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December 21, 1998 - This has been a very busy time for us. The Christmas Party was at the church and parish house Saturday night and featured all the children in a wonderful Christmas Play directed by Mrs. Kathy George, who is the preschool teacher and assistant to Mrs. Williams. I took lots of pictures and hope to find some time between shopping, wrapping and entertaining (maybe bills) to get them on the page. All you out there wondering where their plumbing bill is - I'm sorry I won't get to them till after Christmas - what a responsible business person I am - not!
December 16, 1998 - We took a ride down to the West End to take some pictures and when the kids saw Sanford's Pond starting to form ice everyone cheered - they can't wait to go skating. I don't know about everyone else but my kids are hoping for cold, cold, snowy weather - isn't everyone! I took a great picture and can't wait for picture of the week so I'm adding a Sanford's Pond page.
December 14, 1998 - Yesterday I added some pictures from the Chebeague Care Resource Commons Open House and today have added lots more so please check them out. What a wonderful place and such a beautiful job decorating.
December 12, 1998 - I just added the Island Santa to the Christmas Page. Today was CTC free boat day and Santa was there for most of the boats - very exciting!

December 9, 1998 - The kids were in heaven this morning when they awoke to a blanket of snow. They didn't want to eat or anything - all they wanted to do was get out and make snow balls. I guess that means winter is going to come to Chebeague.

The Island Commons Open House is this Sunday afternoon, December 13th from 1 to 5. Construction is complete! Furnishings are being purchased or donated! The yard has been graded and Cheryl, Darren, and Benjamin Hillicoss, as well as Meesha, their furry cat, are in residence!

I have added another picture and I have a few more of the Stone Wharf - I promise I will get down soon to the West End and gets some shots. I am trying to get more Christmas decoration pictures but I really have to get them before the sun goes down unless someone can tell me more about the camera than I've figured out. I will let you know when I update the Christmas page again.

December 7, 1997 - Well, I just caught up with the "Island Christmas Decorating Team" of Lewis Ross, Don Souchek, Robert White, and Bob Jones. The were putting the lights on the tree of the fifth fairway. They had finished the wharf tree and were heading out to do another. So I am starting a Christmas page where I will include decoration scenes of the island if I can get some good pics with the new camera.

December 5, 1998 - As you can see I'm trying to make this page more useful. I have been adding lots of pictures to the CRC page including some pictures in the Teen Page of the five boys who were up there Wednesday night - they were so into their football game - it was great! I will be adding lots of people pictures as I go along and I will probably do one shot deals of scenery for the Pictures of the week but will include links to the people pictures. Let me know what you are all interested in. I know some people are interested in only scenery and some only people.

December 3, 1998 - I just stopped by the Parish House where about 20 women were working away on the annual wreath sale for the Ladies Aid. I have included pictures on pictures of the week - the only problem is you can't smell the balsam fir but just try to imagine how wonderful it was.

Don't forget that although the main hunting season is over there is still two more weeks of black powder hunting on Chebeague. Please wear your blaze orange for a little while longer.

November 30, 1998 - I have been in Vermont for the last few days and just catching up on my emails and the pages. The school page is getting refurbished thanks to our new internet specialist Tyler P. who is in the sixth grade and has taken over the job of web master for the school internet page. The older class is also working on a Maine internet project. Each of the children will be writing about different aspects of Maine and everyone will have a county or two to write about. We will be using an interactive image map of Maine. Within the next few weeks we will be putting it all together.

I have purchased new digital camera through a grant from Recompense. After much research and testing I decided on the Sony MVC-FD71 digital Mavica. The main reason is the use of floppy disks and easy use. Any organization who has a need can borrow the camera and I will be happy to teach the use of it and install the necessary software if needed on the computers as soon as I learn how - I'm going to try at the library tonight. The rec center computer can already read it without the program. My new mac reads the pictures just fine. I have added pictures to the library page and of the Rec center hooking class.

November 26, 1998 - Happy Thanksgiving! - Elizabeth Hill has just turned in a history assignment which consisted of a website online to teach how our government works - I think she and her friend did a great job!
November 24, 1998 - Congratulations to John Nickerson who is the new part time on call policeman for the island.

The Sunday Telegram did a great article about the sinking of the SS Portland in 1898. The internet article even included a picture of Sara Fuller whose great grandfather perished along with 200 other people.

November 20, 1998 - Tonight I took Vika, Denis and Dasha to see the Greely High school production of "Anything Goes". It was one of the best shows we have seen. We all saw Brunswick Music Theatre production last summer and it was honestly almost as good - the kids even said it was better. Rachel Damon, Lauren Miller and Robert McCollum were all in it and did a great job. I have included some pictures of them on the anythinggoes.html page. Congratulations to you all. They are putting it on again tomorrow night and then on Sunday afternoon so don't miss it!!

November 19, 1998 - I have decided to start a nostalgia section -not that all of this isn't kind of nostalgic. I found some clippings from January of 1971 which was the first year I was married and moved full time to Chebeague. I thought if people have stories or anecdotes they would like to include about the winter of 1970 and 1971 you could email me. The picture in the newspaper shows Charlie Kuntz who turns eighty tomorrow. I was working in Portland at EC Jordan and I remember the boat rides trying to push through the ice and finally we started commuting Casco Bay Lines. The few of us who were commuting played cards most of the way.

November 18, 1998 - I just received a couple of emails from Malcolm and Sandra Rice who are still in Jakarta where there has been some problems. They wrote "Yes, Jakarta has been in trouble in the past few days but we are fine. ... The Saturday morning paper referred to Friday the thirteenth as BLACK FRIDAY....We are fine and in no danger whatsoever..... We'll keep you informed and believe us, in spite of what you see on CNN, we are fine. A lot of the nighttime shooting scenes from CNN were filmed directly in front of our office - not the neighborhood where we reside." If anyone would like to read the rest of their adventure I have included it all at jakarta.html.
November 16, 1998 - The PUC is contemplating some changes to the Casco Bay Lines Schedule - please check out the Cliff Island Boat Schedule Alert. I understand it is not too late to voice concerns.

November 13, 1998 - Happy Friday the 13th - I have been making some changes on the Chebeague Recreation Center Page which now has a new address so please bookmark the spot. There is a picture of the new director Neil Taliento sitting proudly at his new desk which he will share with Beth Dyer. I have included a lot of the pictures which you may have already seen. I really need to get some pictures of our wonderful tap dance teacher - Beth Dyer and the tappets which I am fortunate to be one - I'm having a blast. I always wanted to be like Shirley Temple and I'm getting closer every day.

November 11, 1998 - Happy Veterans Day! - I forgot to mention yesterday that it was Neil Taliento's birthday. Not only was it Neil's birthday but he has also been hired by the Chebeague Recreation Center's new Program Director! Congratulations Neil. Lucy Vaughn has also been hired by the CRC as the new Teen Director. We all want to thank Donna Damon for doing a fantastic interim job over the last three months working day and night with Beth Dyer to keep the rec center the swinging activity center that it is.

I have also added a new link to Ken Marsh's homepage which he has put together.

November 10, 1998 - A couple of people have given me some pictures of "the Car Wash" which I have scanned and have included here - as I said before it was a great day! We received a wonderful contribution for doing the TRUCK - the kids had so much fun they would have done it anyway!

Saturday night was a huge success for the Chebeague Parents Association and a great time for everyone who attended - I wish I had brought my video camera so I could include some great scenes. We are looking forward for more nights like that one.

The community has purchased a portable PA System with a grant from Recompense. This system was used by the poetry readers on Saturday night and I felt worked very well. This system is available for any Island Organization which needs it. I will be administering the disposition of the system and the organization borrowing it will have to sign a statement that they will be responsible for the system in the event it gets damaged. It is a Roland system with a microphone and four more plug-in ports. It is new and has a four year warrantee. It has to be plugged in to a power source but I can see it being a great help to everyone such as the Golf Club, Tennis Club, School Programs, Hall Programs, and recreation events. Please contact me for more information.

November 7, 1998 - We are all back from Old Sturbridge Village and had a wonderful time - we could have stayed another couple of days and my car the kids were begging to stay over - I know they got a lot out of it - they were mesmerized by the working displays and people dressed in period time telling about their lives. I have included some picture from my video camera of our trip on pic of the week. I thank you all enough for a wonderful experience!

I should have mentioned the Music and Poetry Night a long time ago so all those from away could make plans to get to the island tonight for an evening of entertainment provided by the music teacher Georgia Humphrey and her sister; the older children's teacher Len Bogh, Pat McGillicutty and Herb Maine; Nancy Chamberlain; Mark Dyer; and of course our talented children! This event is at the all from 7:00 - 10:00pm. Admission is $5.00 adults and $2.00 children.

I also was asked by Nancy Putnam to send a farewell message to everyone. She has moved off the island and to Yarmouth and wanted to say goodbye to everyone.

November 4, 1998 - Tomorrow the whole island school goes down to Old Sturbridge Village we all want to thank the Recompense foundation, the Island Institute and all the people who bought car wash tickets, food at the food sale and a number of donations we received. Thanks to all of you!! I am bringing a digital camera and my video and the school will be posting pictures on their web site which is being reconstructed.
October 31, 1998 - Happy Halloween!! - I just got back with the kids from a couple of days in Boston with my brother and wife and we even had a chance to do the Freedom Trail - what great weather we had while on the island they had wind and clouds. Thanks for all the information I'm getting from everyone on digital cameras.

I have just included pictures of most of the trick or treaters who came to our house on the picweek page.

October 28, 1998 - Boy does it get dark early now. I don't know how our after school nature hikes will go - we'll probably need headlamps in a couple of weeks. Because of the hunting season the next hikes will be on beaches and the woods one will be on a Sunday.

If anyone has any comments about digital cameras, good, bad and ugly I would love to hear. I am about to buy one for the community which can be used by organizations and the school and I will be able to use for web pictures. I looked at a $499 sony which did not have a zoom lens but the pictures looked great. It used a floppy disk which I think would be very usefull for school and others. For $699 I could get similar but with a zoom lens. I am open to any ideas.

October 25, 1998 - What a beautiful day today was and a busy one. From 11:00 til almost 2:00 the kids mostly under the supervision of their parents washed and washed and washed cars, trucks and for the finale even one of Wayne's biggest dump trucks - it was quite a time. Of course none of us got wet - ya right! I have to say we exceeded our estimates on what we made and it looks like we took in over $600. This added to the grant from the recompense will hopefully totally pay for our trip. After a quick change many of us headed over to the Hall for Lori Rich's baby shower where the food was knock you over great - I was glad I skipped lunch. There were lots of people and the gifts she got were wonderful.
October 24, 1998 - Just got back from the Halloween Party at the Hall and added a lot of pictures of the festivities to Picture of the Week.
October 19, 1998 - The children from the K-6 are planning an overnight trip to Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts in November. They have decided to have a car wash to help defray the costs. They will be going around selling CAR WASH tickets for next Sunday, Oct 25, 11:00 to 1:00. They will also be having a BAKE SALE at the same time!
October 15, 1998 - Please pass on that the Portland Press Herald obituary for Bob Ensign should have said the memorial service is a week from Saturday on the 24th of October.
October 14, 1998 - There was a lot going on last night, Chebeague Parents Association had a meeting, the fire department had a meeting and about 10 people including myself were learning how to tap dance with Beth Dyer - it was great fun. I almost forgot that yesterday they had the drawing for the chebeague Recreation Center Quilt and the winner was Kathryn Hallock (Dianne Ash's mother). Tonight we had an expert with the exercise equipment teach us how to use the equipment safely and effectively - so now there are a lot of experts ready to help anyone who wishes to come up and use the fitness room. Donna and I are thinking of offering coffee and muffins (low fat of course) to people who will work out with us on Tuesday and Thursday morning - let us know if you are interested!

Henrietta sounded great on Good Morning America and for those who were wondering OCD stands for obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the name of her book is "Is it Just A Phase" I found a web site about her going to Washington to speak and another one about women's health.

October 12, 1998 - Tomorrow morning on Good Morning America, Henrietta Leonard will on between 8 and 9 talking about her new book "It's Just A Phase" which is about children and OCD.
October 11, 1998 - I don't know what is wrong with me - I missed my perfect chance to show my expertise as an internet up to the date news reporter with all the rain we had and major flooding around the island. I could have had pictures. I only ventured out a couple of times and went to the fire departments Open House. Of course the fire trucks were out on calls trying to save peoples furnaces and pumps which were flooded over. We also hit the pot luck supper for the benefit of the hall. It was a packed room and food was wonderful as usual. It looks like the rain has stopped now and tomorrow it's supposed to be good.
October 8, 1998 - I have just included pictures of one of the moose in picture of the week.
October 7, 1998 - The CRC Fall programs started this week and I have some rough pictures from my video camera. Just click here!

I have also added to the Chebeague Care Resource Page - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ click here!!!

October 4, 1998 - The pool committee and many other volunteers worked all weekend to prepare the area around the pool for grass and Wayne and Tommy and Doug graded the parking area for better drainage. Gail worked tirelessly around the whole building to get the grass growing and you can all see some of the workers on picture of the week. I bought a new MacOS300 and even got a 20 inch monitor and discovered that I could take a video and freeze frames and put them on the internet in no time - oh well - a little time. I keep thinking of all the possibilities. Now when anything happens I will be able to provide everyone with almost instant pictures and I didn't have to purchase a digital camera. I stopped by and visited Ray Newcomb with my camera and took this picture which you can see larger by clicking on it.
October 1, 1998 - Yesterday was a great day to go to the Cumberland Fair with the special prices on rides - it seemed like the everyone from the island was there. Saturday the pool committee is looking for volunteers to help with the seeding and fixing up around the pool - contact Doug Ross for more information. Sunday is Island Appreciation Night at the Chebeague Inn.








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