Stephen Ross Scholarship Fund
Stephen Ross

Stephen Ross Scholarship Fund assists 1st and 2nd year college students.

The fund was established in 1964 after the tragic death of Stephen Ross, the son of Lewis and Gerry Ross. The principal at the time was $1400 in 1968 and as the principal grew scholarships were awarded. The principle now invested with the Maine Community Foundation has grown to $110515. Over the years many have benefitted from the scholarship.

We are grateful when receiving gifts from repeat donors, some being quite substantial, however, any amount given increases the principal enabling us to award larger scholarships. All gifts are acknowledged. Each year some gifts are in memory of loved ones.

Gifts may be sent to Stephen Ross Scholarship Fund, c/o Sarah McKinnon Koerber
34 Bluff Head Road
Chebeague Island, ME 04017.
You may also send tothe Maine Community Foundation designated for the Stephen Ross Scholarship at 245 Main Street, Ellsworth, Maine, 04605.

Committee members are Sarah McKinnon, Jon Rich, Jen Belesca, Polly Wentworth, Caitlin Gerber, Sharon Bowman, Binkie Boxer and Courtney Breslin

Community Dinner Trivia Night April 11, 2015

Community Dinner Trivia Night April 12, 2014

Community Dinner Geography Trivia March 23, 2013

Sports Trivia Night March 24, 2012

Name That Tune April 9, 2011

Recipients of the
Stephen Ross Scholarship

Educating Chebeaguers since

Michael Hamilton

Donna Miller
University of Maine

Evelyn Kuntz
Westbrook College

David Miller

Cliff Habig
University of Maine

Vicki Hamilton
Westbrook College

Andrew Todd
Casco Bay College

Milton Calder

BJ Abrahamson
University of Maine

Kim Rich
Southeastern Massachusetts University

Robert Weagle

Dirk Abrahamson

Jason Hamilton
University of Maine

Emery Doughty

Karen Dyer
Franklin Pierce

Robert Lewis
University of Maine

Timothy LeSiege
Univeristy of Maine

Chris LeSiege
University of Maine

Sally Brewer

Rob Parker

Beth LeSiege
Newbury College

Kevin Calder
Husson College

Jennifer Smith
Eastern Kentucky Univeristy

Debbie Jones
University of Maine

Christopher Brown
Northeastern University

Adam Heroux
Ithaca College

Anne Porter
Yale University

Pamela Brewer
University of Maine

Ashley Sidor
University of Rhode Island

Rebecca Jones
Grossmont College

Lynne Parker
Temple University

Jennifer Vintinner
Johnson & Wales

Mimi Lestan

Amy Sidor
University of Rhode Island

Rebecca Towle

Christopher Towle
Maine Maritime Academy

Flora Brown
Brown University

Rob McCollom
Maine Maritime Academy

Ryan Ross
Stonehill College

Brooke Pettit
University of Massachusetts

Rachel Damon
Colby College

Lauren Miller
University of Maine

Bradley Putnam
Harvard University

Bradley Martin
University of Maine

Viktoria Johnson
Ferrrum College

Thomas Damon
University of Maine

Cooper Bowman
New England College

Tyler Putnam
Dartmouth College

Jonathan Miller
Full Sail Real World Education

Christopher Martin
St. Joseph’s College

Zachary Doughty
University of Southern Maine

Denis Johnson
Springfield College

Lida Monroe

John Summa
Hamilton College

Danielle Rich
Andover College

Darya Johnson

Arianna Stefanilo

Anna Maine
Brown University

Nate Martin
St. Josephs

Joshua Doughty
Berklee School of Music

Amanda Campbell

Megan Munroe

Julia Maine
Bowdoin College

Caroline Summa
Oberlin College

Chloe Dyer
Case Western Reserve University

Tracy Calder

Cassidy Jeffers
Endicott College

Benjamin Hillicoss

Invitation to the first 60 birthday party

Slide show of the 49ers

Cathy MacNeill's photos of the 49ers party held January 10, 2009