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January 31, 1998 - We just got home from a week in sunny (not) warm (not) Florida. Just as well, so we tortured the children with all the Disney and Sea World that they could stand. "Pleeeease can't we just swim in the pool?" Well the last couple of days it did get warmer and we got a lot of swimming. (I am getting more excited about the CRC pool this summer).

I was glad I had asked David Hill to write about the island and it looks like we missed one of the worst icestorms to hit the island. We just took a ride around the island and almost every birch has lost its top and there are tree limbs still hanging on lines everywhere but the power is on. Some houses on the island were without power for four and five days and the weather was very cold. Jon was busy draining water and then turning it back on. There is enough snow for sledding and the first thing the kids did was go to the Hillcrest with their sleds. I guess while we were gone kids were sliding on about 5" of ice and I'm glad to miss that.

January 27, 1998 - This entry is from Bev's stand-in reporter, David Hill. Part II of the Ice Storm of 1998 clobbered Chebeague Island far worse than did Part I. Governor King said it was as if the powers-that-be looked for places that were missed the first time around and evened things out. Not only was power lost for two days, but most telephones were out. The number of fallen trees, limbs, and power lines was phenomenol. But, as usual, people helped each other out and got through it. Less fortunate was Pam Adams of Cousins Island, whose home was totally gutted by a fire that was touched off when power was restored shortly after the kick-off to the Super Bowl. Nobody was home at the time and there were no injuries, but practically everything was lost. Five towns responded to the fire and contained it as best they could. This detail points up the very real danger of fire on Chebeague, where we cannot hope for help in the form of equipment from neighboring towns. This winter is going to inspire stories for years to come.
January 21, 1998 - There hasn't been much to report on lately. The weather has been kinda gray and a big snow storm is scheduled for Friday, but that won't bother me. Our family is heading for Florida and Disney World and I can't wait. We leave very early Friday morning so I hope the storm waits. We'll be gone until January 30th so I won't able to report any news but I think David Hill will for me if anything significant arises.
January 16, 1998 - Last night it started to snow while we were having some wonderful skating at Sanford's pond. There was no school today because of a teacher inservice but I'm sure it would have been canceled. It snowed between 7 and 10 inches and at noon today a bunch of kids, Gail Miller, Sanford and I were up moving snow around off the ice. I even got to use Sanford's snowblower - what fun but my hand won't open up any more from holding the safety clutch (if thats what its called). Sanford would'nt even take a break to eat - he's incredible. A bunch of teenagers showed up about the time I was leaving and they were all working like crazy - so I think there will be skating tonight. I found out yesterday that there are a few isolated houses on the island that don't have power from lines being down.
January 12, 1998 - NO SCHOOL again tomorrow. This has definitely been too long but I guess the mainland is still a mess. The kids were only back in school for 2 1/2 days after vacation and now I'm looking forward to school and I think they are too even though it didn't sound like it when we got the call. They are all cheering and dancing around.
January 11, 1998 - I am happy to report that Bobby Riddle has just received a liver transplant and is doing well.

The CTC has posted a copy of the letter from the Department of Transportation to Jim Phipps updating council members from Yarmouth and Cumberland of the efforts to date concerning the siting of a mainland facility to serve Chebeague.

The ice situation here seems to be getting better and we even took a hike down to Deer Point and had a picnic. So it seems that the island is doing really well and hasn't received too much damage. The mainland is still in a mess and according to Channel 13, we don't have school again tomorrow. Most communities in the area have canceled school (Yarmouth, Falmouth, Gray etc) I don't think they have electricity at the North Yarmouth School and I know that Greely is open for people without power to take showers. I just had an email from one of my readers with a link we could all use: how to build a household power generator out of a lawn mower engine and a GM alternator!

January 10, 1998 - Right after I posted yesterdays entry the power went out and we had a chance to really bond. From about noon till 9:00 this morning the power was out and we all had a blast. We used a kerosene heater to keep warm and I had a chance to use all the camping equipment. We actually sat around and read, played games, and did crafts - the kids loved it. I think they were disappointed that the power went on. To be serious however the State of Maine is a mess and by the look of the trees and ice that is still on them I don't think we are out of the woods. In Yarmouth, Gray, Cumberland Center the power has been out for days and some places they are saying that it could be as long as two weeks. Apparently, lines of poles have fallen - so we are much better off here on the island.
January 9, 1998 - NO SCHOOL AGAIN ! The State has been declared an emergency. The kids are outside having a blast on the inch of ice in our yard with their sleds on the leaching field. It really looks like a wonderland, someday I will have a digital camera and you will have instant pictures. The power has gone off at least 4 times during the last few hours but has always come right back on so we are a lot luckier than most places in Maine. The only TV station we get on our kitchen television is channel 8 which is ironic since that is the channel we usually never get.
January 8, 1998 - This is the second day of ice, freezing rain, and more ice. Schools in the area were canceled including Chebeague. Yesterday I went to town on the 12:00 boat and was foolish for doing it. I just had studded snow tires put on my car and I guess I needed to see if they would work. Driving was fine - walking was tough. I went to the mall and took my life in my hands trying to walk from the car and then coming home on the five the parking lot was one big skating rink. It wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't any school tomorrow either. It is getting colder, still freezing rain and if the wind picks up we'll really be in trouble. Last night we heard what we thought was a tree coming down but I couldn't see any down in the woods around our house.

The floor for the Recreation Center arrived today on a barge and lots of people helped to unload so the truck could get back - I can't wait for it to be put down.

January 6, 1998 - I just received word from Pommy that the Chebeague Care Resource has been awarded $125,000 grant from HUD non profit affordable housing projects. This is quite exciting and it was possible because the community has contributed about $140,000 since the summer. This means that the project will go ahead in the Spring as planned. The CCR will be continuing to fund raise as any non profit does. If anyone wants to contact Chebeague Care Resource about this project call Pommy at 846-6141 or write RR1 Box 226, Chebeague Island, ME 04017.

The Channel 6 Think about ME news show was terrific. The emphasis of the show is on the youth of Maine and how communities are working to make their lives better. I think the kids sounded great and looked poised and terrific. I was up to the Chebeague Recreation Center yesterday and can't wait till I can use the gym. I had such an urge to do cartwheels and handsprings but I decided to control myself at least until the wood floor goes down. The teen center already has a pool table, large screen TV, VCR, new computer, bean bag chairs and sofa.

Boy do I have to do some work updating pages for the CRC and the CCR . Everyone has rallied around these two wonderful projects - making a lot of dreams come true!!!

January 5, 1998 - Today Chris Rose from WCSH news (channel 6) came to do a story of the Chebeague Island Recreation Center. He came over on the 2:30 boat and interviewed Etta Hill, Rachel Damon and Beth Dyer. They filmed all the kids including Ryan Ross, Brook Pettit, Justin Doughty, Danielle Rich, Matt McCullum, Ruthie Putnam, Jon Miller, and Zach Doughty. It was excellent! All the kids got involved, and hopefully will come to the meeting about the Center on Sunday. The story will be on channel 6 at 6:00PM tomorrow (Tuesday).
January 3, 1998 - Well it is the warmest day of the year today, a sizzling 41 degrees and beautiful. The Portland Press Herald ran an article about the on going transportation problems. I really goofed this morning, I forgot that the Patriots were playing at 12:30 and I told the kids I'd take them to the movies. Oh well, I can watch them next week - I hope!
January 1, 1998 - Happy New Year -This year is starting out to be one of the coldest ever. This morning outside my window it was below 0. The reason I'm sitting here able to spend some time on my computer is that I went to the 10 AM boat to go to the mainland and no one was there. I forgot that it was a holiday and they have the holiday schedule. I wasn't alone as there was a steady stream of cars headed for the boat.

I received an email from the Island Institute asking me to include information about the new publication "Sustaining Island Communities" It is a great book and I have enjoyed reading about the economy and life of Maine's year round islands. When I get more information about ordering it I will let you know.

December 26, 1997 - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! I can't believe I survived - but I'm still here. The anticipation of Christmas was much harder than the actual day. We had a wonderful time at the Christmas Eve Service and none of the kids burned themselves or anyone else - thank goodness. Santa came and left and didn't get caught. The snow has been mostly rained away which means we might get some more skating in as soon as it gets cold. Sanfords pond is about 18" lower than last year.

Attention - The Christmas Party is at 6:30 at the Church!!! (Not 7:00 like previously announced) Saturday night.

December 19, 1997 - Tonight there is the dress rehearsal for the Christmas pageant which is tomorrow night at the church. The children and young people are doing a Christmas story from the animals perspective and it is so cute. I think it starts at 6:30 so don't forget.

I am also quite nervous - I just got Riven for myself. Riven is the sequel to Myst which I got before I had children. I could not get away from the game until I solved it and it took me 3 to 4 weeks of every extra spare moment. I didn't sleep, eat or anything till I solved it. The one good thing is that I need to upgrade my computer before I can get into it and that may be a few months away.

December 15, 1997 - I can't say enough about how wonderful the Whalers' Christmas Concert was. The tables were all lined up with beautiful settings and platters full of delicious treats piled high in front of us. Volunteers poured coffee and hot chocolate. But the best part was the music and a play about Grinch stealing Christmas. It was entertaining for all. We all got to sing our favorite Christmas Carols too!

I have just finally put a picture Michelena Taliento on the people page.

December 13, 1997 - What a great day - The CTC is having one of its free boat days for all of us shoppers and party goers and anyone else who comes along. Santa was on the boat for the morning and even stopped by our house for a quick visit. I have just included Timmy Calder's picture on the people page.

Hendy Webb emailed me with some wonderful Christmas news that his wife Patience is in remission from her bout with cancer which had been diagnosed last May. He sends a message for everyone to have a blessed Christmas and Holiday Season too!!

December 12, 1997 - I just received an email from Nils and he asked me to pass on this note "The outpouring of letters and notes from Chebeaguers following Marian Wessell's death have warmed the hearts of her family and reminded us how lucky we have been to have made such good friends over the years."
December 11, 1997 - Saturday night the Whalers are performing at the Hall. I am looking forward to their annual event at 8:00 p.m.
December 9, 1997 - Tomorrow the CCR senior luncheon will have a special Christmas treat. The k-2nd graders will be putting on a short performance for them at the Parish Hall. Dasha and Denis have been practicing their lines and have been busy making cards and decorations for the event.

The Christmas decorations are getting better and better. I've decided to take an email poll on who has the best Christmas decorations. I will take any suggestions on who to include and let everyone know who the islanders pick. I am so glad to see Madeline Craven's house all lit up again and now the golf course has three trees as well as the outline of the clubhouse. I haven't been down to see the West End so please let me know whose lights I haven't seen.

December 8, 1997 - Susie Hiniker, daughter of Jerry and Mary Immerwahr Hiniker and sister of Annie and David, has her "Face in the Crowd" in this week's (12/8/97) issue of Sports Illustrated. Susie recently won the State of Michigan Division I High School Girls' Tennis Championship. She completed her high school career with a record of 86-0. Some of Susie's earliest tennis instruction occurred in clinics offered by the Great Chebeague Tennis Club, and she's spent a lot of August days during the past nine or so years practicing on the Chebeague courts. Congratulations Susie!! Her picture is also on the web.
December 7, 1997 - I have just included the class pictures in the school page. Here are the K-2nd grade and the 3rd - 6th grade.
December 5, 1997 - Terrific article in the Portland Press Herald about the building of the Recreation Center! I love the quote by Robert White: ''Chebeaguers believe in their community and they dig deep to support it." Congratulations to Beth Dyer who has been hired as the Recreation Director.
December 4, 1997 - At 7:11 this morning Michelena Lynn Taliento was born to Vickie and Neil Taliento. She weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces. Baby and mother are doing great!
December 3, 1997 UPDATE - The hunting season is not over for blackpowder hunters until December 13th. So if you go into the woods where your blaze orange!

December 3, 1997 - A quote from one of my emails: "I need your page to be more gripping so I will want to net." Of course that quote doesn't count because it came from my sister. I've been racking my brain for some news.

Yesterday (I guess it was yesterday) a parked car rolled down the Stone Wharf Road and ran into a truck - I don't know what the damages were. In an unrelated incident someones roof sky window wasn't latched and the strong wind blew it off and it broke all over the wharf. I'm just reporting what I heard at coffee this morning.

The hunting season is over so we can hit the woods again and there are some prize deer hanging around yards. I think there are still plenty left alive on the island. The Christmas lights are starting to shine. Kenneth Hamilton's award winning tree is lit up now and Chris and Lori Rich's house is beautifully decorated. The kids can't wait to decorate ours and they are already fighting about which and where the lights should go.

It is a beautiful sunny cold day here today. I talked to Vicky Taliento this morning and she still has not had her baby. She is going to walk around Portland today and maybe something will happen. The have a girls name picked out but haven't decided on a boys name.

The Christmas Party will be the 20th at the Church and Parish house. The children will be putting on a short skit and then hopefully Santa will come and refreshments will be at the Parish Hall.






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