. One of us will be with her every step of the way to ensure that she does what she needs to do but gets the much, much needed rest that her body needs right now.
We appreciate so much all of your love and support that you've offered to us all. It has kept us all afloat! Some of you have asked when you can visit her and we are so touched by this sweet desire but it's just way too early for visitors. She has a long recovery in her near future and her doctor and nurses have advised us to please keep our visits limited and to please ask friends to continue with their prayers and words of encouragement as she slowly regains her strength enough to make the trek back to her beloved island home. When she is stronger and begins to get out and about again, she will look forward to seeing some of you and being among the island community once again, though she will still need some rest and healing time.
We can't express our appreciation to you all for your prayers and kind offers. It has overwhelmed us all and touched our souls. I am compiling a notebook of all of her cards, e-mails, pictures of her flowers and lists of phone well-wishers, which she can REALLY enjoy when she is stronger.
We have also been asked about gifts of flowers. She adores them but is allergic to flowers near her. Her garden, however, is quite another matter! It is her pride and joy and she so enjoys "playing" in it, but was unable to enjoy it this past Summer because of her weakened condition. We are hoping some of you who have gardens of your own, might consider sharing a "slip" or bulb from your garden to add to the healing garden we are planning for her in the Spring. Any perennial that you think needs weeding out or a bulb plant to add in the Spring would be such a surprise for her. Just a thought...
With great gratitude,
The Ross/Caldwell/Murray clan