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September 29, 1998 - What a beautiful day - swam laps this morning and the kids swam from 3:30 till 5:00- the pool has maintained 79 degrees. Tomorrow is the last day for the school gym swimming lessons. Tomorrow is also the day Vika becomes a United States Citizen. She received a note from Bill and Hillary Clinton congratulating her - It looks like his signature. I wonder if he really signs them or if they are computer generated or if someone else signs them for him. Does anyone know?
September 27, 1998 - Last week or the week before when I posted three days in a row everyone including myself thought that I was back into the internet groove again - but I fooled you all - who knows maybe now that the moose may be gone I'll be back. Yes last Wednesday everyone on the eight CTC boat got a look at a full size bull moose who thought he was leaving Chebeague but he turned around and spent another day roaming all over the island. I got a call at 6 am on Friday that he was next door but by 7:15 he was swimming over to Littlejohns so I think he is gone for good. A couple of weeks ago the school children saw a younger smaller moose while they were heading to school on the bus- it was very exciting for them all. There have been no sightings for the last few days so I think we are now moose free. I'm so disappointed that I never saw them.

We have been having more thunder showers in the night and early morning and I understand there are warning all over the state for tonight. Just a reminder to everyone that when the sky is clear at night you can actually see the moons going around Jupiter with binoculars - it is really quite spectacular. It is the brightest object in the sky right after sunset in the east.

September 14, 1998 - Last weekend was wonderful with the exception of the mosquitoes - the worst I've ever seen! Although it is pretty cool at night the daytimes have been beautiful.

I have included on the people page a wonderful tribute to Marian Wessell written by her husband Nils.

The new pic of the week is the baby swimming lessons at the pool.

September 9, cont - This must be the week for birthdays because I missed Lewis Ross' birthday on the 7th and today is Ryan Ross' birthday! Did I miss anyone else? yup I did - Cincy MacNeill on the 7th, Tyler W. turned 8 on the 6th and Donny MacNeill on the 8th, Kendra Hamilton Mckinnen is today! WOW! Happy Birthday!
September 9, 1998 - There is an article in today's paper about the June 8, 1997 accident.
September 8, 1998 - Today is David Hill's birthday! Happy Birthday! I also received this poem a while back written by Joe Martin "A Heaven Beneath the Sky." He must have written it just after the Music Festival.
September 7, 1998 - LABOR DAY! - It's back to work and school for the rest of the world who hasn't already been there. We are heading off for a Sea Dogs Game today - I hope it doesn't rain. Yesterday was Volunteer Appreciation Day at the Recreation Center and there was a great turnout - I think over 100 people. All the children who have volunteered one way or another received certificates, a plaque was put on the wall listing all the volunteers and volunteer of the year was given to Rob Friedlander who has taken over the pool running, lifeguarding and swimming lessons as a volunteer. He was presented a copper fitting swimming sculpture created by Jon Rich. Then he presented a tee shirt to Ray Newcomb who has volunteered every morning to lifeguard Rob as he swims his laps. He looked great with his Lifeguard's lifeguard T-shirt.

Happy Birthday Gail Miller! (today) and Donna Martindale (two days ago)!

September 4, 1998 - I thought that when school started I would have so much time to catch up - but alas - tis not so - I think I'm falling further behind. Maybe next week will get better. I want to remind everyone that Volunteer Appreciation Day Celebration at the Recreation Center is Sunday, Sept 6 from 3 - 5, refreshments and free pool are part of the festivities as well as special recognition for all the volunteers and even some awards. All children volunteers will be getting certificates. It sounds like such a good time!
August 27, 1998 - Lightening and thunder storms have been quite exciting lately. We even lost power for 24 hours Monday afternoon through most of Tuesday. A lot of families have left the island for school - we start next Wednesday, Sept 2nd. The Great Chebeague Golf Club had a huge celebration last weekend for their 75th anniversary. This Sunday is the Blanchard Golf Tournament which is scheduled so that all the lobstermen will be able to play. The Calloway system is used so everyone has an equal chance to win. Last year the winners were Kathy McCollom and Jarrod Smith. The tee off is 12:00 pm!

August 18, 1998 - Yesterday's ceremony was well attended and very emotional as we all watched Russ and Elda Gwillim burn the mortgage. That doesn't mean we don't still have to work hard to run the CRC and we still need the anticipated pledges coming in as soon as able. There are still a lot of people who I am sure will want to contribute to the capital fund - within the next few months we will be getting the plaque up on the wall with all the contributors names.

I just updated pic of the week - or is it occasional pic of the year - oh well. The pics I have added are of the School's k-2 Africa Night back in June.

August 17, 1998 - GREAT NEWS! There has been a very generous donation to the Chebeague Recreation Center which will enable us to pay off the mortgage which is not connected to anticipated pledges. We will be having a Mortgage burning ceremony today at 4:30 at the Recreation Center - everyone is welcome to join us!
August 13. 1998 cont.- Drug Use and Abuse! - Come to the Chebeague Recreation Center on Thursday, August 20 from 6:30 p.m. to ? for a Roundtable Discussion with teens, parents and professionals who deal with substance abuse.

Laurie Wood and South Portland High School Substance Abuse Counselor Carol Driggs will facilitate an open forum for talking about how to talk to your kids about drugs, how to talk to your parents about drugs and what we should all know about drug use and abuse among our teens.

Please take this opportunity to learn about drug use and its effects. Come learn some helpful ways for keeping the lines of communications open. This will not be just another lecture on the dangers of drug use. We will focus on understanding and respecting the difficulties parents AND kids face with this issue. Hope to see you there! Please call Laurie Wood at 846-5809 with any questions.

August 13, 1998 - I'm back - but I really have not been away - just too busy!! Things should be getting better soon - I hope. Next week all three kids will be in "Lobster Camp". Lobster Camp is a new program brainstormed by Carol White which the Recreation Center is offering. It is every day next week from 8:30 to 4:00 and includes studying live lobster, going to the beach, visits from lobstermen, playing Lobstermans Lot, watching lobsters being hauled, visit to the DMR Aquarium in Bothbay and meeting with lobster scientists.

I haven't had a chance to tell everyone how great the Pool Games went. It was really fun for everyone! Rob Friedlander organized all kinds of races and games including adult pajama relay races - what a lot of work that was. Some of us put on a synchronized swimming routine we had learned earlier in the day from Betsy Wemesfelder. Next year Betsy and I will be setting up some synchronized swimming programs for kids and adults. It is such great exercise and we probably will be doing some more next week. If you are interested in joining please contact me. The drawing took place for the BIG Raffle. I don't know who won the $3000 but I understand it was a three year old, $1500 was won by Kit Johnston, the moped was won by Rob Friedlander (no- you won't see him tooling around on it - he quickly sold it - he definitely prefers his bike) The two mountain bikes were won by Arlene and Wayne Dyer. I was there when they picked up the bikes and Arlene was so excited - she said it was the first new bike she had ever owned.

The CCR, Chebeague Care Resource is having it's third Annual Super FAntastic Fundraiser Yard Sale 10 - 2, Saturday, Aug 15th at the Island Hall. They will also have a fabulous raffle featuring donated works of three island artists: Louise Todd, Shirley Burgess, and Marcia Wood.

August 3, 1998 - Thursday is the Ladies Aid Fair at the CIHCC 12:30 - 3:00, that's always a fun place to go and get your early Christmas presents.

Wednesday, the Cumberland Mainland and Islands Trust is having their annual meeting being held at the Recreation Center Craft Room 7:00pm. Please come and see what the Land Trust has been doing over the last year. We will be having a slide show also.

Anyone interested in getting raffle tickets for our pool field day you can contact me or any other director of the Chebeague Recreation Center. There are some great prizes and chances of winning are certainly better than the lottery. 1st prize is $3000, 2nd prize is $1500, 3rd prize a Yamaha RAZ moped, 4th prize 2 KHS Town and Country moutain bikes!!! - tickets are $50 and we will not sell more than 400 tickets. It was a great success last year and we only sold about 300 tickets so odds are good. The Raffle will be held at the pool next Saturday August 8th (rain date August 9th) where we will be having pool games from 2 - 4.

July 29, 1998 - A lot has happened since I last reported. We have had a successful Music Festival last Sunday with all volunteer acts. Last Thursday night the children 9 and under put on a fabulous play "Alice in Storybook Land" directed by Rachel Damon and Kate Nyhan. We had the Craft Fair on Saturday and the Library had a Betty Healy Art Exhibit. Yesterday was Nancy Hill's birthday as well as Vika Johnson. This Friday and Saturday, 7:30pm at the CIHCC the Chebeague Youth Theatre is putting on "Newsies", directed by Flora Brown.
July 22, 1998 - It is supposed to be the hottest day of the year - in the 90's. The Mystery Dinner Theatre was a tremendous success and I want to thank all those who helped as well as those who attended. The food was the best and a concerted effort by many. We also had lots of fun!! I can't help but think about next year but all the workers and actors are looking at me funny. For those who missed seeing Gary Varney as the sherrif and Bette Doughty as the crazy jilted sister can probably get the tape from the library as soon as we get some copies. The whole program consisted of all volunteers and everyone deserves a standing ovation.

July 17, 1998 - Hello, there! Substitute correspondent David Hill here, reporting in the absence of Beverly who is way too busy today getting ready for the Mystery Dinner Theatre tonight. I really should be learning my lines, but Bev asked me to update the page, because there is some really hot breaking news around here today! In a nutshell, the MDOT has intervened to guarantee at least the status quo as far as the Cousins Island Wharf landing, parking, and barging on Cousins Island are concerned. People are pretty excited. You can see the newspaper article, the letter from MDOT, and the Yarmouth resolution. Now maybe we can bury the rhetorical hatchets and get back to being a friendly, neighborly, multi-island community, the way we were before all this unpleasantness began.
July 12, 1998 - The Mystery Dinner Theatre tickets are sold out with the exception of a few isolated single seats so we have decided to have an encore performance on Sunday night at 7:30 without the dinner. The cost is $5.00 donation at the door. Hope to see you there!!

David Hill has started a public forum spot on the the Portland Press Herald internet page which can be accessed at:

July 10, 1998 - I have been too busy to write much lately with trying to learn 10 lines for the mystery dinner theatre - I have much more respect for actors - I don't know how people do it. The tickets are almost sold out for both nights - we only have five left for each night. Therefore, we will be putting on a Sunday, July 19th night encore performance without dinner at 7:30 pm. Tickets will be $5.00 at the door.
July 7, 1998 - A lot of people have asked who they should contact or write to about the proposed resolutions by Yarmouth. The CTC has a page with all the addresses of State officials and town councilors for Yarmouth and Cumberland. I hope a lot of people write letters. I wish we had email addresses for them all but we only have a couple.
July 3, 1998 - Finally, I got away from helping the kids with their float for the Fourth of July and I've been sworn to secrecy about what we are doing - but I can say I bet there are at least four more floats with the same idea. We are all a little waterlogged from being at the pool the last few days and now I know what Vika's favorite pastime is - swimming! The POOL is unbelievably terrific - I had forgotten how much fun it is to really swim. I grew up around a lake and hadn't realized how much I have been missing - the ocean is just too cold for me. Gail has been putting carpet around the edges where someday we will have grass, next week we will get the shower outside which should help with the water in the locker rooms. The Coke machine is in but we have to have someone down next week to show us how to work it.

The really big news of course is Yarmouth's latest resolution. I have linked a couple of articles everyone needs to read from yesterday's and today's Portland Press Herald. Yesterdays is called "Council to consider removal of parking for Chebeague ferry" and today's is "Testy exchanges mark session on Cousins lot". I hope anyone who has a neighbor, acquaintance, a friend who is a taxpayer in Yarmouth will ask them to support Chebeague's Island Population which I am sure will be gone for ever if such a resolution should pass. It is as though Yarmouth were never present at any public meeting or workshop or anything having to do with this issue over the last 40 years. Some of the Yarmouth counselors discount anything which comes from someone remotely connected to the island. The chairman even commented that the inconvenience to their own lobsterman doesn't matter because there are only four or five of them.

July 1 cont. - Sorry, sorry that I didn't include island carpenters, electricians, mechanics, store owners, plumbers, etc below - we are all going to be in a terrible situation! (in Maine fishing is like apple pie & motherhood)

July 1, 1998 - Thursday night the Yarmouth Town Council will have a workshop open to the public on a proposal to close the Cousins Island Parking lot, install a gate and institute busing only from the area to an offsite parking facility year round. I feel that this would certainly make it very difficult to live year round on Chebeague and would be a terrible hardship for lobstermen and families. David Hill has written a letter to the editor which should be appearing soon in the Forecaster which coins a new word "communicide!" People really need to let Yarmouth know how ridiculous their proposal is.

June 27, 1998 - We're back! I took my kids for a hike they will always remember up and across part of the presidential range ending on the top of Mt. Washington. The weather was beautiful and it was the best views I had ever seen travelling across Mt Pierce, Eisenhower, Munroe and Washington. We stayed at Mizpah Hut and Lakes of The Clouds Hut.

CHEBEAGUE RECREATION CENTER OPEN HOUSE - TODAY from 5 to 7 with the annual meeting to follow. Come up and enjoy the festivities, the children will be putting on a short demonstration of their tumbling, there will be food, refreshments, coffee, punch, raffles, games.... See you there!

An interesting proposal was presented by Randy Perry, a Cousins Island Resident, to the Region 6 Regional Transportation Advisory Committee - I hope people will write or call the Cumberland Town Council, Yarmouth Town Council and the Transportation Committee with your feeling about this proposal. I feel that this would be the end of living year-round for many families!

June 20, 1998 - Happy birthday Beth Williams!
June 19, 1998 cont.- Tomorrow night the Historical Society is having its annual meeting at the CIHCC and will be having a program on the History of the District 9 school also known as the old Town Garage.

Volunteers Jimmy Stewart, Don L. and Gail Miller worked all day on the grounds of the rec center moving topsoil and crushed rock. Wayne delivered gravel for tomorrows work crew so things are moving along. Gail will be planting trees funded from a memorial fund established in the memory of her Uncle Eddie MacCormack.

I am getting the tickets ready to sell for the Dinner Theatre July 17 and 18. Donna has the cast all ready to start rehearsals and learning their lines and I have set up the menu and details with the help of Fred and Donna. I will officially start selling the tickets on June 27th at the CRC Open House. There is limited seating of 60 per night and you will be able to chose your day and seat. You can take a look at the internet ticket which I have set up for people who want to check out the seating and menu and order tickets on the June 27th. I will be away most of next week hiking in the White Mountains with my kids - I can't wait. The play we are doing is "Let's Hang Him and Read The Will" by Pat Cook and adapted for islanders by Donna Damon! Donna will be contacting all the players some of whom are Mabel Doughty, Nancy Chamberlain, Lauren Miller, Louise Doughty, CarolLynn Davis, Nancy Caldwell, Gary Varney, Rob Friedlander, BJ Abrahamson, Vail Traina, Bev Johnson, Ramona, Boopie Doughty, Lucille Ferragamo, Rachel Damon, Barbara Marks, David Hill, Marty Trower Rossoll, Mary Holt, Banu KomLosy, Jamie KomLosy, Bob Leon, Bruce Bowman, Joan Robinson, Chip Emery, and a surprise cameo appearance.

June 19, 1998 - Saturday there will be another "POOL WORK PARTY" at 8:00 am to prepare the area around the pool for concrete. Please come and bring your shovel and rake. We have so much to do around the building in preparation for grass and plants. Last weekend a group of hardy, wet souls worked all day in the rain - what dedication!

The tumbling group is working on a demonstration show at the Rec Center for Monday evening at 7:00 and we will also be doing a short demonstration at the Recreation Center Open House which will be June 27th from 5 to 7 with the CRC Annual Meeting to follow.

June 15, 1998 - Everyone is probably wondering if we got washed away this past weekend - not quite but it is pretty WET. We need the rain but it hasn't helped with all the work we need to get done - especially around the pool. During the week Gail is hoping to get some people to help around the pool area so that concrete can be poured next Monday.

Last Thursday the K-2nd graders put on "Celebration of Africa" at the rec center where the students also performed traditional African dances, songs and rhythm pieces for a crowd of proud parents and community members. Students wrote their own original "why" stories and performed them in the oral tradition of Africa. It was quite a time and the children as well as the adults have learned so much.

The time is getting close (tomorrow in fact) for Cookie Reed to do his 350 mile bike ride he sends: "thanks to all who have supported the efforts to help those and their families affected by HIV/AIDS. I (Cookie) have raised over $4k!! Also logged 1100 road miles in the past seven weeks. I (Cookie) head to Raleigh,NC on 6/16 and will begin the 350 mile trek back to DC at 5:45am on 6/18." GOOD LUCK!

There is a review in the Boston Globe today about Lisa Carey's book Mermaids Singing.

June 10, 1998 - CONGRATULATIONS TO: Nancy Hill who won a seat on the Yarmouth Town Council. The voting results were Turner 897; Hill 662; Weinstein 567; Carter 365; Charbonneau 341; DiPietro 147. Great showing for Nancy's first time running for office. Turner had been on the Council a couple of times before and has a law office in town.
June 9, 1998 - Happy birthday to KayKay Hill, Eric Ross, and Jennifer Vittener
June 7, 1998 - The pool is on its way to being finished - Saturday a group of people worked around the pool under the leadership of Doug Damon - Gail Miller, Al and Vail Traina, Betz and Eldon Mayer, Robert White, Etta Hill, Kellie and Christina Joyce, Lauren Miller, Thomas Damon, Jonny Miller, David Rich, Chris McCullum, Zach Doughty, and Josh Doughty. Today I joined Gail and Etta at the site and helped them do more grading and getting the forms for the concrete forms built. My hands are only a little black and blue but we felt quite accomplished when we realized how much we could do in three hours.

Gail is organizing another "pool work party" to finish up the grading and clean the area up so the slabs can be poured. She has even promised to have muffins and coffee for SATURDAY MORNING AT 9:00. Pleeeeese come, bring your shovel, rake, wheel barrel and self "many hands make light work". I'm so sad I can't be there because of my nephews graduation - cause I know it will be a blast!!

I have just added pictures to pict of the week of the rescue of Raymonds boat off the ledges on Little Whaleboat.

June 5, 1998 - Yesterday another article appeared in the Portland Press Herald: "Cousins Island dock dilemma still eludes solution".






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