Close Buy

Close Buy is a gift catalog featuring products from Maine and other New England states which are meant to be given as Christmas or Hanukkah gifts. As you’ll see, there are some really good gifts available.

Here are a few guidelines for ordering from their website:

Š       All orders are sent to the school to be distributed by the students unless you elect to have them shipped elsewhere, in which case there is a shipping charge.

Š       The items arrive the first week of December.

Š       When ordering online please follow these instructions:

§  With each item, the buyer is given the option to benefit an organization. It asks “Who should get kudos” for the sale asks for a teacher’s name. Buyers can use “Kristin Westra” for both and then choose Chebeague Island School from the drop down menu.

§  Buyers can also get free shipping to the school. The option is given during the process. Otherwise, the buyer pays for shipping.