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March 30, 1999 - Last night about 25 islanders attended the Cumberland Town Council meeting where the Council voted to endorsed the MDOT proposed agreement which you can read about in todays Portland Press Herald article.
March 28, cont. - Congratulations to the Greely High Drama Club who finished first in the state meet yesterday at Orono and now move on to the New England Finals to be held in Bangor during April Vacation. Rachel Damon is the stage manager for the production entitled "April Fish" a spoof on the old game of April fools day. You can see pictures from their Anything Goes Production which took place in the Fall - I can see from that production why they are the best in the State!!

I have included some pictures in the church page of the Cradle Roll Ceremony.

March 28, 1999 - It seems that the Cousins Island people are getting organized again and are preparing to heavily lobby MDOT to change its mind about how things will work for the ferry service to Chebeague. I think it would be a great idea for everybody on Chebeague (winter, summer, anytime) to write to MDOT and tell them just how much we appreciate what they're doing and give them some support in the face of all the nasty criticism coming from others. Please e-mail John G. Melrose, Commissioner and/or Ron Roy and tell them that we're behind them 100% and are grateful for their efforts to preserve access to Chebeague Island. If you'd rather write a letter, their addresses is:
Maine Department of Transportation
16 State House Station, Child Street
Augusta, ME 04333-0016
If we can do it for Crown Pilot Crackers, we should be able to do it for our link to the mainland!
March 27, 1999 - There will be a Special Town Meeting Monday night, March 29th at 7 pm at the Cumberland Town Hall to discuss the Maine Department of Transportation Draft Agreement concerning the Cousins Island Wharf and a letter from the Commissioner. The CTC is sponsoring a free 6:15 and return boat fare for those attending the Cumberland meeting. The CTC page has a pdf file copy of the letter from the Commissioner.

Today was a Cradle Roll ceremony at the church which we just attended. A lot of the children not previously enrolled received a wonderful certificate and pin or book.

March 25, 1999 - We now have a local TV station and I mean really local. Harpswell has it's own station UHF channel 14. They have a 120 ft. tower, located on the town's highest hill on Mountain Rd. in Harpswell I guess. During the day it runs a screen with calendar items,news,weather etc. and then from 6 pm to 10 pm it runs programs of community activities from school events to town government with lots of other ideas. I just finally realized I could get it - I had been trying. One of the people in charge suggested that we might like to try putting together a show or something. I'll be curious to see if everyone on the island can receive it.
March 22, 1999 - The wind has been howling here today all day and the power has been off on different parts of the island - fortunately for us it has only flickered a few times. I just took a drive down the east end and included some pictures of the surf around the Bruley House.
March 20, 1999 - Last night was the St. Patrick's Day Dinner & Irish Sing-Along with entertainment by the CRC Tappers and the Whalers. All proceeds benefitted the CIHCC and the Whalers - Great Fun and Food!

Congratulations to Sherm and Kelley Rich who are getting married today.

March 18, 1999 - Steve Graves' family wanted me to let people know that there will be a gathering at the Parish House on Chebeague after the service at Lindquists tomorrow. People will probably come back on the 4:00 boat and go directly to the Parish House.

Today is Rob Friedlander's Birthday! Tomorrow night the St Patricks Day dinner (corned beef and cabbage) featuring the Whalers as well as the CRC tappers. The event starts at 7:00 pm so please come and enjoy the food and entertainment.

March 15, 1999 - I forgot - yesterday was Doug Ross' birthday!
March 14, 1999 - The Whalers and CIHCC are putting on a special St Patricks Day Dinner on Friday night, March 19th at 7:00. You have to come for the corn beef and cabbage and some great entertainment. As a matter of fact the tappers (adults and children) (including me) are working on a routine to show off our fancy footwork. The Whalers will be singing and it is sure to be an eventful night!!!

The School Community Advisory Council will be meeting Tuesday afternoon after school and we will have a guest, Maryellen Fitzpatrick who will tell us about Foundation 51.

I also added some more pictures to the Library Page.

March 8, 1999 - We are now covered with snow from the storm that went through here this weekend! I was in Vermont skiing at Killington where we skiied in 10" of powder - it was great!

Today is Gerry Ross' Birthday and also Archie Ross' birthday.

The Chebeague Recreation Center is preparing for an event this summer which is sure to be a terrific time. It is called A Midsummer Night's Frolic and is a progressive dinner on July 24th. Please check out the page!

March 4, 1999 - Actors and Actresses of all Ages Wanted ! CRC is producing an original version of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever".
We need children and adults to participate in this production. Please read the information below and call Donna Damon 846-5140 ASAP if you and or your children would like to participate. For more details please click here!

I just received a wonderful article from Elliot Thompsons daughter Vicki from a 1933 Portland Press Herald which I have included on the nostalgia page. - you have to check this out - great picture of Richard Bowen, Elliot Thompson, Albert Bennett, Milton Webber, and Clyde Bowen.

The memorial service for Elizabeth Weiss will be Saturday, June 26 at 1 pm at the church.

March 2, 1999 - Today was a special day for me because it is the first time I had ever eaten "green eggs and ham!" It was a little tricky at first - just a little mind over matter work and I was able to convince myself that they tasted just the same as without color. The K-2 classroom had a Dr. Seuss Day and transformed the room into "And to Think That I Saw It On Chebeague Street." Pictures of the children with their pictures, books and parents.

Tomorrow is a big, big, big BIRTHDAY for Dorrit Tompkins - you'll never guess how old she is. Hint - she is a little younger than me.

February 27, 1999 - It turns out that we weren't the first on Chebeague to go swimming in the ocean in February. I have included an article which appeared in the Portland Press Herald in 1950 in the Nostalgia page.
February 25, 1999 - I have put pictures of the Chebeague 20 in Egypt on the picweek page.
February 23, 1999 - We have had some beautiful, sunny but very cold days. Sanford's Pond has skating again and they have done some work inside. Sanford and Mabel are looking for some indoor outdoor carpeting that anyone might be getting rid of for the floor next year. Keep it in mind next summer when you don't know what to do with old carpet.

I have added a few more pictures from Gail Miller's camera and Lori Rich's video camera to the Polar Bear Swim .

February 20, 1999 - POLAR BEAR SWIM - Big news is the Polar Bear Swim - I don't know the numbers yet but I think about 13 people jumped in the water and about 100 spectators watched. It was probably the biggest event of the winter - check out the pictures by clicking above. The teen center has made over $1600 so far on just the swim. Tonight is the Snow Ball and I have to get off this computer and get back up to the rec center. Today they had a ping pong tournement won by Joe Partlow, Geoff Summa won the eight ball tournement as well as the basketball shoot, Chris McCollom won the nintendo championship.
February 19, 1999 - I'm back from Boston, the Chebeague 20 are back from Egypt, and now tonight I'm back from the "Talent Show" - which I'm sure will have rave revues. I was definitely not myself tonight and in 3 instances was actually someone else singing "Summertime" - what a ham I can be. I think the kids were trying to figure out how to slip out the back door unnoticed - I think they could've died but we got through and I got 3 fives and actually got a prize. I haven't looked at the pictures yet but I will put them on the talent show page shortly.

Tomorrow I am jumping into the Atlantic Ocean along with a few other hardy souls and I have only collected $90 in pledges. I think Alna Robinson has over $300 and Lauren Miller is close behind. It should be an exciting time tomorrow at Bennets Cove at noon. You could always send in your pledges after the swim if you like.

February 16, 1999 - another message from Egypt. We are off for a few days to Rockland and Boston but will be back in time for the Winter Carnival here on Chebeague and to greet the Chebeague 20 when they get home.
February 15, 1999 - Two more messages from Egypt added to the Egypt Page.

Also I still haven't received any pledges to jump in this water on Saturday and believe me - I'm not jumping in if the teen center isn't going to make any money off me doing it. It looks like we may have some snow coming for the snow sculptures but I hope it isn't too much that it interfers with the skating. If you haven't checked out the Winter Carnival Brochure do so. There is also a talent show on Friday night at the Hall - if you have any or even if you don't contact them.

VALENTINES DAY - February 14, 1999 - Happy Valentines Day - I put together in chronological order all the messages from Egypt and added one for today on the Egypt Page. It should be easier for people who are just tuning in on the adventure.
February 12, 1999 continued - from Cairo - Dear Bev,  Suhail called from Aswan to say the Chebeague 20 had arrived from their trip aboard the Eugenie and was preparing to board the boat for the cruise down to Luxor. All folks accounted for - some had had a bug - flu - but had recovered - Cynnie, Diane Ashe, Nancy Adamas, - and Althea had just come down with it. But all had seemed to have enjoyed being pampered by the crew of the Eugenie.

Nancy Adams was eager to know if there was any news from her daughter who is expecting a baby. I could report none, but perhaps you and your website team could check this one out and get back to me so I can take her some info when I go to join them in Luxor.

It's a chilly friday evening - chilly Cairo style which means about 55 degrees. I'm going to crawl in under the covers for a good read .... it's been quite a week for me on the hotline and I'm glad tonight there seems to be a lull.

Love from us all,
Leila .

February 12, 1999 - Yesterday was the Colonial Festival for the Chebeague Island School grades k-2. It was held yesterday afternoon at the Rec Center. If you weren't able to be there you can experience it all at the Chebeague School Colonial Days Website. The children served their families a colonial dinner (venison, indian pudding, applesause, muffins etc.) and then they each showed their trade and then performed songs and dances. Please check out all their work. Mrs Williams leaves for maternity leave today but would love to hear from people about the project. This day was the culmination of 3 months of hard work which started with the trip to Sturbridge Village.
February 11, 1999 - From Cairo: Dear Bev, Suhail is just back from Jordan, and very glad that he went. Early tomorrow morning he flies to Aswan to rejoin the Chebeague twenty as the steam in on the Eugenie and switch boats. He'll be carrying with him hard copies of everyone's notes from Chebeague. I know they will mean a lot to the crew after having been out of touch with internet a phone for a number of days.

I'm stuck - and wired - for the next few days here in Cairo with Security Duties for the whole UN system --- UN staff are being evacuated from Asmara, Eritrea. With the fighting that flared up once again between Eritrea and Ethiopia, and with the violence intensifying the UN is working at getting all non-essential staff and dependents out. Cairo is a safe haven and a staging point for moving people home as wwell as for getting medical treatment.

But as of Tuesday I'll be able to hand over those duties to a colleague, and so will fly up to Luxor to join everyone there. Keep the messages coming and I'll take a new set of printouts to everyone on Tuesday.

Am eager to catch up on all the adventures. Suhail just showed me a great group photo of everyone in front of the pyramids - just right to put on the Chebeague WebPage.

Love to all,

February 10, 1999 - The Chebeague Island Hall is having a casserole dinner Saturday night. I will find out the particulars and post them later.

Next week the teens and the rec center are putting on the first annual Winter Carnival. You can check out the web page and all the information through the CRC site. The best part I think is the polar bear swim and there are a number of us looking for pledges from anyone out there for jumping in the frigid ocean. If you would like to email me with a pledge for someone who is crazy enough to jump in the ocean this time of year just let me know. I am one of the foolish ones as well as Lauren Miller and I'm trying to convince Donna Damon to do it also - after all she is the one that came up with idea. Is there anyone out there who would offer big bucks to get someone to go in - what a great fun fundraiser. We will have EMS standing by and of course the digital camera. Only 10 more days to get your pledge in.

February 9, 1999 - From Egypt: Dear Donna, Thank you so much for your note and your thoughts. Suhail is in Amman for the funeral, but Nora and I watched each step today on television. I was torn between going to Amman and duties here.

What is lost, perhaps, in the pomp and circumstance of so many leaders convening together at the door of the "palace", is how modest this king was, and how down to earth his family is. The palace is smaller than the Gilmartins' house. That spot where heads of state crowded together is no larger than Ken Hamilton's front yard.

The king grew up in a small stone house, not far from our own in Amman - there was only cold running water in the taps. Jordan never had any oil wealth - but its wealth has been in its people. This tiny country, with limited resources, has invested, non-stop, in education. The poorest as well as the richest families put aside a very very large part of their family income for education. It is something that we all know no one can take from you. But it means all the more to Jordanians. In a country that Winston Churchill predicted would never survive, people have long taken their own practical steps to self-sufficiency.

But most of all, watching the recaps of King Hussein, I reminded Nora that it is not wealth that makes greatness - it is human understanding and the courage to look always way beyond one's own small interests - to take risks for something greater than one's self. In a world where many children are bound to think that riches mean recognition and success, where playing it safe is important for not losing, today's funeral was an encouraging reminder that much less can mean much more. that risk taking may have its rewards if it is founded on fundamental human values.

I'll reassure Mac and Beth about their cat. After all their exposure in Egypt to the cat god, Bustratis (who loves to have parties and fun), they
are probably imagining all kinds of goings on at the house while they are away.

Tell Gail that her badges are the talk of the town. They do not go unnoticed. The Swiss Ambassador asked, "Is this a new order of the Masons?". The husband of the Norwegian Ambassador asked "Are these from LL Bean?" Bob Putnam proudly intervened, "These are from a supplier of LLBean, a special order for the Chebeague 20 only. Made right on Chebeague".

At the end of our supper party Suhail got out a large map of the East Coast - on demand - to show just where Chebeague is. I've told Ruthie Houghton that Suhail and I will take no responsibility for overload on the Islander. As the Chebeague Twenty makes its way through Upper Egypt, they are bound to bring in more and more interested people. Luckily, Lake Nasser is almost completely uninhabited, except for birds and an occasional crocodile. There will be no noise to get in the way of a whistle - or a big shout from Cynnie and Vail for the Chebeague 20 to regroup. But once they get to Aswan on Friday, where Suhail will rejoin them, they will have a whole crowd following them everywhere. Hope they are taking lots and lots of picture.

Tell your Dad that they may need to bring back a falucca as well as a donkey. Bob was asking about navigation equipment on the Eugenie. It's pretty much what you have on a falucca - or a donkey - keep a sharp eye out. My brother-in-law Bill would be amazed to see not even a single gadget like the array he has on the Liberty - no depthfinders, no Loran , no GPS - just watch.listen and keep your hands on the wheel. But the captain sits on a throne. And there are no tides.

Stay warm, and fire up that stove. Give our love to Bumpy, Mammy, Tom and Rachel. Wish you were with us -- all of you.


February 8, 1999 - Another message from Leila to Ruth Houghton "Dear Ruthie, This is a real treat hearing from so many Chebeague friends now the Chebeague 20 are out and about - roaming the waters of Lake Nasser. Wish you were all out here, and especially Lewis. He has managed to keep those fantastic lines of his over the years, despite the candy. The Egyptians would find a way, with their honey-filled desserts, to send him back to Chebeague with a notch or two added to his waistline. We had all the Chebeague 20, and then some, to supper. The local baker produced a great round tray full of honey-laden "kunafah" - a dessert that would send the calorie counters through the roof. It disappeared.I wish you all could have seen Bradley, Elizabeth and Nora. Without prompting, they decided that this was an evening to turn on the style. Bradley wore a tie and looked as if he had just come home from college - Nora and Elizabeth went into Nora's room in their pants - covered with dust from a sandstorm at the pyramids - and emerged in long evening dresses.Whoooa. tiny spaghetti straps and sparkles on their shoulders. Elizabeth did her eyes Nefertiti style, and Nora sat me down in front of the mirror and worked on my face - then Elizabeth worked at transforming Cynnie. Joanie arrived full of pizzazz and entertained a whole room of people, group by group. Chebeague is now on the map of the Middle East. Draw up the drawbridge so we won't get overwhelmed by visitors. If this continues through Upper Egypt, I take no responsibility for overload on the Islander. Suhail will get your message through to the Chebeague twenty on Friday when they land from their cruise in Lake Nasser. That is one place where you are really out of touch with the world - but in touch with the greatest croissants I've ever eaten, cooked right on the boat. Lots of love to all, and especially to Lewis and Gerry.
February 8, 1999 - Saturday the parents, friends, and teachers had a shower for the K-2nd grade teacher Mrs Williams who is expecting her first child at the end of February. Yesterday we spent the afternoon ice skating and I have included a lot more pictures to Sanford's Pond Page.
February 7, 1999 from Egypt - Donna Damon received this message from Leila :

Dear Donna,

The Chebeague Twenty took off for Aswan early this morning - the chilliest day I've seen since arriving in Egypt. We even had some hail striking against my office window.

They encountered their first suggestion of what a sandstorm may mean during their visit to Saqqara, and now this chill among the palm trees - it is certainly not the tourist brochure image of the Virgin Islands we have here.

Sadly, we could not go with them. The critical condition of King Hussein meant Suhail had to make rapid arrangements to fly to Amman - He left yesterday evening. I had to give up going with him. Nora was in tears yesterday evening and today. Anyone who has had his presence touch their lives feels a deep sense of loss. Suhail plans to come back to join the twenty as they return to Aswan from the cruise in Lake Nassar, and then be with them for the rest of the trip.

Fortunately, we were able to have the whole crew, and some friends to dinner at home just before Suhail had to make the change in plans. For us it brought all the warmth of the Chebeague community into our house in Egypt. At any ordinary time this would have meant a great deal. As King Hussein lay dying, having friends about one was an exceptional support. That warmth has remained with us.

Joanie is definitely leading the crew in bounce for the ounce. Please forward my messages to Bev to share with others.

Love from us all,

February 7, 1999 - Today is Elizabeth Hill's fourteenth birthday. Right now she is in Egypt, but she would love to hear from you. Her address is Today is also Carmie Partlow's first birthday, and Vickie Riddle's birthday.

Congratulations to Ron Formisano who has had a movie production company take an option to make a movie about his book The Lobster Wars. Many books have film rights optioned without having a movie made so we will have to wait and see if a production crew shows up. Zaloom Productions of Santa Monica has an option for this year (renewable for two) to make the movie. What great roles for Newman, Gibson, and Travolta!

February 5 cont. - Donna Damon received this note today from Egypt: "Hi Donna - they are all here, and full of adrenalin despite the long trip. Joan was already out strolling in the gardens of MENA house with her first bottle of mineral water, bought in the dining room. And we came home from welcoming them with that treasure trove of Grape Nuts. I've just savored a bowl while watching the roll call at the Senate. Couldn't feel better, almost home. Off to bed, but will try to keep you all posted. (Joan remarked right away on the donkey carts moving right along minding their own business in a settled way, with kids hanging out the back, amid the chaos, fumes and constant honking of Cairo traffic. Let your Dad know those hardy fellas are still going it.) Love, Leila"

February 5, 1999 - Got this message from Elizabeth (Betty, Etta): "We got here yesterday and I absolutely love it! It is soooo awesome. We are staying at the Mena House, and it is awesome. Today we saw Saqqara (the step pyramid), Memphis, and some other little things. We ate lunch at an awesome place. Vail Traina went up and was dancing with the band people. It was funny, they had a cloth and they put it around her unfortunately, none of us had our cameras. Tonight we are having dinner at Nora's. Love Betty"

Today is Leon and Leland Hamilton's birthday! I have just added pictures of Kids Tap Dancing at the Recreation and also the Ballroom Dancing. Somehow I lost all the good pictures I took - I really don't know what happened to them - when I was transferring them most of them dissappeared from my screen and disks - some were so great.

February 4, 1999 - Just received this email from Leila: "And here they are, Bev, in Cairo - all the crew and bags accounted for, and out and about in the gardens of MENA House at night. Nancy Adams (I just added her - I'm sorry) reminds you to see that she is in this crew and wants to be included in your list. Important - it is Bradley, not Tyler, (I'm sorry Bradley - this isn't the first time that has happened to you) who is off on this expedition with his Dad. Everyone was tickled that their departure was already out there on the Internet. Will keep you posted. Let's see if they can crawl out of bed tomorrow morning to head southwards to the earliest pyramid at Saqqara, a good start to lots of climbing up and down into tombs. Love from all, Leila" All I can say is I was so anxious about getting their departure on the web that I just didn't think or check .

I have added some more pictures of skiing yesterday taken off of Neil and Vickie's video camera. Trust me - it only looks like Tom Damon is going a 100mph down the hill!

February 3, 1999 - The "Chebeague Twenty" are leaving today for Egypt. I just went to the 10:00 boat and took a picture of the group departing from here. Bob and Bradley Putnam, Al and Vail Traina, Joan Robinson, Cynthia Sheketoff, Mac and Beth Passano. They will be joining the Bonebakkers, Elizabeth Hill, the Hinchmans, the Jordans, the Durgins, Althea Bennett, Diane Ash, and Nancy Adams on Cousins Island and Boston to fly out later today to EGYPT!! I have also included pics in the weekly pictures.

I just added some pictures to the Recreation Center Page of our ski program which takes place on Early Release Wednesdays.

February 2, 1999 - I'm back from a beautiful weekend of skiing up in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. One more day until the "Chebeague Twenty" leave for Egypt. Elizabeth Hill who has just signed on for the trip last week has established an email address in hopes of finding computers along the way and sending us back reports on their activities. They have quite an itinerary and I know it will be quite an experience for all.
January 29, 1999 - Finally it's cold enough to go skating - Sanford's Pond was great! Right after the kids got through with their tap dancing lessons they grabbed their skates and flew over to the pond for a few hours. They are skating by lights tonight. Finally the pond is open and we are going away for a few days skiing. If I hadn't planned this trip it would be to warm to skate.

Have a Great Weekend!! I'll update again on Tuesday if I'm not too tired.

January 26, 1999 - Last night the Rescue and Fire Department did a nighttime hellicopter rescue drill with a new service in the area. In a few weeks they will be doing a daylight drill. There are 20 people gearing up for their trip to Egypt next week - it sounds like the dream vacation. I just came back from my tap dancing class where Beth is teaching us a routine for the St Patricks Day Dinner and show - being planned for the benefit of the Community Center and Whalers - she is a great teacher.

Today Mrs Williams Class, K - 2nd graders took a trip over to the Community Center where they got some great help from the "Quilters" to create their Colonial Quilt. It was such a wonderful experience for all and I have some digital shots from their day. Check out the pictures at the new school site K - 2 Colonial Times.

January 24, 1999 - The Sunset Trade Issue #3 is going to press tomorrow at the school and you all have the unique opportunity to check it out first on the school website. The address is: - there are some new pictures taken by the classroom photographers and the stories and poems are terrific. It would be great if you would email Mr. Bogh and let him know how much the publication is appreciated.
January 20, 1999 - I just returned from the ONF Workshop with Nancy Mason. It was very informative and Nancy passed out CDs with the program for going on line with them and I have already downloaded the program. If you want to find out more you can check out their web site at Hopefully we will be setting up some newsgroups so everyone will be able to contact each other, chat and work on ideas.

Ballroom dancing starts Friday night so if you are interested I think there is still room - contact Vail Traina . I think about 20 people have already signed up.

January 17, 1999 - INTERNET ONF WORKSHOP Nancy Mason, administrator of ONF a local bulletin board/email server will give a FREE workshop at the Rec. Center on Wed. January 20 at 7:00 pm. She will show everyone the ins and outs of using ONF; show us how to install software; and even give us our own software to take home. ONF has a homework board for Greely students; an Uncle Henrys type swap and sell board; a craft site; local news and weather; discount coupons for local businesses and much more - REFRESHMENT WILL BE SERVED! What a great deal!! JUST COME - no signup necessary.

Today is Vickie Taliento's 43rd birthday!

January 16, 1999 - The sun is finally out - but it is cold and the rain soaked snow and streets are a sheet of ice so I don't think we are going to far from home today. The forcaster reported on the ferry situation in an article published January 14th so check it out. Don't forget about CBS Sunday Morning tomorrow - maybe they should come back and look at our lifeline situation!
January 15, 1999 - News Flash! - CBS Sunday Morning is doing a 20 year celebration of their show and this Sunday they will be revisiting the Pilot Cracker Story. So all you stars out their will be put back under the limelight - call your relatives, friends etc. It looks like that fifteen minutes of fame has just expanded to 20 or 25 minutes depending on how much they cut out. It is scheduled for this Sunday between 9:00 - 10:30.

It has been unbelievably cold up here and peoples are having all kinds of pipe freezes. The children in the school are writing stories about winter for their publication "Sunset Trade" and I took three of them around today to take digital pictures to include in the publication. I have included one of them at the Stone Wharf in Picture of the Week. You can see the ice forming and the fact that the CTC is now using the Big Squaw for a boat.

January 12, 1999, For all of you who happened to see my page this morning before I did - I just want you to know that was not a real picture of me. When one of my former friends suggested to one of my (oh I guess I'm just stuck with him) relatives that he hack my page with a picture, she thought he would make me a babe but not that kind!! Thank you for all the birthday wishes - if I hadn't been up at the rec center trying to look like the picture I would have changed it sooner. I hope all the children had already gone to school. Thank you for all the birthday wishes - now I'm half a century old.

Six inches of very light, fluffy snow has fallen and is continuing. The 3rd - 6th grade were supposed to go on a field trip to Rockland and the Farnsworth Museum and that has been postponed - they are so disappointed. They still had school. There were five of us at the rec center this morning working out on the equipment and the morning day care program just started so the place was jumpin. The Community Center was full of quilters working on some beautiful projects. A little snow certainly doesn't slow our island up.

January 9, 1999 - I'm surprised I didn't receive one email from anyone about putting the wrong date on my last entry. It has been raining almost all day on top of the ice that was here and it's making an awful mess. Tomorrow is Eleanor Johnson's 87th birthday and today is Joe Partlow's he's 36 - Happy Birthday!

HAPPY NEW YEAR - January 5, 1998 - Sunday we had our first storm of the year and the ice is still loading down the trees as shown on the pictures I took today. I have been very busy and for all of you waiting for a bill from me I am catching up this week and I'm not doing another thing till I have caught up. The kids have been sledding on ice and still love the weather - it has been awfully cold and we had about five houses with freeze ups on New Years Day - I even went out plumbing!

The Chebeague Recreation Center will be putting on ChebeagaLasVegas on July 17th this summer and we are looking for all the help, ideas, suggestions etc we can get. I'm so happy to announce that Vail Traina will be chairperson for the event. Please contact Vail or me with your help. We have already lined up some acts, tap dancers, dancing girls and guys. We plan on having exotic non-alcoholic drinks, games, entertainment and fabulous desserts. I will be setting up a page shortly with lots more details so mark the date down on your calendars.

December 30, 1998 - Woke up to a yard full of snow and by 8:00 oclock our children were skiing through the woods and having a blast as witnessed in the picture of the week. Now to clean up the snow all through the house.
December 29, 1998 - The Whalers are back and the first official meeting/practice is scheduled for Monday, Jan 11 at 3:00, CIHCC. All are welcome to join, of the female gender. Also there's been some discussion about having a "community" singing group which would include men and anyone interested should call Deborah Gordon or email Deborah at
December 27, 1998 - Sanford's Pond is now officially open and the skating was terrific today and tonight. We couldn't get there during the day but got a few hours in this evening. I've added some pictures to Sanfords Page.

December 24, 1998 - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Chebeague!

Here is our Christmas Card which I wanted to email out individually but have been too busy. I have been too busy to do much of anything except get ready for Christmas. I was hoping to add all kinds of pictures to the Christmas page but haven't had a chance. It doesn't look like we will have a white Christmas this year - but if we are lucky we will be able to skate over the next week. Dasha is happy - she got a new bike for her birthday and is able to ride it.

My server, Northern Lights will be down for most of Saturday which means no one will be able to access my pages during that time. From what I hear - people have trouble accessing it a lot of the time. The server will be changing its lines which I hope the trouble AOL people have accessing will be over.









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