Painting like Jackson Pollock
First day of school!
Click here to see the bird video created by Beverly Johnson featurng Mrs. Hoidal's K-2 grade class.  
Click here to see clips from the concert on December 17 also by Beverly Johnson.  
Collecting critters for the touch tank at the end of September.
On June 11, the Chebeague Island School hosted schools from Peaks Island, Cliff Island, and Long Island for a Casco Bay Islands Field Day. Photo by Sam Birkett.
Making a scarecrow
Searching for habitats on the trail
Collecting critters for the touch tank
First Day of School!

We love snow!

The third & fourth graders on February 15, 2013. (Click on the picture for a larger view.)

A snow creation.
Happy Valentine's Day!
We always have a lot of lovely creations for Valentine's Day at the Chebeague Island School.
Exchanging valentines.
On Monday, February 11, we enjoyed another fantastic meal created by Deb Bowman and Mrs. Summa in celebration of Chinese New Year. Thank you, Deb!
The menu included slow roasted pork...
...pot stickers...
...deep fried brussel sprouts in a honey, balsamic glaze...
...szchuan beans, rice, fortune cookies and various sauces to try.
Almost lunchtime!

We're using chopsticks...

We were happy that School Committee member (and school volunteer) Beverly Johnson could join us!

And we were entertained by a Chinese dragon!
In February, students traveled to Sanford's Pond to skate for PE!
On the day before the Thanksgiving break, the Kindergarten - fourth grade traveled to Old Fort Western, a living museum in Augusta where the students learned about weaving and..
chopping wood.
Thank you, Mrs. Summa for another delicious Thanksgiving feast!
We wrote down what we're thankful for...
and shared them.
Making pretzels like WALTER THE BAKER by Eric Carle in Pre-K.

Corn victory!

Island Institute Fellow, Celia Whitehead and students successfully harvest the last of the corn from the school garden before the raccoons got to it!

Thanks to a grant from Recompense, the school now has binoculars for each student. Beverly Johnson has been showing the students how to use them to become proficient birders.

2011 - 2012


We began February with Spirit Week. Each day had a new theme. Here are pictures from Wacky Hair Day!
The cooks! Caitlin Gerber and Deb Bowman helped our own Mrs. Summa prepare a delicous Thanksgiving dinner of turky, gravy, stuffing, roasted veggies (from our garden), cranberry relish and pumkin pie!
We had guests from Island Commons join us.

2010 - 2011


Bev volunteered all kinds of time in Mrs. Westra's room last year. The kids made her a special book and a birdhouse to show their appreciation.

Click here for a bigger view.
Mosaic design project by Hannah.
As part of the STORMS project, Beverly Johnson and students went around the island to photograph landscapes to compare with photographs from the past and see how they have changed.
Bev, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Westra and 3rd - 5th graders working on their STORMS project.
Making the best of a long winter.
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day dinner with the Island Commons residents!
Valentine's Day dinner.
During Spirit Week in January, each day of the week had a theme. This was animal day with some of the first and second graders practicing their fierce animal faces.
On December 21, the school children put on their show, Fall into Winter, for the community. In additio to singing,they also demonstrated their new Spanish skills in a a skit and acted out a few holiday celebrations around the world Click here to view a slideshow of the performance.
Residents from the Commons came to the school on November 23 to share a Thanksgiving meal that included veggies from the school garden.
The Multipurpose room was rearranged and the tables were covered with tablecloths.
Each table featured a habitat created by the students. This is Beatrice's squirrel habitat.

Mary made the gravy.

Bump carved the turkey.
Thank you, Laura and Erin for a delicious meal!
Tiffany and Zackary visit the greenhouse to water the tomato plants and see what's ready to harvest.
The third-fifth graders talk about their field trip to the Portland Symphony Orchestra's Youth Concert, The Planets on November 9.
View slideshow for the week of May 10: Field Day with Long Island and K-2 share their shadow boxes with Pre-K.

Before starting out, the Camp Sunshine bear, PE teacher Virginia Tatakis-Calder and the students reviewed how much money they raised. $1,300 and counting for Camp Sunshine!

Great job!

Reviewing the rules of the road.
The walkers took a break at Secondwind Farm. Thank you Dick and Dianne Calder for manning the water station!
The third and fourth grade students made block prints in Art on Thursday, January 28.
After carving in "soft cut" linoleum, the students rolled ink onto the plates...
Then they rolled out 10 prints each.
On Friday, January 29, the K-2 class went on a field trip to visit the Town Offices and Works Department.
Holiday Concert on December 17. Everyone singing.
Pre-K students perform.
The Violinists perform.
Old Fort Western Field Trip on November 10. The K-2 graders see what it's like to saw firewood.
And tighten the ropes on an old bed.
Make toast.
Wash dishes...
Dry dishes, crush cinammon and scrape sugar.
And churn butter.
Meanwhile, the 3-5th graders learned what school was like 250 years ago. They tried writing with quills.
They recited.

In October, it was time for harvesting the school garden.

Is that a beet?

Look what we got!

We're washing our vegetables, getting them ready Mrs. Ann to cook them for us for lunch!!

On Friday, October 23, we visited Island Commons and learned a little about its history from Miss Sally.

And we performed a play.

Some of us were seeds, some of us were pumpkins...


And we got candy!

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