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CURRENT WEATHER in the Chebeague area. To the left is a radar-detected precipitation Doppler map from the Weather Channel. The colored areas show precipitation. The intensity of the green shows the intensity of the rain and snow. The yellow and red shows extreme rain or snow. If you hold down on the picture and go directly to image you can get more detail.

EMAIL me at - ISLAND EMAIL DIRECTORY May 29, 1998 - Last weekend was quite a baby boom for Chebeague! Congratulations to the Groothoffs, LeSieges and the Doughtys!

May 28, 1998 - POOL PARTY! Not exactly - we need volunteers who are willing to help out at the pool this Saturday, May 30th at 9 am. We need to clear the deck area of trash and debris to ready it for paving. See you all there!

Nancy Adams is looking for other people who need their septic tanks pumped - you can call her at 846-3126.

I just returned from getting Raymonds boat off the ledges of Little Whaleboat. About ten men picked the boat up and walked it to the water - picture in about a week! Ray says thanks to all the well wishers and help.

May 27, 1998 - Great news - Raymond got a call today that someone had spotted his boat less the motor over on the ledges on Whaleboat. We took Raymond over and the boat seems to be fine and he hopefully will be able to get it off the rocks at high tide tomorrow. Right next to it is a huge Osprey nest and the Ospreys were not happy to have us around and either were the numerous blue herons who were making a major racket.
May 25, 1998 - Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend - I think it has been the best weather of the season. I just tried to send an email to everyone on the email list and got most of them back - I guess I'm doing something wrong so I've decided to put my message out here. June 2nd is the deadline for getting to Beth Howe your email address for the 1998-2000 Chebeague Island Telephone Directory which will be available July 4th. There is only enough room for each household to include one email address. If you would email Beth at she will know what address to include. It is also important to contact her if you don't want your address included or if it is incorrect. Please check your address which is listed and let her know and me also if changes need to be made. Of course if you aren't in the phone book you don't need to contact Beth but I would like to know any changes.

The pool at the recreation center is almost full of water!! We will be swimming laps before we know it.

May 24, 1998 - Well, we all made it back from the White Mountains and of the 31 adults and children who went on the hiking trip every one of us climbed to the top of Cannon Mountain. It was a long arduous climb for some of us but the view was well worth it. Of course it is kinda strange to spend an hour and half with a full pack to a hut and then hike another 2 to 3 hours to get to the top of a mountain only to be met by a tram full of people who have just been carried up. We all walked around feeling very good about ourselves. I have already started planning next years trip and can hardly wait.
May 21, 1998 - For the second morning in a row we have awakened with the sound of a plane flying over. I guess the conditions have been good for spraying dimilin. Yesterday the kids had just left for the bus when the planes flew over really close and I got concerned, jumped in my car to protect the kids from the chemicals. However when I arrived at the bus stop I could see everything was under control - there was Dick Bradbury with his radio talking to the plane and letting the plane know exactly where the children were and where they could spray without it hitting the kids.

Tomorrow morning I leave with the 3rd - 6th grade school children for our 6th annual Mountain Adventure. This year we are heading to the AMC's Lonesome Lake Hut for an exciting fun filled day of adventure, excitement and all the exercise and outdoors we can handle. This a combination effort through the CRC and SAD 51 thanks to a grant from the Recompense Foundation and I can say it has been one of the most successful programs and the children as they get into 3rd grade really look forward to the annual hike.

Just received a note from Sandra and Malcolm Rice and they are doing fine. They were "holed up" at the Hilton Hotel and just returned to their home which they say is very safe. You can actually see the building behind where all the protesting was going on in Jakarta. As a matter of fact you can see the Hilton (I think) building on the front page of yesterdays newspaper near the Parliament building.

Received this note from Cookie Reed: "Thanks to many people from everywhere I have made my pledge minimum. There is more to be raised in the coming weeks, but all has gone well.... I am up to 125 miles during the week and this week-end, Memorial Day, I am scheduled for 80 on Sat., 40 on Sunday afternoon,(I have to do church this Sunday) then 80 on Monday. This will get me to where I need to be for the June, 18th-21st ride."

May 18, 1998 - I just updated Rays Boat page and also heard that Mark Olsen's boat had been stolen and was found over by Whaleboat Island without it's outboard.

Just received a reassuring note from Sandra and Malcolm Rice. After the American Embassy announced that Americans should go home (along with every other Embassy) the meeting places and airports were a zoo. They felt much safer in their own home. They are, however, moving to the Hilton Hotel for a couple of days as the city is expected to go crazy again on Wednesday. (an anniversary of their independence from the Dutch) The Hilton is owned by the military and therefore quite safe. "Hopefully, after that we can return here and who knows what will happen from then on in. We will keep you posted but please let everyone know that we are safe and sound. "

May 15, 1998 - Raymond Hamilton's boat was stolen off his mooring the other night and I have included a stolen ad to my pages if people could pass this info on to boat yards etc maybe we could find it, thanks. I haven't had time to get more specific details and I am leaving for the weekend and will add more on Sunday - maybe it will be found by then I hope.
May 14, 1998 - Article in todays Portland Press Herald about Brown tail spraying.
May 13, 1998 - It must be near the end of school because I don't seem to have any time for updating my page and there all kinds of things going on. Tonight the CRC is having a volunteer orientation program for all volunteers and refreshments will be served so plan on being at the rec center at 7:00. I finally updated the CRC page with the summer and spring brochures and I have to remind everyone that it is a work in progress and changes are being made and things are being added daily. It is a massive job which I am so happy with have Beth and Lori working on.

This Saturday night at the hall the church is putting on its annual Clam Puff and Casserole Dinner to benefit the Chebeague Methodist Church. Dinner is at 6:00 and cost $6.00 for adults, $3.00 children 3-12, under 3 free.

May 7, 1998 - I just returned home from a fabulous show which demonstrated all the wonderful talents the school children are learning. The k-6th grades played their instruments, sang songs with a skit, showed their art and demonstrated their athletic abilities. We had quite a time.

I have just received notice of another link to some of Lisa Carey writings including a wonderful comparison of island life on Chebeague and on an island in Ireland called
A Mainland Expatriate. There is also another review about her book written by Larry Weissman.

May 6, 1998 - Tomorrow night the Chebeague School Presents the Spring Arts Festival, CIHCC, 6:30pm. All the children will be presenting art projects, presenting a gym program and playing instruments and singing. There will be refreshments and entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

Lisa Carey who has summered for years on the island with the Alpers has written a novel which has been published and is doing very well called the The Mermaids Singing. Lisa has been on the island for the last few months writing her second book. Click on her name to see the website Avon books has established about her and her book. If you want to buy the book I found it in Amazon Books.

May 2, 1998 - Just got back from a skating show in Portland where Katie and Christy Phipps performed beautifully. They were so cute and so good. My kids loved the performances.

Congratulations to Charlotte Johnson who is graduating summa cum laude with a masters degree from St. Michaels.

Tomorrow I will be the volunteer running family day so I hope to see everyone up at the center between 1 and 4. I am going to try some pool tournements - not sure how they will work and I don't think I'll have any prizes but we will have fun anyway. ("Anyways" is not a word. You risk being apprehended by the Grammar Police,Casco Bay District)

April 30, 1998 - for all you people who have been harrassing me about the months calendar and future calendar I have finally updated them. Sorry you all missed April but at least May is there. I even put another picture of ice - someday I'll have some Spring pictures. I had quite a surprise when I read the Working Waterfront/Inter-Island News. There is a wonderful article about this web site which I had no idea they were doing. If I ever get a moment I'll try to include it on the page. They were critical that I am "not more clearly identified in the opening file" and then on page 15 they have a picture of me at the rec center with Barbara Porters name.
April 28, 1998 - Last night the Town Council voted to spray the island for brown tail moths. The browntails are already out and I'm already itching so I wonder whether there will be much impact. They say they are about 2 weeks early. The town has to wait till May 6th which is 30 days after letters were sent out to property owners on Chebeague - the 17th on mainland. The town will revamp the map to reflect those that did not want spraying. These maps will be posted and maybe I can get a copy in here. The spray company will begin preparatory flyovers next week. The cost for the Town of Cumberland will be about $40,000 for the island and mainland spraying.

Tomorrow is Gina Ross' birthday.

April 24, 1998 - I have been away for most of the week. We spent a couple of days on Block Island and they even canceled all boats on Thursday because of a storm. We had a wonderful time exploring!

Tomorrow the CIHCC is having a "Painting Bee" beginning at 9:00 am. Anyone who would like to volunteer their time please contact Cindy or Julie at the store 846-9997. It is too late to contact them cause I'm just getting this in so you just better show up - I'm sorry it's so late.

April 17, 1998 - Cookie Reed is committed to ride his bike in the 3rd annual Washington Aids Bike Ride. The ride takes place from June 18th to the 21st. It goes from Raleigh,NC to Washington,DC, 350 miles. He has to raise at least $1800. His personal goal is to raise $3000. The money goes to FOOD & FRIENDS and the WHITMAN-WALKER CLINIC. these organizations depend on this fund raiser for much of their yearly budgets. If there are any who would like to make a contribution please send Cookie an e-mail and he'll send out a letter and pledge form.

Congratulations to Dean and Stephanie Coffin who are expecting their first child October 6th!

April 16, 1998 - For everyone wanting to know how the meeting went yesterday with the MDOT. David has put his notes and the newspaper article on the CTC page. There wasn't any time for public comment but we were well represented with about 80 people from Chebeague and 4 or 5 from Cousins.
April 13, 1998 - KayKay Hill had to do a report for 6th grade on an obscure subject which I thought people might be interested in. Her paper was on ghost panels. I thought I would include it because by now everyone is wondering "what is a ghost panel?" She did have a wonderful cover and diagram which I was not able to include.

I also have changed picture of the week today to 6 pictures from around 1974 gymnastics. All of the kids have since grown up and some have children about the same age - it's fun to see.

April 12, 1998 - One of the nicest sunrises I have seen! It was cool but clear and there were at least 25 people at the sunrise service.

Friday, April 17th there will be a Kids Dance from 7:00 - 9:00pm at the CIHCC (hall) $2.00 per person. Saturday there will be a Baked Bean/Casserole Supper at the CIHCC 6:00 pm. $5.00 adults, $3.00 children 4-12, and free for 3 and under. I'm making coleslaw and looking forward to having dinner out on the town.

April 11, 1998 - Tomorrow morning the Easter sunrise service will be at 6:00 am at the East End Point. Sunrise is at 6:03 so you better be prompt. It is supposed to be a beautiful day!!
April 10, 1998 - There will be a special MDOT MEETING next Wednesday, April 15th, at 3:00 p.m. in the new Cumberland Council Chambers at the Town Office on Tuttle Road. At this meeting, we expect to hear the Maine Department of Transportation present the options under consideration for modifications to the ferry landing and parking facilities on Cousins Island.

This could be the meeting that tells us what the future has in store for us as far as getting back and forth to the mainland. We really need to show MDOT, Cumberland, Yarmouth and anybody else watching that we are very concerned about this vital link. They have to know what our needs (not wants) are. That this is about survival, not convenience. There is strength in numbers, so please try to be be there, if you can.

To assist Chebeague residents who would like to attend, CTC is letting anyone traveling directly either to or from this meeting travel free.

April 9, 1998 - Tonight the Town of Cumberland will hold a special public hearing on the Brown Tail moth spraying program. The meeting will be at the Chebeague Island Hall at 7:00 P.M. The Town is intending to provide aerial spraying in infested areas on the mainland and the islands. Effected property owners are being notified. Based on the pattern of responses, spraying will be conducted on in late May. Members of the Town Council, the Town Manager, and Dick Bradbury of the Maine Forest Service will be present at the public hearings to provide information and to answer any questions. If you have questions on these public hearings, please call Carla Nixon, Assistant Town Manager at 829-5559. The mainland meeting is scheduled for April 16th at the Cumberland Municipal Building. I have scanned the map of Chebeague showing the infestation areas on Chebeague and where the spraying will be done. There is a note that because of the toxicity to marine invertebrates they will not be spraying directly along the shoreline or near open water. Residence along the immediate shoreline should consider ground applications of the insecticide BT. For more information you can contact Mr. Dick Bradbury, Entomologist, Maine Forest Service. (207) 287-4982.
April 7, 1998 - I just received this about Kim Morahan Goodwin, she recently won six first place medals in the New England Regional Masters Swim Meet in Rhode Island. Kim just turned 40 and has been swimming competively since she was a small child. During the summer she can often be seen jumping off the ledges in front of her family camp below David Miller's. Kim's roots are on Chebeague. She is the granddaughter of the late Rachel Miller Sanderson who was born on the island and the daughter of Norma who spent her early years here.

Kim will be sharing her experise with the community at the CRC pool this summer. Watch for notices about her workshop.

Good luck at the Nationals in May, Kim!

April 6, 1998 - Today we finalized Vika's adoption at the Cumberland Probate Court - very exciting. Today is also Donna Damon's birthday!

Doug Ross has Sea Dogs tickets for $4 adult $2 children half the take goes to the "coach K " fund, for a 6:00 pm game on Friday evening May 15. Good fun great cause. You can email him at

April 1, 1998 - Everyone is invited to attend!! The Recreation Center has arranged a staff, volunteer and community training session for Wednesday, April 8th from 7:15 - 9:15 pm at the CRC. The leader will be Steve Marquis from NYMS. The focus will be on working with groups of kids in a play setting and how to deal with difficult behavior, resolve conflicts, keep kids stimulated, maintain fair play, and issues related to these ideas. He'll also give us ideas for gym games to vary kids' activities. He will also give us info that pertains to working with people of all ages. Please mention this workshop around the island - it's free and open to anyone.
March 29, 1998 - It is hard to believe we still could have some cold days after the fabulous weekend. The temperature was into the 70's. There was an article in todays Sunday paper about SAD51 and how we have the highest base teacher salary in the state. We do have a great school!! Rusty P. an eleventh grader from Chebeague is sitting in the middle of the front row.
March 26, 1998 - I just put in a new Picture of the week taken by Kathy MacNeill. This summer the Chebeague Recreation Center will be presenting its First Annual Dinner Theater. We are looking for volunteer cooks, actors and ideas! Tickets will be going on sale shortly and you will be able to choose your appetizer, entree and dessert and your seat. This year it will be a Mystery "Let's Hang Him and Read the Will".
March 21, 1998 - It looks like we are in for another winter storm this week. It hasn't started snowing but I think it is coming soon. I have just added some more information on the Chebeague Care Resource Island Commons. They only need another $33,000 to reach their fund goal of $502,137 so check out how they plan on getting the rest! What a great idea.

I have just dropped my kids of for roller blading and I'm going to go back with my camera - people of ALL ages circling around the gym having a blast!

March 19, 1998 - We woke to a few inches of wet slippery snow.

I added a few pictures of the open house to the Chebeague Recreation Center Page and also Caroline Partlow and her new baby Carmelita.

March 16, 1998 - The CRC Chebeague Recreation Center is looking for volunteers for serval positions. We need an open gym supervisor on Tuesday and/or Wednesday, and Friday. We also could utilize family day coordinators. Click here to see the revised schedule for the rec center.

Roller Blading on Saturdays has been a big success so now I want roller blades!

Winter has come back to Chebeague with 3 or 4 inches of snow on Saturday and unseasonably cold temperatures or maybe they are normal.

I have included another poem by Lari Smith called "Night Visitor"

March 12, 1998 - Rachel is home from the hospital and is doing great.

Tomorrow the Chebeague Island School grades K - 2nd grade are putting on a Medieval Festival complete with a feast for the parents and then a display of work, medieval dancing and I think even a joust. The program will take place at the Recreation Center and the public is welcome at 12:50. Volunteers have worked incredibly hard making costumes and helping with the painting of various items.

It has been getting very cold the last few days and was about 5 degrees this morning - I had thought we over any cold and forgot what it was like. I'm taking the kids to New Hampshire for their second chance at skiing - I just wish it wasn't so expensive.

March 9, 1998 - I have just returned from the rec center where I have my chance to do gymnastics from 7:15 to 8:30. The gym is open for exercises with me and whoever else shows up. There were ten of us utilizing all the floor space and equipment room - I'm exhausted but my cartwheels are getting better.

Rachel Damon is recovering from her surgery and some of the equipment she has been hooked up to has been removed and she is doing well. She will probably be in at Me Med for at least the rest of the week. Too bad she doesn't have email cause I know she would be overwhelmed.

March 6, 1998 - Rachel Damon is doing very well and recovering from emergency surgery last night. She is at Maine Medical Center, Room 265, 22 Bramhall Road, Portland Maine 04102. By Sunday she will hopefully be able to have visitors.
March 5, 1998 - Friends of Casco Bay/Baykeeper have been monitoring water quality sites throughout Casco Bay for the past 5 years both to get clam flats opened and for general environmental monitoring. They had been monitoring Johnson Cove on Chebeague- which could be opened as a clam flat with enough data- but there is no one available to do the work there this year. They are looking for someone to do the work, preferably someone who lives on Chebeague? Samples are taken once a month from April through October, each sample takes about an hour and a half to process. There is a training session at SMTC on March 28, 9 Am to 2 PM. Anyone who is interested can contact Peter Mulholland at 799-8574 or PMULHOLLAND@KEEPER.ORG for more detailed information.
March 1, 1998 - Although I have mixed feelings about spraying I want to keep everyone informed about what is happening. I have had so many emails about the bad link on Brown Tail Moths and have since fixed it. I have copied the information sheet that Louise Doughty prepared for the Calendar which you can see here. I guess nothing was decided on at Monday nights meeting - only 2 residents from Chebeague went to the meeting and one from Cousins for Chebeague.
February 28, 1998 - We all had a great turnout at the Recreation Center today. Robert and Linda White with the help of Don and Joyce Soucheck cooked up hot dogs and hamburgers and everyone brought cookies, bars and all kinds of goodies. People played basketball inside and outside and I took a roll of film so I should have some great shots next week. The teen center was busy with pool, pinball, nintendo, pingpong and a television. Tonight the teen center opens for the first time. Amanda Bergen from channel 13 did some great interviews and shots. It was s on TV tonight at 6:00 but a few emergencies stories took up most of the time and so what they showed was very, very brief. I hope they do some more with it Sunday - but they probably won't. I volunteered tonight and had a blast!! There were quite a few kids and I even played floor hockey which I just love, I kept on begging to be goalie so I could rest. I ended up playing pingpong, pool and even basketball. I expect to have a rush of email asking to volunteer at the teen center now.
February 27, 1998 - I finally added the March Calendar of Events and also the Clearinghouse Calendar for 1998 above. I scanned it and so you may find some letters and numbers that didn't convert properly - no time to fix. So many people have emailed me about Harriet Hutchison that I thought I should let you know her obituary will be in Sunday's paper and her memorial service will be Wednesday, March 4th at 10 am at the Chebeague Methodist Church. If people are coming over and need a ride you can contact me at 846-4850.
February 26, 1998 - Saturday is the Open House for the Chebeague Recreation Center. It starts at 12 and goes to 4 with refreshments, door prize, games for all ages and a raffle. Check the page out - I have put the schedule for the facility use March - May (All of this is a work in progress and as with anything new Beth and Lori will be getting the kinks out) They have been working nonstop preparing for the opening and programs. The Piecemakers have put together a quilt which will be raffled later this year to benefit the Rec Center and it will be on display in the Gym.

TEEN CENTER - will be open Saturday Night!!!

February 22, 1998 - The bean supper was great as usual and we all had all we could eat and the CIHCC made some money! The kids love to go to those thing - of course Denis won't eat hot dogs, coleslaw or much else. I think he ate the whole dish of pickles and of course the cake.

Everyone is invited to a baby shower for Heidi Todd on Sunday, March 1, 1:00 at the Parish Hall.

The library telephone book is being reprinted so if anyone has any changes or mistakes and email addresses not listed in my directory please contact Beth Howe at HOWE@MACC.WISC.EDU .

February 21, 1998 - Tonight at 6:00 there is a baked bean supper at the hall to benefit the CIHCC. I almost forgot about it. I also forgot about the CCR meeting which was held at the Parish House today so I think I need to include a Calendar of events off of this page which when I get some time am going to do. There was also cleanup get together at the Recreation Center which I forgot to mention. I've got to get to the dinner so I will write more when I get back.
February 19, 1998 - Tomorrow night there will be a kids dance at the CIHCC. The dance starts at 7:00 and ends at 9:00 with $2.00 per person cover charge.

The Cumberland Town Council will be discussing the Brown Tail Moth problems in town and will hear a presentation by Dick Bradbury. The meeting will be Monday night, February 23, at the West Cumberland Community Center and the first item on the agenda is this issue starting at 7:00 pm. To learn more about the Brown Tail Moth you can check out the link to Casco Bay Online series about the nasty moths!

Anyone interested in a community forum discussion group on the internet you can go to and follow their directions. There is an interesting discussion in the Yarmouth - Cousins Island community discussion. I guess they have figured out how to solve our transportation problems.

February 18, 1998 - This is a miserable, rainy/snowy/icy day today. Beth and Lori are busy working on the Recreation Center Open House which is February 28th from 12 - 4 pm. I will have more details soon. I am on a committee working on rec programs for an eight week session. Everything is being set up and reorganized (it is a work in progress) We are hoping for paid people and volunteers and ideas for programs now and the summer. Please email me or Beth Dyer with ideas. Beth's address is and there will be an address for the rec center soon. Is there anyone out there who would want to give music lessons this summer? There are a lot of us who would like our kids to have music lessons and would like to see a program for them at the rec center. The children grades 4 - 6th have a limited music instrument program at the school and I would love to see more through the rec.
February 14, 1998 - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY from Chebeague!!! Beautiful day today but cold. Skating today at Sanford's Pond and it looks like we will be able to skate for a few days we hope with the continuation of cold weather. There are large deer tracks all over the pond from yesterdays warm conditions but the skating was still good. I am so happy to see the USA girls hockey team beat Canada today - and after seeing Vika and Dasha put helmets on and score a few goals I've already started planning our trip to the 2010 Winter Olympics.
February 10, 1998 - Another beautiful day!! School was almost cancelled because of a plugged up sewer line but fortunately for the kids the Recreation Center toilets were available and all the kids had the opportunity to utilize the new building. The CRC is advertising for a custodian which so click here to find out about the job.

I thought everyone would like to see the fabulous addition to Ruth and Winks house. This picture was taken by Ted Houghton.

February 7, 1998 - It has been a beautiful weekend - the snow is getting less and Sanford's Pond was back being used for ice skating! There were quite a few people over at the recreation center washing floors, cleaning furniture and setting up equipment for the teen center and exercise room. Every so often they would take a break and dribble the basketballs around and shoot a few hoops - what fun!!

I've just copied the Chebeague Care Resources's 97 Annual Report for their page and it is quite impressive. As soon as the mud season is behind they will start the ground breaking for the Island Commons

February 5, 1998 - We were lucky, the storm never got here except for the bitter cold wind we experienced today. The Big Squaw has been used for a few days while the Islander has had a bent propeller replaced. The Recreation Center is looking for volunteers for 9:00 am Saturday to help put the TEEN CENTER equipment in. They really need some strong backs for the slate pool table, sofa and pinball machines - I wish I were 15 again.
February 4, 1998 - I have just added a new item to the News Page called Picture of the Week, every week I will try to put a different scene or scenes of the island. I don't have enough space to leave them on my page indefinetely but they will be there to copy until I change them. Just click on the words Picture of the Week.
February 3, 1998 - The weather has been good, cold at night and warming up enough to make the snow soft for the sledding after school.The last few days I have been busy with meetings involving the Recreation Center which I can say is almost ready to open its doors to all kinds of activities. Beth and Lori are doing a great job! I'm on a committee that is learning about grant writing and I'm having fun brainstorming and looking into future funding sources. If anyone has ANY ideas, expertise, and time please contact me. Before I left for Florida I had started one proposal and left it with my sister and she has made it into a masterpeice - now all we have to do is submit it. Some of us have taken grant writing courses and I will be taking one February 24th.






I would love to have any news, poetry, stories to add to my news page so please email with anything you think would be of interest to islanders around the world - yes Singapore, Egypt, Mediterranean, Boston etc. checking out the news page everyday! So please email me at
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