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December 24, 1999 - Christmas Eve - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays - we'll probably see everyone at the Church for the Christmas Eve Candlelight service at 7.

I finally took another picture for the weekly picture page which hasn't changed since Oct 17th - Oh well I have been busy. You will have to see the new species of bird which has arrived at our new fire/golf pond. I wish we had snow for Christmas - but at least there may be skating if the cold keeps up.

Virginia Tatakis Calder has been hired by the Recreation Center as a full-time recreation Director - congratulations Virginia!

December 19, 1999 - I have added pictures from Friday night's Christmas play performed by the Chebeague Island School Children.

Thank you to who sent me the anonymous hilarious Christmas Card - you went to so much trouble - I'd love the thank you personally - my family thought it was a riot!!

December 17, 1999 - The explorer post #846 thanks everyone who purchased trees this year, the kids sold 50 trees. not bad for a spur of the moment idea. look for the trees next year, this idea seems to have caught on and hopefully will be a yearly event..

Tonight is the all important and wonderful Christmas Party which includes a short play produced and put on by the Chebeague Island School with Miss Douglass directing. The kids have worked hard on this play and I'm sure everyone will enjoy. It starts at 7:00 PM at the Hall - Santa will arrive right after the Play! Then for all who missed the kids tap routine they will again do their magic.

December 13, 1999 - I have posted a message from the CCR on their site. They have space available at the Commons.
December 11, 1999 - this morning we had a wonderful time at our kids craft holiday fair where the children went around the gym to different sites and made gifts for all their freinds, relatives and themselves! Tonight the Whalers put on another exciting Winter Show with some fabulous skits and songs!! I just added some pictures of the show including the preshow tapdance with Denis, Katie, Christy and Anna. It was dark and I was far back so I didn't do very well with the pics.
December 9, 1999 - I got this update from the Explorers: "the trees are going fast, if you would like a special size i/e table top,etc let the explorers know, they're making a list of special needs trees, contact any of the explorers or Leon Hamilton. thanks for all the support and donations, the money collected will be used for uniforms, charter dues, and other activity as the explorers see fit."
December 8, 1999 - Another positive or should I say accurate article in the Portland Press Herald today!
December 6, 1999 - I just received a note from Tom Calder that the Explorer scouts purchased 30 Christmas trees from Allens Farm on Mon afternoon and have sold 16 as of 9;30 PM, they are a little better grade tree than we planed on ,so the price is 20-25.00, still cheaper than traveling over yourself many thanks to Leon Hamilton,CTC, and the Explorers for getting them here!

Don't forget about the MAJOR EVENTS this Saturday including The First Annual Holiday Children's Holiday Gift Craft Event on Saturday 10AM to 12PM. Bring all your children and for a minimal amount they can make all the gifts for their relatives including earrings, necklaces, key chains, pomander, ornaments, bath salts, and more! Priced anywhere from .25 - $1.50.

The WHALERS Christmas Show -- guaranteed to be an extravaganza - refreshments and tappers too!

Today is Katie Babcock's 19th birthday! Happy Birthday!

December 5, 1999 - The weather has been unseasonably warm - great weather for getting Christmas lights up and there are more around than ever. The crew was hard at work on the Golf Course lighting up the island today!

There was an article in the Forecaster about the Cumberland and Chebeague Post Offices which might be of interest to people.

There was a letter to the editor by Ted Rogers and also one by Nils Y. Wessell in The Forecaster about the Parking which I will try to include later this week.

NOTE: The fire dept. Explorer group will be selling trees on the island, begining mon afternoon 12/6 hopefully,,,, from 3:30 -5:00 pm, the prices are about $18.00 (We'll know better when they arrive) This is a great opportunity for people who hate to drag them home from town or from deep in the woods (as if there are any left)

December 1, 1999 - A GREAT editorial in yesterdays paper!
November 26, 1999 - Hope everyone is recovering nicely from the feast day. Beverly has escaped to Vermont for a couple of days, but before she left she asked me (brother-in-law David) to remind people about the Holiday Craft Fair at the Hall on Saturday. I don't know what time it is, but I imagine it's in the early afternoon. Go early to be certain!
November 25, 1999 - Happy Thanksgiving!! Here is the latest Forecaster Article. So you are not without more reading material for this Thanksgiving (everyone is just hanging around all board with nothing to talk about) I have included two more letters to the editor that appeared in the November 25 Forecaster. The first one is a letter from Jean Dyer and the next one is one by Kenneth Hamilton.
November 24, 1999 - Nancy Hills letter to the editor in the Forecaster came out today and so here it is. I also have put in a letter to the editor of the Portland Press Herald by Ted Rogers.

The Chebeague Island School K-3rd class learned about rocks and minerals this fall. The children got together on an Early Release Wednesday program with Carol White and me, took pictures of rocks and minerals with the digital camera and started writing discriptions. We then produced our own a Maine Rock and Mineral Book which you can see here on the internet! These programs at the Rec along with the school work are a lot of fun and we are planning to do a lot more.

November 22, 1999 - David Hill has written a letter to the editor in the Forecaster last week and one in today's Portland Press Herald. Anyone who would like their letters put on this site please email them to me and I will include them here- Thanks.
November 21, 1999 - KayKay Hill just finished her school project: an internet site on The American Way.
November 19, 1999 - Last night the Town of Yarmouth passed a resolution which every is probably interested in reading!

Also, a letter to the editor in the Portland Press Herald today in response to an article about property taxes.

November 17, 1999 - I just received word that the new CTC lot on Route One is getting ready to open you can read all about it and more details on the CTC Info Page.
November 16, 1999 - Elizabeth and I finally got most of the information people need to start getting prepared for the POLAR BEAR PLUNGE 2000 which will take place February 19. If you go to the page you can print out your pledge sheets, waiver form and find out all the incentives you will receive for your pledges. It is not too soon to start accumulating your pledges. One person has about $300 so far. If you don't want to jump in you can always send a pledge in for someone participating - we have started a list of those who have signed up so don't wait!!
November 13, 1999 - Another Portland Press Herald Editorial in todays paper. I feel they really took a bias stand and ignored a great deal of history and what Yarmouth had planned for the lot.
November 12, 1999 continued - There was a great letter to the editor in todays Portland Press Herald by Jean Dyer and I have included it here. It reminded me again that Cousins Islanders use to have to travel through a residential area in Falmouth to get on a boat to land on the wharf at Cousins Island.

Also - a reminder - THE LADIES AID CHRISTMAS FAIR - 12:30 tomorrow

November 12, 1999 - Frozen solid is a picture I took of our birdbath this morning. It was extremely cold last night - yesterday Stephen, and I along with Jon tried to catch up on all the people who have waited too long to have their houses drained. I hope those who haven't contacted us have heat on in their homes - I have tried contacting some but have not been able to reach everyone.

I am looking for raggedy Ann and Andy costumes for a school play Denis and Dasha are in this year if anyone has any hanging around please let me know.

November 11, 1999 - Happy Veterans Day! I just got back from the rec center where about 15 people had gathered for a whole day of "Stamping." I took a few pictures which I have put on the Rec Page just click here.

There are a few more articles in the Forecaster about the Blanchard lot and which includes lots of criticism of Cumberland.

November 9, 1999 - There is another article in the Portland Press Herald about the Blanchard Property.
November 4, 1999 - Tomorrow is Denis' Birthday and he is having a dance at the Hall tomorrow night at 7:00. Everyone is invited and Betty (aka, Elizabeth, Biseth, Etta) the disk jockey will be there too!

Saturday Sanford Doughty will be 80 years old!

October 31 cont. Just received an email from the Bisharats and they are all fine. Nora has already been out trick and treating.
October 31, 1999 - The Halloween Party was a lot of fun and the decorations were fabulous. The teens took off about 8:00 for a scavenger hunt which ended at the Teen Center. It was hard getting focused so I missed a lot of great costumes.
October 30, 1999 - Weeeeere Back! What a wonderful trip we had too!! The whole school, teachers and many parents spent two terrific days in Boston - the weather was perfect and we are all overstimulated with so much. The younger grades went to the Harvard Peobody Museum led by our on-island scientist Carol White and the teacher Carin Douglass, and the older class took off for a hike of the Freedom Trail. We even got to see the governor of Massachusetts (Salucci?) while at the State House -so exciting. After an exhausting day touring museums and the trail we were back at five to the Science Museum where we were inundated with more information for the next 7 hours until lights out at midnight. We even got to sleep under the T-rex in the dinosaur section (a dream come true for some - a nightmare for others) The next morning we saw the Omni Theatre show about Egypt - spent more time exploring and we were home by 3 PM - WHAT A VACATION! Check out our pictures: Travel and Museum of Science, Freedom Trail

While we were gone another article in the Forecaster about our Cousins Parking.


October 26, 1999 - There was an article in todays paper about the Blanchard lot and the eminent domain procedures and the vote by the Town of Cumberland last night at it's council meeting.

Our school leaves for a two night trip to Boston tomorrow - I can hardly wait. The older class will be doing the Freedom Trail and the younger class will be going to the Peobody Museum at Harvard. Thursday night we will all sleep on the soft concrete floors of the Museum of Science - I hope under we get under the T-rex - we''ll find out soon enough. I understand there will be about 400 campers there - that ought to be interesting. Lights out at midnight and then we are up at 6:45 - I'm getting tired thinking about it!

October 22, 1999 - I stopped over the the rec today and took some pictures of Shirley Barker's fitness class. The class was small today, about 4 regulars didn't show but I did manage to get some great pictures for the program ad.

Don't forget the Chili Supper at the Parish House tomorrow night!

October 18, 1999 - Tonight the Historical Society is hosting Joel Eastman who is over hear giving a presentation about World War II and Chebeague. It is at the Parish House at 7:30.

FLU shots tomorrow morning at the CIHCC at 9:00 AM- these are free and sponsored by the Chebeague Island Council!

Tomorrow nightMaine DEP Meeting about Home Heating Oil Tanks, CIHCC, 7 pm. The Chebeague Island School is having their Open House at 7:00 for children, family and friends!

Next Saturday, October 23, the church is having a fellowship Chili Supper, Parish House, 6 pm FREE!

October 17, 1999 - I have been away and forgot to mention my sister Charlotte's birthday yesterday!
October 11, 1999 - The Cumberland GCI - Growth/Long-Range Planning Committee is setting up some important meetings. 10/14 - 7:00PM at the CIHCC - GROUND WATER AND SEPTIC SYSTEMS ON CHEBEAGUE and Thursday 10/19/99 - 7:00 PM at CIHCC - HOME HEATING OIL TANKS. For more details click here.
October 8, 1999 - The other day we received our November National Fisherman and there was Jarrod Smith on the cover - it was an article about greenhorns and he makes the perfect model after all he use to be Stephen's sternman. You can see the cover and the picture of Jarrod on the Picture Page.

The talent show was a blast - the island is just one big happy family - especially when it comes to talent shows! The school children have made over $800 towards their trip to Boston, that along with a grant from Recompense and the Island Institute will make the trip doable. We will go down on Wednesday spend the night at a motel in Saugus , the older children will do the Freedom Trail and the younger children will travel to the Peobody Museum to learn more about rocks and minerals. Thursday night we will "camp-in" at the Museum of Science where all kinds of activities will take place.

I thought I would start a lost and found page. Someone had found some glasses and someone else is missing a bicycle and it made realize that this would be a great resource for people who have lost something cherished or valuable.

This Saturday is the Frost Tournament (rain or shine), 12 pm. Social time is at 5 pm.

October 1, 1999 - Tonight! TALENT SHOW! At the CIHCC - 7 PM - benefit school trip to Boston !

SCHOOL BOARD MEETING - Monday evening ON CHEBEAGUE - Please plan to attend - this is a very important meeting to be held at the Chebeague School at 7 PM. There will be discussion about the Ball field as well as other important issues which effect the whole community!

The Long Range Planning Committee is having an open forum to be held also Monday from 5 to 7 at thet school. It will be a pot luck supper and we will talk about our history, needs, and concerns as it pertains to planning for the future. EVERYONE'S INPUT IS NEEDED

September 28, 1999 - I'd like to thank everyone for all the notes and well wishes during this difficult time. I just received an email from Doris Croudis' daughter whose mother was pleased to see the picture of her sixth birthday party which Eleanor had attended along with Raymond and Gladys.

The TALENT SHOW to raise money for the school trip to Boston is only a few days away! Friday at 7:00 PM you'll get to see an array of acts. Bob Brown and I are doing one of the numbers from last summer's play and we have some wonderful musical numbers. REFRESHMENTS will be served. Tickets are only $5.00 so please get them early just in case you can't make the show you'll be able to help fund this great experience. Checks can be made out to The Chebeague Parents Association. Oh yes, we are still looking for TALENT (don't be shy) just let us know what you want to do.

September 20, 1999 - Town Council Meeting on Wed night at 7 at the Hall to discuss the new schedule for paying taxes. 12 months due Nov 1; and 6 months due on March 1st. Town Councilors will explain the rationale. The public can comment. The council doesn't vote until next week. They will try to give a cheaper interest rate in March, knowing some folks won't be able to come up with the money. Let your thoughts be heard.
September 17, 1999 - The Live Lobster Cam is working again and they have a wonderful archive of shots over the last few days! The kids had school today, much to their dissapointment and the boats are all running as schedule and I am unaware of any problems from the storm. We really needed the rain!
September 16, 1999 - BIG NEWS! - I have no idea what it really means to us, check out the paid advertisement in the Forecaster which came out today about THE COUSINS PARKING LOT.
September 14, 1999 - Last week I turned into a "soccer Mom" - Dasha and Denis are now playing soccer on a league in Cumberland and they really love it. It is very low keyed and lots of fun - and would you believe I'm really getting into it. Last Saturday the Whalers put another of their wonderful concerts on for the community.

Right now I'm working on a school field trip to Boston. We have reservations for all the students K-6 in our school to camp-in at the Museum of Science Thursday night Oct. 28th. The students along with their chaperones will get to explore the museum and do projects until midnight and then camp out in one of the areas. In the morning they will get to see the OMNI theatre show. We are thinking of leaving the night before on Wednesday and stay at a hotel near Boston and then do some exploring of Boston. If anyone knows of an inexpensive hotel/motel in Boston or close for about 37 children and chaperones ( I'm figuring about 9 rooms), please let me know. We are going to put on a talent show October 1st to raise money for the trip - the children will be selling tickets to the show ahead of time if anyone wants any just let me know. I almost forgot - we are also looking for talent - I know there is someone out there who is just waiting for the opportunity to get up on that stage!!

September 6, 1999 - Yesterday at the CRC Volunteer Appreciation Day many volunteers were honored including Doug Ross who was give the Volunteer of the Year award. This year Jon Rich made another copper fitting trophy for Doug as he did last year for Rob. You can see lots of images of the day and Doug's hiker trophy.

It was a great party for Cindy's 40th birthday and this week is full of birthdays including Donna Martindale, Gail Miller, Lewis Ross, Ryan Ross, David Hill, Dick Phipps, Kendra McKinnan, ...

September 5, 1999 - Today at 2:00 PM is Volunteer Appreciation Day at the Rec Center! The party is even catered so no volunteers are needed to make food. Nancy Hill who is the chair will be handing out plaques and awards to many, many volunteers. There have been so many people doing so many things that it's hard to count them all and hopefully nobody will be left off the lists - if so please let her know. Last year Rob Friedlander was the Volunteer of the Year recipient and this year there will another award to someone who has been a significant volunteer to the Chebeague Recreation Center. As everyone is probably aware Rob has volunteered all his time running the pool, lifeguards and swimming program all summer and into the Fall and is most appreciated!!!

Another big celebration is Cindy MacNeill's 40th birthday party. Everyone is invited to come to the Hall from 3 to 6 and help her celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY!

September 1, 1999 - The Town of Cumberland will be having their own website starting today at . If anyone wants to start the bidding on any items for the CPA Auction you may contact Virginia Calder.
August 31, 1999 - There is a meeting of the Chebeague Long Range Planning Committee on Thursday Sept. 2. It will be held at the Hall at 7:00 pm. Find out about the work of the committee which has been established by the Cumberland Town Council. Share your ideas about what you value about Chebeague and any concerns you may have about the island's future. This is your chance to be heard. Everyone's ideas are important.
August 29, 1999 - School is only 3 days away here but who's counting the hours? We have been away since Thursday to Vermont, New Hampshire and today canoeing down the Saca but now we are home getting ready for school and for me to get down to real business!

There are a few major events coming up this next weekend which I hope everyone is ready for. The CPA Silent Auction and Bake Sale to benefit the preschool program? It is this Saturday, Sept. 4th from 12:30-2:00 at the CRC. There are some wonderful items being auctioned off and you can see a list of the items that are available right here on the web. Please check it out and you can see the wall hanging my sister Nancy and I created of the Great Chebeague Golf Club which is among the items. I wish I had time to take pictures of the other items before the day.

CRC volunteer appreciation day Sunday, Sept. 5th from 2-4 pm- catered!

August 25, 1999 - A big event took place today at 10:30 at the Stone Wharf. The Steam Yacht "Quiet Presence", built by Michael Porter and owned by Dodge Morgan was put in the water. I happened to find out a few minutes before the launching (I don't know how I missed it going by my house) and put together a web page of the event.
August 24, 1999 - Last week Denis participated in "Artrek" at the Portland Museum of Art. This program is an all day summer school art classes culminating in an exhibit of the students work. Denis put together a web page of the Artrek, his work and the opening reception.

Cousins Island has a new web page which is really nice with pictures and good information.

August 18, 1999 - I haven't been around much this week - having to go to town everyday and getting ready for school starting on Sept 1st (I'm not counting the days, hours, minutes - not me). This weekend there will be a public Supper at the Hall, 6 pm to benefit the Hall $5.00 for Adults and $3.00 for children - it is always a great time.

Tomorrow night (Thusday) is Henry Hubbell's Annual Library slide show at the Parish House at 8pm - The topic this year is "Portugal" For everyone who was anxiously waiting to hear that they won BJ's bronze sculpture - the winner was Wink Houghton. We were fortunate to be at the Library Dance when his name was drawn. This is one event that is so much fun for the whole family - kids and adults alike danced all night to wonderful music by Herb Maine and friends.

I recieved some beautiful pictures of the island from John Howard so I will be adding them to pic of the week which hasn't been updated in a month - so check out some beautiful scenes taken a year ago.

August 13, 1999 - Don't forget that Saturday night Herb Maine and friends are performing at a benefit dance for the Library - Saturday night at 7:30 - 12, Adults $5.00 children $2 - hope to see everyone there.

Sunday is your chance for a lobster roll luncheon at the Hall to benefit the Pre School Program - for only $8.00 you get a lobster roll, chips, cookie and lemonade!

August 11, 1999 -The Historical Societies House Tour is Thursday August 12 from 12-5pm You can get tickets in advance for $10 at Library, Janet Whitney, Molly O'Donnell, or Kitty Freeman - The day of the Tour tickets are available for $12 from Joan Robinson
9:30-11:30. They will not be sold at the houses. You must have a ticket to
attend. There are 6 very different houses ranging from a 1830' renovated farm house to
a 1980's contemporary and everything in between!

I haven't had time to get the pictures together from Carousel which by the way is getting rave reviews! If you didn't see it because you were away there is a tape at the library - it was really a blast being part of it and I managed to stay in tune most of the time (well, maybe I'm exagerating).

August 9, 1999 - This Wednesday night the Cumberland Mainland and Islands Trust is having their annual meeting at the Hall at 7:00 PM. Nathan Hamilton will speak about native Americans in Casco Bay and refreshments will available.

There was an article in the Portland Press Herald about the proposed satalite parking lot for Chebeague Transportation Company.

August 5, 1999 - Things are coming at me too quickly and there isn't enough time to learn my lines and keep up with the page. Today is the THE LADIES AID FAIR from 12:30 till 3:00 - I hope everyone knows about it cause it is almost too late to get there. Tomorrow night is the first night of the Carousel at 8:00. Saturday from 2 - 5 PM the CCR is having an open house at the Commons. From 2-4 PM there is Aquatics Day with fun and frolicking at the pool with greased watermelon and all. I feel bad that we haven't got our water balet act together yet - as a matter of fact we haven't done any this year - but there is a couple weeks of summer left - so there is hope.

Today was ART DAY at the rec center where volunteer Kathy Maglio and friends (all art teachers) worked with 21 children with a variety of projects. They had a blast!

August 2, 1999 - I just got back from rehearsal of Chebeague's rendition of "Carousel" - it has been so much fun and we are hoping everyone will come out and see it on Friday or Saturday night 8:00 PM. I have been creating the program so if you would like a preview of the picture on the cover check this out and see if you recognize a few of the actors in it. It is a lot better on the computer screen than the black and white program!











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