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September 27, 1997 - Just got back from the Annual Grange Fair where there was something for everyone. The kids loved going through the sawdust pile looking for coins. There were hotdogs, drinks and goodies for sale, displays of craft works, garden displays etc and most importantly the Auction. We managed to bring all kinds of things home and we only spent about $20.00. Roy Jackson did his usual great job getting everyone to bid and I'm sure the Grange did very well. What a beautiful day it was on Chebeague.

The Blanchard Golf Tournament has been postponed till Sunday, September 28.

The Forecaster had an interesting article about community web pages and included information about this one even with a picture of Jon's artwork. There lead into this page was "For folksiness, it's hard to beat Chebeague Island's Web site......" I'm wondering what they mean by folksiness - I guess I had better use my spell checker.

September 16, 1997 - I'm back with a wonderful, bright, beautiful new daughter!! I'm not being biased it is true. Vika is terrific and the kids were so excited to see each other - We have absolutely no regrets and the trip was a snap - I left on a Friday and was back home in 10 days. I met some wonderful children at Vika's orphanage and we went and had a visit at Denis and Dasha's orphanage. If anyone is thinking about adopting I highly recommend these children and MAPS agency - they were terrific.

I sent a few rolls of film into Seattle Filmworks and anyone can go in a download the pictures. All you have to do is have my code and the number of the film. You can download the programs for running slide shows and viewing the pictures through the company. These three rolls of film are of mostly Bye Bye Birdie play which was put on by the teenagers and a few pictures of Cinderella which was put on by the 8 and under group.

1. From the Seattle FilmWorks' home page (, select the PhotoMail option.

2. From the list of PhotoMail options, select the option to download my photos.

3. Enter my customer number 19622114.

4. Enter the roll number 22531103 and 22531100 and 22531101

September 4, 1997 - It's official, I am leaving early tomorrow morning for Russia to pick up Denis and Dasha's older sister who they haven't seen in 3 years. We are if everything goes well adopting her next Tuesday and Victoria (Vika) and I will be home Monday, September 15th! I can't say its a done deal until we are on the flight or maybe till we leave the airport in Moscow. So you won't be getting any news from me for a little while, but you are all use to that.

September 1, 1997 Labor Day - The day the island suddenly gets very quiet and rises up a couple of feet or so it seems. Everyone is so looking forward to school starting (especially me!!) I finally put whale pictures from the k-3rd grade class.

I found some old pictures of the kids doing gymnastics practice, show and float in 1974 which if you have time to load you may like to see. Janice Kuntz is doing a hand stand in the first one.

August 31, 1997 - I have just added a new page to the Chebeague Anchor Page for the CCR - Chebeague Care Resource. Check it out and see the new architectural Drawing of the proposed Adult Family Care Home aka Island Commons.

August 29, 1997 - I have been on a short trip to Boston and Vermont with Dasha and Denis before school starts. The kids have decided we went a long way to do nothing - we did get a lot of school shopping done and visited with relatives. It was the first week all summer we weren't committed to some activity. I missed one of the most important meetings Tuesday night about our taxes - I will try to get a copy of the article about the meeting - I don't think people felt that their questions were answered.

I went to a meeting of the Chebeague Recreation Center last night and the project is coming along really well. The gymnasium should be complete by December 24th and we are planning a Christmas celebration/party to commemorate it's opening. The pool will be finished in June and I am looking forward to water ballet lessons - wouldn't that be fun? I've always wanted to that and I think I know someone who could teach us.

August 24, 1997 - I heard that the John Holt Memorial Golf Tournament was a tremendous success and over $9000 was raised for the Chebeague Care Resource. I have heard that it was the best run tournament people had ever played in. The weather was good for the Chebeague Care Resource's Second Fabulou$ Fundrai$er $ale and Needlepoint Raffle Drawing at "Island Commons" and the needlepoint was won by Vicky Marion.

The Chebeague Recreation Center is looking for a person to fill the position of Center Director. If you or someone you know is interested please click here for more information about the job.

AUGUST 21, 1997 - for everyone who is sitting at home in this awful rainy day that we needed desperately, the QUILT SHOW AND FOOD SALE to benefit the Chebeague Methodist Church is being put on by the Chebeague Piecemakers. It starts at 1:00 at the Parish House and Church, admission is a donation of $3.00. There will be quilts on display and for sale!!!
AUGUST 20, 1997 - HANSEN'S WELL DRILLERS are on the island this week and have already drilled three wells and are expecting to do about 7 more so if you are thinking about a well call Sue Hansen 207-839-3293 or 1-800-693-3293. They will probably be done and gone by this weekend.
August 17, 1997 UPDATE- I am sorry to report that Bobby Riddle has been very ill and is hoping to be put on a list for a liver transplant. There is a jar at the store for donations and a number of fund raising dances to help the family out. If you would like to send a donation to Bob and his family you can send it to the Chebeague Island Church and be sure to label it Robert Riddle Fund or donations can be sent to Pat St.Cyr.

There is an article in today's Sunday paper about "the accident and its effects".

August 17, 1997 - The hottest, muggiest day of the year yesterday turned out not to be so bad up at the school yard where the first annual recreation field day took place. There was something for all the kids. Warren Bogle organized a great event with water balloons, egg races, sack races, tennis ball machine, golf hitting, basketball throwing. Chuck brought over the greased pole which is always a hit and Vicky and Nina face painted for two and half hours. Gail had the food concession where they sold drinks, goodies, hamburgers and hotdogs. All the kids got ribbons and prizes. Robert White was there with the plans for the rec center as well as a mask so all the kids could throw water balloons at him.

I have to say that the Robert White has really put his all into this project and has spent hours upon hours getting the rec center going. Jimmy Stewart has also been up at the field with his equipment for days volunteering his time and equipment. Doug Damon too with plans and labor, Wayne Dyer, Tommy Calder, Chuck Varney have all been very active up at the center - the volunteerism has been unbelievable - and I know I'm missing a lot of people who I should be commenting on.

The raffle drawing took place at 4:30 although I didn't win anything but the CRC made a lot of money on it. I'm not sure who won first place $3500 but I know they donated it back to the CRC something I wouldn't have done cause I already had it spent, oh well next year. 2nd prize was 2500 and G. Gilmartin won, one moped was won by R. Gwillim and another by B. Lessing. The bicycles won by B Thomas.

August 16, 1997 - This week has been a busy one for everyone as the summer winds down. Last weekend's adult theater was a riot! Deborah Gordon did a wonderful job putting together a hilarious production - my favorite one was "hunting on the streets where you live" with a surprise guest appearance by Cecil Amos.

I am back at teaching gymnastics after starting the program 25 years ago and not having taught it for about 12 years. I had so much fun and we put on a show Thursday night and now I'm really inspired for this winter and next summer! The golf club had it's food sale that day and the Historical Society had its biannual house tour.

All the Cumberland recreation programs are over as well as tennis. I think sailing and golf continue.

Today is the 1st Annual Field day which is being organized by Warren Bogle and takes place at the school yard. (I'm in charge of the sack races)You can get your 1st Annual Chebeague Field Day Raffle tickets at field day from 2 to 4 and I think the drawing will be before the barbecue at 4. The tickets cost $50 and proceeds benefit the Chebeague Recreation Center.

On Sunday the Church is putting on its annual lobster salad and blueberry shortcake luncheon starting at 12 noon. YUM!

I thought I was leaving next Friday for Russia to pick up Victoria but there have been some technical difficulties and I have had to reschedule my date twice this week and now the court date in Russia will not be set up until after September 5th so I hope to be leaving that week. It will be one year since signing the papers in Russia for Denis and Dasha on September 17th.

I just have to share this website I read about in the paper yesterday. "Self-promotion: The case of the brash scriptwriter"

August 7, 1997 UPDATE - YES, I do have a spell checker, NO I rarely use it --but you already know that. YES I do know how to spell colonel (I just wasn't thinking), NO I don't know how to spell Literary (but I will learn). (I think I embarrasses my sister but I would never write anything if I worried about spelling, grammar and punctuation - I was absent the day we had - I like math.

Don't forget Friday and Saturday, August 8 & 9 at the CIHCC Chebeague Island Adult Musical Comedy Players are presenting An Evening with Lerner and Loewe - sort of. Go and see and hear songs and scenes from My Fair Lady, Brigadoon, Gigi, Paint Your Wagon & Camelot! Adults-$6, children $3.

August 7, 1997 - Last night I took Denis and Dasha to the Library's Litterary Ball and they had a blast. Denis was Dracula and Dasha was Thumbelina (dressed like Mary Poppins) it was fun! They even won a gift certificate to Harbour Books (So did all the kids). All the characters from Clue were there - BJ as Kernel Mustard was a riot as were the rest of the group- I wish I could have stayed around to see the surprise guest appearance of Mirella Splatova in the dance of the "Browntail Moth".

A am pleased to announce that Denis and Dasha received their US Citizenship on Monday and now Dasha is officially an "American Girl" - Denis is still a "Russian Boy but with US Citizenship" I wish he would speak Russian once in a while to keep his native language up.

I guess it is official now that we are going back to Russia to get Denis and Dasha's sister Victoria who just turned 12 last week (oh, oh a teenager). She is excited about joining her siblings and seeing them again - it has been 3 years since they were separated.

August 4, 1997 - This weekend is the guaranteed time to see everyone on the island at least once - DUMP DAY WEEKEND-or should it be called Bulky waste removal at the Transfer Station. Friday, Saturday and Sunday - we can take anything to the dump "I think" There may be fees for some items and every year we all fight over what can be taken for free. Of course on the mainland where the taxes are lower (or will be when the new evaluation goes into effect) you just put your items outside your house and a truck pulls up and takes them all away. You also get town water, sewers, cable etc. Oh Oh I think I'm sounding political.

Well since I'm being political I called the town about the paths to the shore not being cut so people can get to the beach on town right-of-ways and was told that the machinery won't be here until after labor day so that should make everyone pleased. Also the sides of the road are not being cut back because they are too busy on the mainland with the equipment. Gosh, why bother at all - it's too cold to go to the beach and the leaves will be off trees by November. Has anyone else noticed how dangerous the intersections are this summer - maybe they always have been but now that I have children riding bicycles and wanting to go to the beach I see it more.

August 3, 1997 - I should have said the Library Literary Mystery Ball is Wednesday, August 6 so please go the Hotel dressed in the costume of your favorite catagory!

Friday night's Bye Bye Birdie was WONDERFUL - Flora Brown did an exceptional job with the kids and the performance was so much fun. I hope to have pictures on the web page soon - it will be a few weeks - but in the meantime people can see it again this afternoon at 4:00 at the Hall - of course you'll want to get to the hall at 3:00 to see the little kids performance of CINDERELLA.

I have been getting a lot of junk mail lately on the internet and wondering if its because of the email list. I am considering making it a private list and letting everyone know what the address is and letting people contact me for the address of it. Maybe it isn't connected with our list - I would be interested if other people who only have their address on my email list are getting a lot of mail also. Please let me know - thanks.

July 31, 1997 - The Music Festival last weekend was terrific and I can't say enough about the new Chebeague Band headed by Frank Haines. Anyone wishing to add their talents should contact him. During the performance Joe Bennett led us all around the chairs in an uproarious march! Joe was there and did a funny comedic routine and then sang a song he wrote in honor of Bud Robinson - there was not a dry eye to be seen - it was beautiful. All the performers were great and my children won't stop blasting their new Broken Men Album. I have to find guitar lessons for Denis soon - I think he was inspired.

This weekend I am pleased to add that Bye Bye Birdie will be held Friday night 7:30 at the Hall and then again Sunday afternoon. Flora has done a terrific job with the teenagers and kids and from what I have seen so far it is a superb production!!! Jennie Mitchel in the lead with a fabulous voice. The Children 9 and under are putting on Cinderella. This is being directed by Jaedra Emery and Brooke Pettit and it is hysterical. This production will be at 3:00 Sunday afternoon and lasts about 20 minutes so please come and see my kids in there first off, off, off broadway show.

CMIT (Cumberland Mainland and Islands Trust) annual meeting will be held at the Cumberland Town Office Wednesday night 7 pm.

They Library Literary Ball at the Chebeague Inn 7-12 pm Theme:"MYSTERY"

July 21, 1997 - I am heading off the island with my children and neices and nephews for a day at aquaboggin. It is a little cloudy and cool and from what I hear the weather will be a lot dryer and clearer. I have found a great site this weekend which I can't stop going to. A live view from the top of Mt. Washington. On one of the sites you get a continually updated live picture and on the other a picture which you can reload to get the live picture.

Another great site which I am sure everyone has been monitoring is the Mars sites with the latest pictures with sounds from the control rooms.

Don't forget to get your discounted tickets to the 2nd Annual Music Festival which is coming up this Saturday - it was such a blast last year and I know my kids will love it.

July 19, 1997 - I forgot to mention that Ron Formisano will be at the Hall Monday night July 21, giving a talk about the "The Lobster Wars" for the Chebeague Historical Society at 7:30 pm.

The Golf Club is having its Golf Club Scramble/Family Day at 1:00 p.m., and Barbecue at 5 p.m today.

July 17, 1997 - 1st Annual Chebeague Field Day Raffle will take place Saturday, August 16, 1997. The tickets cost $50 and proceeds benefit the Chebeague Recreation Center. The prises are wonderful. You can buy tickets at the Island Market, Amanda Layng, Donna Damon, and from lots of people around the island. I even have some to sell if you want to contact me. I will be putting in more about the field day which Warren Bogle is working on.

As everyone knows about Ron Formisano has written a terrific book about "THE LOBSTER WARS" of 1956 and 57 and I have included the review written about the book that appeared in the Boston Globe, Monday April 28, 1997.

July 16, 1997 - We have all been busy with the fourth of July festivities and various meetings of all the various organizations. We are sorry to say that the Nellie G has closed and I know I will miss the pizzas especially and Mark's great cooking!

Most everyone is talking about the new assessments. We are all wondering what they used for comparables. They have valued the land that my house is on which is 120' x 120' for $47,400. The land around it for 41,200. We can't even see the water.

The 2nd Annual Music Festival to benefit the Chebeague Recreation Center is scheduled for July 26th. Check out the page.

Kay Kay Hill wrote a cute poem I have added to the home page I Want I Want.

July 1, 1997 - Now that it summer I thought I would have all kinds of time to keep up my page - no way - I'm busier than ever. I am just a means of transportation to all the various places my kids need or want to go. The fourth of July is fast approaching and the theme this year is "Chebeague's Wildlife" - there ought to be some interesting floats out there. The Browntail moth is taking its toll on just about everyone and I am no exception. I have had this awful rash for years about this time of year and it wasn't untill a couple of years ago we figured out what it was and now I'm not alone. I think it is cyclical like the pogies and hoping that it is at its peak now and will go away for another 20 or 30 years please.

The fourth of July Road Race is celebrating it's 20th anniversery and hope everyone gets out for the 4.2 mile run - the first entrants will get a special anniversery tshirt so sign up early with Jill Malony - her email address is if you need more information. There is also going to be a dance on Friday night at the Hall.

June 13, 1997 - Congratulations to John Oderda, from Chebeague and Utah who is just won a National art contest - you can see his winning work by clicking here.

June 11, 1997 - Sunday morning at 1:15 there was a serious car accident on the North Road by the cemetary. One of the passengers, Brooke Olsen was criticaly hurt with a severe head injury and is still in intensive care at Maine Medical Center. According to the newspaper the other four occupants were not hurt seriously. The whole island has been affected by this trajedy and we are all praying for her recovery.

The heat today and yesterday has been brutal. I went with 25 students to the Boston aquarium and you can imagine how that bus ride must have been with that heat. We were so thankful that the CTC came back for us on the 5 - It would have been tough to have waited until 6:30 with 25- 5 - 9 year olds after already being with them for 9 hours. I'm not complaining but I was tired, hot and cranky so you can imagine how my 6 year old was. We really enjoyed the fish tanks and the sea lion show. The funny thing was the group I was with favorite exhibit was the tidal pool hands on exhibit which they can experience a few hundred yards away from their homes anytime.

The church dinner Saturday night was a terrific success. They made $726 and everyone had a wonderful time. People dug clams and Mabel, Pat St Cyr, Cindy and Julie made clam puffs. People brought casseroles and other food. I was in Massachusetts at a graduation for my neice but Stephen said it was great. I am not sure who else worked on it so I'm probably forgetting some important people who should be recognized for their efforts.

This weekend there will be a memorial service for Dave Buxbaum on the 14th. The Wheldons are having a 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday, June 15th from 2-4.

Congratulations to Mark McGoon who is the only Chebeague Island graduate this year from Greely High School!

May 30 1997 - The church benefit supper is next Saturday, June 7, from 6:30 to 8:30. There was another great response to Randy Perry's letter by Phil Johnson in the May 22, Falmouth Forecaster.
May 29, 1997 - We all survived the hike and weekend at Zealand Falls and I hope to have some impressive pictures on the page soon - a couple of weeks. We only had one child fall of a 10' cliff and he did fine - he landed on his head. It was pretty scary for a moment -well for a few hours until I realized he was taking advantage of every sympathy he could get. It was my son Denis - maybe he will listen to his mother next time when I tell him to stay away from the edge. Friday night we had our usual noodles with canned tomato sauce and Saturday we had the gourmet talents of Steve Hawkes who prepared a fabulous treat of stuffed bread from scratch. He was quite pleased with the kitchen facilities.

I missed the new opening of the Cobbler Shop but got in on Monday. It looks fabulous and I love some of Bea's new items. There is going to be a Church Benefit Supper at the hall this weekend I think - I will try to find out the details tomorrow.

There is a new page from Peaks Island.

May 21, 1997 - This weekend is the School/Recreation hike. There are 33 of us going on Friday to Zealand Falls Hut in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and on Saturday 28 will be staying at the hut. This is the fifth year we have been able to do this activity thanks to a grant from Recompense. So I won't be around to update my page as I have been so faithful lately - Ha Ha.

I have finally cleaned out my stuff from the gift shop and it will be opening this weekend under new management, Bea York Pettit. She has some wonderful new tshirts and sweatshirts.

Last week was Island cleanup sponsored by the Grange. Everyone on the island was assigned a road or area in which to scour for trash. My kids thought it was the most fun they ever, ever had - walking down Division Point Road with large green trash bags and fighting over who found what trash first. It goes to show you how much excitement they must have in their lives - I have to add it was drizzling rain at the time - go figure! A large continent of volunteers - adults and teens along with Sanford Doughty spent almost all day on Saturday working on a large amount of accumulated trash at Chandlers field and beach. They did a great job taking away truck loads of debris - even some old car and truck parts.

May 14, 1997 - It has been a couple of weeks since my last update. I understand there was an article in the last Sunday Globe about one of our teachers Sue Williams but I haven't seen it yet. I have updated the School Pages with an addition of Fables written and illustrated by the 4th - 6th graders.

On April 24th a letter to the editor of the Falmouth Forecaster had a letter by Randy Perry of Cousins Island . In the May 8th Forecaster there were some wonderful responses which I have included here. A letter to the editor reponse by Nancy Hill , and Shirley Burgess and Jill Malony.



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