1.      General.  Chandlerıs Cove is owned by the Town of Cumberland, and shall be administered by the Cumberland Recreation Department.  The Cumberland Town Council shall appoint a Committee for Long Range Planning and Stewardship for Chandlerıs Cover (hereinafter referred to as the ³Committee²), which shall provide advice and recommendations to the Cumberland Town Council and its designees on all aspects of the use and management of Chandlerıs Cove and all other Town owned  parcels on Chebeague Island. 



2.         Modifications.            The Town of Cumberland reserves the right to waive, modify, or institute requirements in addition to those listed herein should it be deemed necessary and/or in the best interest of the Town of Cumberland.



3.         Miscellaneous. 


a.         All users are allowed to utilize Chandlerıs Cove at their own risk on an ³as is, where is² basis.  There should not be any expectation from permit users that the facilities will be ³set up² for their specific use, needs, or situation.

 b.        It is the responsibility of the persons or organizations using the Chandlerıs Cove to leave them in the same condition in which they were received.  If this is not done to the satisfaction of the Town of Cumberland a charge shall be levied for any required ³clean-up², ³pick-up², or ³fix-up² costs (including labor) in excess of any fees that would otherwise be applicable. A lack of respect and responsibility could result in the denial of future permits to the permit applicant or group.

c.         No user shall change the appearance, rearrange, or attempt to improve Chandlerıs Cove.

d.         All individuals or groups using Chandlerıs Cove are responsible for the preservation of order during all activities and are required to comply with all applicable statutes and Town of Cumberland ordinances.


e.         The use or consumption of alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs at Chandlerıs Cove is prohibited.

f.          Except as provided below, the use of open camp fires is prohibited at the Chandlerıs Cove.

1. The sponsor must apply for a burning permit from the Cumberland    

Fire Dept.

2. The fire must be located in the intertidal zone (between high and

     low water marks)

3. The sponsor must clean up the area impacted by the camp fire.  

4. Public participation at the camp fire must conclude no later than 10:00 p.m.





g.         Dogs must be on a leash or under the control of the person in charge of the dog at all times.

h.              Picnicking is welcome while the facilities are open, and picnickers are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. All trash must be carried out.

            i.          The facilities shall be open from one half hour before sunrise and closed at 10:00 PM daily. Usage after 10:00 PM shall require written permission from the Town Managerıs Office.

j.               The property shall be posted for ³No Hunting² to allow unrestricted and open access to the facility year round.