Chebeague Island School Hikes

Thanks to a grant from the Recompense Foundation and in cooperation with the Cumberland Recreation Department and School District 51 we have been travelling to the White Mountains for a weekend of hiking and climbing.

1993 - 3rd and 4th graders travelled to Appalacian Mountain Club's Lonesome Lake Hut. 5th and 6th graders went to Zealand Falls Hut and Junior High and High School hiked up to Carter Notch Hut.

Rest stop on the way to Carter Notch Hut

Top of Wildcat Mountain

1994 - 3rd - 6th graders hiked up to Mizpah Hut

1995 - 3rd - 6th graders hiked to Zealand Falls Hut

1996 - 3rd - 6th graders hiked to Mizpah Hut. Following are a few of the photos from this hike and I will be adding more as I find time. There were 27 of us and we stayed there during caretaker time which meant that we brought our own sleeping bags and FOOD. The hike up the 1600 ft elevation change took from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours. We all had a wonderful time and the 3rd graders climbed their first 4000 foot mountain, Mr Clinton (Mt Pierce).
Everyone at the hut ready to hike down - click on the picture to see full size

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