ISLAND NEWS Aug 1999 - December 1999


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June 30, 2000 - The library has its annual book sale! It started last night and ran from 5 - 9 pm and I know it will be going on today when the library is open from 10 - 4! The summer LIBRARY HOURS - Monday 10-12, 7-9; Tuesday 2-5; Wednesday 10-4; Thursday 5-9; Friday 10-4; Saturday 10-1.

There is another article in the Forecaster about the lawsuit against the MDOT for taking the Blanchard lot by eminent domain.

June 29, 2000 - There is so much going on on this island that I can't keep up with it. Yesterday afternoon after returning from MSMT theatre of Victor/Victoria we went straight to the Chuck Wagon Barbecue (with the most unbelievably delicious ribs ever) for the dedication of the Flumes. See pictures here. At the same time the Historical Society was doing the kickoff supper for the new refurbished School building fundraiser which I am working on to get pledges. Then it was off to play rehearsal till almost eleven for Oklohoma which I might add is going to be a riot. It will be presented July 21 and 22.

I received the following note from Jill Malony:
The Chebeague Island Historical society is on the move! The public restroom cement pad has been poured thanks to the quick work of Wayne Dyer, Mark Dyer, Beverly Johnson and Jon Rich. Mark Dyer, contractor, has started the building (see photo) and hopefully we will be up and operational soon.
Wednesday, June 28th was the kick off dinner for the All Island Campaign.
The evening started off with each team recounting what makes Chebeague such a special place for all of us. Ann Trower's team quizzed us with a charade:
Teneke Breed was the "lone oak at the Hook and the other members of the team were the winds that finally "took her down". Sue Burgess won a schoolhouse pin for her correct first answer. Inspirational speeches were made by Vice-President, Phil Jordan and former Trustee, Suhail Bisharat. Donna Damon, Development Chair did a phenomenal job pulling it all together. Arlene Dyer and crew served up a delicious meal. Donna displayed the Historical Society "treasures". Shirley Burgess has made a loving gift of a quilt depicting ground fishing, which is fast disappearing. The quilt will be on permanent display when the Museum of Chebeague History opens. San Francisco artist and Cottage Road summer resident, Jeanne Mullen Lunt has given us a beautiful rendition of the schoolhouse. It is a pastel which has been framed courtesy of Sally Barrows, of Galeyrie Custom Framing. A limited edition of prints signed by the artist will be available. Joan Robinson gave us a first look at the Chebeague Island throw which will be available shortly. It includes 14 favorite scenes of Chebeague. The throw comes in navy blue and white as well as crimson and white and can be yours for $50.00 each. Contact Joan Robinson to reserve a throw. It will also be on display at the 4th of July picnic.

June 26, 2000 - We are back from a wonderful trip to Nova Scotia!

Yesterday was the 35th Anniversary of the Founding of the Library and to Honor Martha Hamilton who has retired as the First Librarian. I have included a few pictures of Martha which Elizabeth Hill took at the event. Martha surely is Chebeague Island Citizen Extraordinaire!

June 19, 2000 - My family and I are taking off for a vacation for the next week or two, so don't be surprised if this page doesn't get updated for a while! If anything spectacular happens, I've asked David to announce it here. Ifyou have anything you need to have posted, please e-mail David.

June 16, 2000 - I do have the DRAFT OF THE LONG TERM PLAN on my page. The address is

Tommorow night - Saturday, June 17th the "Chebeague Island Historical Society is holding its Annual Meeting at the Island Hall at 8 p.m. (not 7:30pm, as indicated in the montly calendar section of the June calendar). There will be a brief business meeting, followed by a presentation by Donna Miller Damon: "Making a Living, Chebeague Style". There will be refreshments and CIHS merchandise available. All are welcome!"

Chebeague Hall is excited about a quilt donated by Shirley Burgess for RAFFLE. We will be selling raffle tickets all summer. For more details check out!!!!

June 15, 2000 - Last Saturday night a draft of the "Chebeague Island Long Term Plan" was presented to the community. This has been prepared by a committee authorized and established by the Cumberland Town Council. Jim Phipps and Sam Ballard were the co-chairs and many other volunteers have worked many hours to put this together. There are copies of the draft Plan at the Library and Island Market. I am hoping to get a copy for the web page soon. There is another public meeting planned for Friday night, June 16th at the Hall at 7 PM.

I have added some pictures of the lastest Historical Society Project! A public flush toilet being built behind the new Historical Society building.

June 9, 2000 - Happy birthday to KK Hill, Eric Ross, and Jennifer Vintinner! Last night was the CPA's Education Appreciation Night at the Hall. The children showed off their art work, projects, folk dances and singing to a packed room. Volunteers, administrators, teachers, school employees were all honored as well as the graduating sixth graders and seniors.

Mr Benoits class just finished up a BIOMES PROJECT which each child in the 4-6th grade created their own desert animal and you won't want to miss this page to see the wonderful work!

June 6, 2000 - The pool has been open a week now and the kids are loving the flume and I have posted the pool schedule and SWIM GREAT CHEBEAGUE. Yes now you can do what you have always wanted to do - swim all the way around Chebeague. The best part is that the water is 80 degrees! 36 laps (back and forth) is a mile and every time you do your laps record them and see how far you have gone on the map. It is in my mind to start but my body just hasn't gotten there yet - maybe tomorrow.

Congratulations to Edie Clark and Tim Smyser who are getting married June 24th in Virginia and honeymooning on Chebeague at their summer home.

June 5, 2000 - Congratulations to all our graduates including our Greely graduates - Ryan Ross, Justin Doughty, Mark Bowman and Jeremy Putnam!
June 4, 2000 - Just added more pictures of the sucessful launching of John's boat. This morning at 6 am the June lobster monitoring took place at Bennett's Cove. Mac Passano, Beth Howe, Erno Bonebakker and I (arriving a little late - went to wrong site- lame excuse) found 5 juvenile lobsters in the 3' x 60' quadrangle sectioned off. We are scheduled to do it again on the July 3rd extreme tide meeting at 5:45. If anyone is interested in helping and learning about this you can call Mac at 846-7829. I have added a few more pics to the lobster page I started last month when this all started.
June 2, 2000 - John Jordan's boat has been moved from where it was built by Mike Robinson and John Jordan. It has been moved down to the Boat Yard where tomorrow at noon (I think) it will be launched. You can see pictures of it here and I will add more if I make it to the launching.
June 1, 2000 - The pool has been opened a week now and many are taking advantage of the morning lap swim and the kids love the new flumes which you can see in the pics I finally took today.

May 31, 2000 - I received the following note from Jim KomLosy

"Greeting from the Med. ! Thought I would send you a couple of pictures from over this way, one is of the Pless anchored off  Malaga Spain in April, Looks about the same as when we anchored in Casco Bay awhile back, The other is of an German Sailing ship anchored off Cadiz, We were there for the start of OpSail 2000,  when old (and new!) sailing ships from several European countries were joining up to sail to Bermuda and the States, Really something to see when they arrived under full sail, I hope you all get a chance to see them when they arrive in Portland on the 28th of July.
 Also thought I'd let you know that this is my final Voyage on the Pless, on June 19th. I'll be dropping the anchor in Palma de Mallorca for the last time, after 45 years (15 on the Pless)at sea I figured it was time to retire, (A lot of people don't believe me!). The Navy folks were nice enough to give us a nice list of ports for the final one, from here in Malaga we go to Rota, Barcelona, Ibiza and Palma. We're having a
party on the 20th with a couple of other ships before flying back home. I hope to have a little get together on the Island this fall, to show my appreciation to everyone for their support over the years to help me get where I am today. My Best to everyone,      Jim KomLosy"

May 30, 2000 - I'm back from camping in Acadia and doing a whole lot of other things I had been putting off. I'm still looking to update pictures of "Willy" if anyone sees him - let me know. He was last seen on Roy Hill Road Sunday at dusk. Memorial Weekend seemed pretty quiet and I got a shot of the Golf Club Sculpture for the holiday in case you missed it.
May 26, 2000 - Tomorrow the Chebeague Parents Association is having their annual SILENT AUCTION and BAKE SALE which starts at 2 and ends at 3:45 at the rec center gym. There are so many neat things - Gail Miller's napkin holders, $385 certificate for a boat tow out and bottom wash at Royal River Boat Yard, lobsters, library video passes, golf club weekend passes, Caroline Partlow jewelry, gas certificates, Walmart gift.... many many more.
May 25, 2000 - I'll be away for the weekend, camping in Acadia but there will be a lot going on without us this weekend on the island. The "heated" pool opens tomorrow!! Schedule: Friday 2:30 - 3:30 Adult Open Swim; 3-4:30 Open Swim - Saturday and Sunday: 7:30-9 Lap Swim; 12:30 - 1 Adult open swim; 1-5 Open swim - Monday 12:30 - 1 Adult Open Swim; 1 -5 Open swim.

Sunday at 4 PM Octavia will be here to perform at the Hall - this group features 3 islanders - Deborah Gordon, Sue Burgess and Jim Millenger! $5.00 per person.

May 24, 2000 - We had a tremendous time at the New Zealand Hut where we spent 2 nights and learned so much. We were lucky and it never rained on us at all. The kids were able to work on there journals and learn lots about nature. Igot a four hour battery for the digital camera and brought it along so now I have a 100 pictures of the trip for everyone to see. I made them quite small and you can see a lot of what we did and experienced at

The Ptarmigan is still hanging around and changing daily which you can see on my bird page. I took a few more pics of it tonight.

May 20, 2000 - I will be away for a few days on our annual Mountain Adventure. This year the 3rd - 6th graders, teachers, parents and friends are heading to Zealand Falls Hut for two glorious days in the mountains (I hear it is going to rain, snow and be cold - tell me it isn't so). We will have a great time and we are learning all about biomes! These days there all kinds of people coming from all over to see "Willy" the Willow Ptarmigan. We named him last night when I took a video of him for our historical society files. We had nine ornithologists and bird enthusiasts here on Thursday for 6 hours and they never saw him. But today a few more came and saw him right away. More people are coming tomorrow - this is quite a find. One of the people said its cheaper to go to Chebeague to see the bird than Alaska and it also adds to there bird watching collection.
May 17, 2000 - It is official the bird we saw has been officially confirmed as a Ptarmigan, probably a Willow Ptarmigan. The Maine Audubon society came down on the 12:15 boat today and were able to find the bird again. They said that it was only the third ever sighting in Maine and nobody can figure why it is here.

Grades 3 through 6 are preparing for our Outdoor Adventure program in the White Mountains. This year we leave Sunday at 8 am and will spend two nights at Zealand Falls Hut. We have to pack in our own food and sleeping bags and prepare for snow and weather - how exciting - I can't wait.

May 16, 2000 - I guess this is the bird week because I just saw what we think is an Ptarmigan which is supposed to be in the Arctic region, not Chebeague. I took a bunch of pictures and it seemed not to be too concerned about us which makes me wonder about its health and what is to become of her. I'll add it to my bird page.
May 14, 2000 - Well I have really gone to the birds lately. Dasha's class is studying them and I have been taking lots of pictures with the digital camera. We now have an indigo bunting along with about zillion other birds including a lot of orioles, cardinals, ..... So I have started a bird page to go along with my barred owl who hasn't been hanging around lately.
May 12, 2000 -The Historical Society Meeting topic this month is "So You Think You Know Chebeague!?". There will be any number of three member teams participating in this lively quiz about our Island. It is not too late to get a team together and compete, or join a team at the meeting itself. Please join the group to test your knowledge, or cheer them on at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, May 15 at the HALL (not the Parish House this time).

Along with swimming and a lot of programs at the rec center they are starting a new program called CAMP CHEBEAGUE and it is filling up quickly. There is limited space and two periwinkle sessions are already full. For more information contact Virginia or Beth at

May 7, 2000 - A few of us were up early this morning with Diane Cowen from the Lobster Conservancy in conjunction with the Friends of Casco Bay to start the lobster sampling project on Chebeague. We were looking for immature lobsters in the intertidal zone. The tides have to be a draining and we have to set up quadrants and list all the different species of sea life we find and detail measurements and information about any lobsters. It was very interesting and the perfect day for this. We will have to do this in the same area every month during very low tides. Check out picweek for pictures from this morning.

VIXEN IS HOME! Welcome home Eldon and Betts

May 5, 2000 - Article in the Forecaster about our ongoing situation on Cousins Island. HOW LONG WILL THIS GO ON!

This has been a busy week for me as witnessed in my lack of entries. There is work progressing all over the island. The Stone Wharf is having pilings and floats added to it for punts. The work has started on refurbishing the ballfield. The Historical Society is starting work on the new bathrooms at the old school house/town garage. Slides have been added to the pool at the rec center. I should have had pictures of all these events but I don't yet.

Our running club had its' first meet on Wednesday and the kids did wonderfully. Anyone who would like to run with us on Monday and Friday after school about 3:15 are welcome to join us. Right now we are running the 1.8 mile circle from the school and by the hook.

We have three young people graduating from Chebeague this year and the graduation committee is busy trying to raise money for project graduation which consists of sending the whole class on a surprise trip. They are only $3000 away from their goal and have 2 more major fundraisers left. Mother's Day Flower Sale for you're favorite mother, grandmother, aunt or special someone. Choose a gift boxed orchid corsage with card or an 8" flowering potted plant with card $10. each orders can be made with Kathy Leighton 147 Harris Road Cumberland ME 04021
place your order with your favorite seniors name and it will be entered into a $50. prize drawing your purchase can be picked up Sat. May 13 between 9-11 at Greely High School Arrangements can be made to have Chebeague orders dropped off at the boat if needed.

Car Wash at the Falmouth Wal-Mart Saturday May 20 10-3 pm Get your car washed while you shop! Wal-Mart has agreed to match any profits they make.

If you can't make any of the fund raisers but would still like to make a donation please send to: Kathy Leighton 147 Harris Road Cumberland ME 04021

April 30, 2000 - Yesterday was Sylvia Ross' birthday, today is Al Traina and tomorrow Mabel Doughty - HAPPY BIRTHDAY everyone!

Just got the last report from "Betts and Eldon" as Betts gets off in New York and a new crew joins Eldon for the trip to Maine. It has been really fun reading their email log and wondering what their next adventure will be.

The NEW TELEPHONE BOOK which the Library puts out is being updated and will be printed pretty soon. This would be a great time for people to check out their address on the email page and see if it works. Just because it may have the correct address doesn't mean that when you click it will work. I have been known to make mistakes (hard to believe). If you do not want your email to be put in the phone book, please let me or Beth Howe know by June 15.  If you have any other address or number changes this is a good way to let Beth know. There are a lot of families who probably should be listed who are not - I can think of quite a few. Beth's email address is:

April 29, 2000 - Tonight and tomorrow Katie and Christy Phipps will be performing in an Ice Show is Saturday the 29th at 7pm and Sunday the 30th at 2pm at the Portland Ice Arena on Park, next to the Expo. Admission is $6 for adults and $3 for children, available at the door. Katie is skating as a freestyle skater level 1 and Christy is a Beta skater skating in the Alpha level with a hula hoop.

Today is Gina's Ross' Birthday!

Friends of Casco Bay is looking for volunteers to assist with an intertidal lobster monitoring project on Chebeague Island. This project is a collaboration with The Lobster Conservancy, in an effort to develop a method for assessing the abundance and distribution of young-of-the-year and early juvenile lobsters. Volunteers will be asked to, once a month, identify and measure lobsters found along a transect during low tide. The monthly field work takes about one and a half hours. For more information, please contact Mike Doan at Friends of Casco Bay at 799-8574.

The Lobster conservancy's web site is at:

April 28, 2000 - Don't forget that tomorrow night is a dance to benefit the refinishing of the floor which was done this week. The dance will feature the donated talents of the group Rock-hoppers as well as The Wagoneers so you won't want to miss it. Starts at 9 PM and goes to 1 AM for 21 year olds and over - $5.00 donation. (If you can't make it and want to send a contribution toward the floor just send it to Chebeague Island Hall, c/o Sylvia Ross, Box 152, Chebeague.)

One of the programs this Spring which I am part of is a children's x-country running team which meets on Monday and Friday after school and then teams up with the Cumberland team and competes on the mainland on Wednesdays. We are having a lot of fun and I think I'm getting hooked again. I would like to expand this to the Chebeague Running/Walking Club with added runs/walks for everyone. I think it would be great for the kids to have a bunch of us old role models getting involved. If you are interested please contact me 846-4850 or Virginia at the Rec Center.

April 26, 2000 - It is still cold and dreary, wet and miserable here on Chebeague and to make matters worse Fred and Donna left on the 2:15 boat for California. They hope to be back for a couple of weeks this summer. Check out picweek and you can get their address and email address.
April 25, 2000 - Tonight there is a public meeting at the firehouse about the West End Wharf and the proposed changes to the area. The MDOT and other officials will be there.

The Town of Yarmouth voted on another resolution last night which you can see here.

April 24, 2000 - I have just added a Chebeague Health Center page so don't forget to bookmarket for numbers and times that Ginny is available!
Another report from the Vixen.
April 23, 2000 - HAPPY EASTER - The Easter Bunny did arrive last night and it looks like he/she stopped by the Golf Course on the way. When will it stop raining (yesterday morning there was even a little snow).
April 22, 2000 - Just received another log report from the vixen - they will be in Chesepeake Bay tomorrow. I am hoping for some dry weather tomorrow - the sunrise service is scheduled for 5:40 and then breakfast at the Parish House is at 6:30. The kids are all still up at 10:30 so I don't know if we will make it this year (not to mention the forcast for continued rain) - I hope the Easter Bunny will make it here with all the goings on.

Next Saturday night, April 29th, there will be a dance at the Hall to raise money for the floor refinishing. The Rock-hoppers (Robin Horr, Leah Doughty, Mike Malony, Gary Ross, and Glen Philbrick) will be playing along with special guest appearance of theWagoneers (Marlene, Med and Gary). Look for signs - no one under 21 - $5.00 per person. There is going to be lots of dancing on our renewed floors!!!

Today the Rec Center was hopping with a big Easter Egg Hunt and games for all ages. I brought the digital camera but forgot the battery which was conveniently being charged on my kitchen counter - maybe next year. Over hundred eggs filled with candy were hidden in every nook and cranny - the children were delighted. Tonight the teens 5th grade and up are having a dance with Betty the DJ.

April 18, 2000 - Today Dennis Sheehey was on the island at a Gnome Home Building workshop and you can see all the creations right here!

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is putting on a FREE "Boat Safety Course" at the recreation center from 9:30 - 11:30 this Saturday and next. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Call Virginia at the rec center for details 846-5068.

April 17, 2000 PATRIOT'S DAY- On Saturday Polly Wentling and Helene Kelley finally took the plunge. They were unable to do the Polar Bear Plunge with the rest of us in February but had collected pledges from friends and families and finally fullfilled their part. The temp of the water is 41 degrees - still verrrry cooold as you can witness on the picweek pictures of them.

Chebeague Island Historical Society is holding its monthly meeting tonight, April 17th, at 7:30 p.m. at the Parish Hall. The topic is "Town Reports and Old Town Meetings". Learn about when our roads were built, schools were built, and who were our Selectmen and teachers (among other things). Everyone is invited to attend.

The Chebeague Island Hall had a full house for their Clam Puff Dinner! Big thank you to all the workers and diggers and especially Mabel Doughty!

Neil and Mia Taliento along with Neil's sister Dawn and son David are now in Belise for the adventure of a lifetime! I hope we will get some reports back from their trip!

Its not to late to sign up for Gnome Home Building with Dennis Sheehey at the rec center. For $15.00 you can build your own Gnome Home. Check out the pictures from last summers fun time!

April 14, 2000 - Bradley Putnam organized 20 members from the Cumberland/North Yarmouth Troop 58 to come to Chebeague and work at the Island Commons. They spent the whole day clearing land for more gardens, scraping and painting the fence and cleaning up the grounds. This project will enable Bradley to receive his Eagle Scout Badge. The community of Chebeague, Island Common residents and the care providers want to thank Bradley and all the Scouts for their hard work and dedication! You can see all the action on the Island Commons Page!
April 13, 2000 - Please don't forget the Clam Puff Dinner - Saturday night 6:00 PM - To benefit the Hall - we will also be having a 50/50 raffle to help with the cost of refinishing the Hall floor . The floor is being refinished near the end of this month.

Today was Native American Night - the K- 3rd graders put on a Native American Feast, presentations by each student and a story and dances. They did such a wonderful job and have learned so much and so did everyone who attended today!

April 11, 2000 - This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month!
April 10, 2000 - Happy Birthday Rachel Damon!!!!

Today at school Miss Douglas' class had "Canyon Wolf" an expert on the Abenaki Indians come and give a presentation to the class and spend some time with the children. You can see the beginning of their Native American Page which will include much more after they put on their presentation Thursday afternoon at 4:30 PM at the Recreation Center. The kids have been working very hard on their projects and are looking forward to making their presentations.

CLAM PUFF DINNER - yes, the Hall is putting on their annual Clam Puff Dinner this coming Saturday at 6 PM. There was confusion last month about the time but I am sure it is deffinely 6PM. The Hall will be serving along with clam puffs, potato salad, cole slaw, brownies with ice cream and for those finnicky eaters who would touch a clam they will have hot dogs. $7.00 for adults, $3.00 for under 12, Free for 3 and under.

April 9, 2000 - Just updated the vixen page - they are now in the states and sounds like they miss the Bahamas.

Finally an email directly from Jordan! Jill wrote: "We are having a terrific time. Marty has been sick but is rallying. We have been entertained by all of suhail's family including "cocktails" was really dinner!....a swim in a ineraly pool at the farm...some got mud bath massages!....a swim in the Dead Sea...we were all totally bouyant...what a kick. The ruins have been fantastic...some dating back to the 7th Century BC. A visit to Petra was outstanding. Wadi Rum was a real fanny wacker as we drove around the desert in 4X4. This was where Larence (NOT of Arabia) was. Ancient rock drawings were facinating, as well as the beautiful mosaics.
Now we are in Egypt at Sinai. Tommorow some of us will go snorkling (the largest coral reef next to the Great Barrier Reef)."
I think some of the beginning of her message did not get to me. She also sent a picture of Jane Shattucks birthday cake.

Ellen Goodman and her friend Patricia O'Brien have written a book which will be coming out soon and you can go to her website: and find out all about it. It sounds wonderful and I'm looking forward to reading it.

April 4, 2000 - I have a message from Fred and Donna Martindale which I know will be a surprise to most:

"We are relocating to So. California to help care for my Father's oldest brother, Harry. Our house is for sale, listed with Pam Johnson. Island Cuts and Styles & the Gift Corner will be closing soon, and we will be in our new home around May 15th. It's been a good run, 15 years on Chebeague and
we'll miss everyone and eveything about this wonderful Island. We still have the family house on Hamilton Beach, so we'll be baaaack!!!. Stop in at the boatyard and throw the ball for Kelly. We love you-
Fred and Donna"

Fred and Donna have been soooo involved in the community (church, rec center, Island Council ...) and have supplied wonderful services to the island as well. They will be missed terribly by me and my family for sure and I know others will be equally effected. Without Donna how am I going to ever get the workouts (Tae Boe, fitness room) done!

April 2, 2000 - Yesterday not only was Donna on PBS's Public Opinion but she was also given a surprise 50th birthday party! Yes, on April 6th Donna will be 50 and some of her friends got together at the hall to celebrate. No one will believe this but it was a total surprise to her - Carol Todd Sebastienski masterminded the whole event including slide show, poster, and more food than anyone could ever imagine. I have put together a Donna website and you can now see pictures from the party too!
March 30, 2000 - The first report from Jordan - "All is well in the Middle East." Donna heard from Leila and everyone was with Suhail at his family home in Jordan. They survived the stop over in Frankfort and their windy departure from here. They are so sorry that Al and Vail aren't with them. (Al has a sinus infection an is unable to fly)

Speaking of Donna, Saturday night she will be on Channel 10's PBS show Maine Public Opinion at 7:30 and then I think it airs on Sunday at 4:30. She will joining other guests such as Bill Nimetz. They will be taping the show Friday afternoon in Bangor.

I couldn't be at Martha's birthday party last month but I did get a chance to scan some pictures from it that Sue took. The pictures are much better than my scanning - I was having trouble with it and now know what the problem is but had already sent the pictures back. So you can see them here.

March 28, 2000 - Fourteen people from the island left today for another extravanza Historical Society trip to Jordan. Suhail Bisharat will greet them in Jordan and they will have the time of their lives. I hope we will be able to get some timely reports to pass on to everyone.

Today was the last day of the first session of ballet at the rec center and of course I was there with the digital camera. The children showed us what they have learned from their teacher Helene and then they received their certificates.

For this past month the Monday after school sports have been floor hockey and the other day I had a chance to capture some of the activities. Virginia has been working with the children in various sports such as basketball, volleyball and now floor hockey. Next month we will be starting a running program similar to what we did in the early 80's. We will practice two days a week and then on Wednesdays meet the Cumberland mainland children and we will get together to compete against other towns in cross country running.

March 26, 2000 - Last week there was an article in the Globe about Bill Payne who has been protesting the grants which have been given to Libraries, schools and students by MBNA. Included in their grants has been 12,000 to the Chebeague Library and about $3000 to our island school for books and programs. I personally, feel that it is wonderful that they are reaching out to our island community and especially the school children who will definitely benefit in enhanced educational experiences! The library resources the grant will provide will help our citizens including the Junior and High School students.
March 25, 2000 - Just got home from the CPA's coffee house where I overate and drank too much coffee - I'll never sleep tonight but it was worth it. I should have brought the digital camera but forgot it - sometimes it's just nice to sit, relax and enjoy the entertainment which included Scott and Kathy MacCatherine (including their son and dog), Herb Maine and Deborah Gordon, Georgia Humphries and her sister, Susan Little on the piano, Jessie Russo, and Mark Dyer. I've had two reports in two days from the Vixen - great reading!
March 24, 2000 - Tomorrow night is the CPA's coffee house - I'm not sure of the details but there are a number of people who will be performing including Georgia Humphries and her sister. If you want to hear some beautiful voices - don't miss their performance. I don't know the exact time and who the performers will be and it's too late tonight to call anyone so I'm going to look at the sign on the boat tomorrow morning when I go to town. It was a lot of fun last year and I'm looking forward to all the wonderful goodies as well as the entertainment again!
March 21, 2000 - Last night was a very interesting program about the life cycle of lobsters with Diane Cowan who has a website:

The CBS show with Shelly was great and CBS has a link for that portion of the show. Shelly has her own website for her program In Fitness and In Health. Two years ago Shelly volunteered at the rec center for a couple of fitness classes and hopefully we will be able to get the star back this summer when she's on the island!

March 20, 2000 - Just received a message from Malcolm and Sandra that the interview with Shelley will be at 8:44 instead of 7:41 so I'm going to tape from 7 on so I won't miss it. Lets hope there are no crisis to interfer with it.
March 19, 2000 - Tommorow night don't forget the Historical Society Meeting 7:30 p.m., at the Parish Hall. Dr. Diane Cowan, Founder and President of the Lobster Conservancy of Friendship, Maine, and Marine Policy Fellow at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, will be the speaker. The topic will be "The Lobster Life Cycle - Pieces of a Puzzle"

A reminder that Shelley will be on the CBS morning show with Brian Gumbell - it looks like it will be about 7:41.

March 17, 2000 - HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY - and Happy Birthday Rob Friedlander! I just got back from the best dinner this year and I promised Lewis Ross I would get the pictures on the web before he went to bed tonight so here they are. You need to know that Lewis and Martha unexpectedly and spontaneously broke out in a round of Irish songs and of course we all chimed in. Next year we will provide sheet music. The Hall did great, the food was magically delicious and the place was packed as witnessed by the pictures hot off the digital camera! The door prize (a bouquet of candy) was first won by Louise Doughty (declined) and then it was won by Nancy Adams (declined) and then it was won by Kim Munroe who's children wouldn't let her decline (then they shared with all the other children.

I forgot to mention that there was quite a snow storm last night and today and schools were cancelled all around the area including Chebeague! Yesterday was Spring and Today is clearly winter - I wish I hadn't spent so much time earlier this year wishing for snow cause now I just want flowers.

March 16, 2000 - Just received another report from the Vixen - everything is going well. The weather up here is supposed to get really bad tonight after a beautiful warm balmy day it is supposed to get cold and snow - of course the kids are hoping for a snow day. The preparations are all ready for the St. Patrick's Day Dinner tomorrow night - I am assuming the corned beef, cabbage, turnip, carrots..... and homemade pies are ready for everyone's enjoyment. They are going to have a funny door prize also. Just arrive at 6:30 for a fabulous meal!!
March 15, 2000 -     I just received a message from Sandra and Malcolm that Rochelle (Shelly) is scheduled to be on The Early Show on CBS with Bryant Gumbel on Tuesday, March 21 at 7:41 AM.  She has been working with larger women under the business name of In Fitness and In Health for quite some time now, exercising them in such a way as to allow them to lead more normal lives.  She has written a book which will be out some time around the end of this year and has now gotten this opportunity to pitch her approach on national TV.  So, if you have a chance, try to catch her this Tuesday morning.
March 10, 2000 - Tickets go on sale today for the a real New England Boil Dinner - Chebeague Style. This fabulous dinner will benefit the HALL and takes place next Friday, March 17th, 6:30. Adults $6.00, Children $3.00 under 5 free - what a bargain!! You can get your ticket early at the Island Market or the Library or you can call me 846-4850 or email me.
March 9, 2000 - Don't forget to put on your calendar the Historical Society Meeting on March 20th, 7:30 p.m., at the Parish Hall. Dr. Diane Cowan, Founder and President of the Lobster Conservancy of Friendship, Maine, and Marine Policy Fellow at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, will be the speaker. The topic will be "The Lobster Life Cycle - Pieces of a Puzzle". The subject listed in the March Newsletter: "Portraits and Stories of Old" will be rescheduled to a future CIHS Meeting.

Also - Spaghetti Supper and Talent Show to benefit Project Graduation for the Class of 2000 With Meat Sauce or Marinara Sat. March 25, 5-7 PM, At Greely High School, Adults $5.00, Under 12 $3.00, 20.00 per family - 50.00 prize goes to the winner of the talent show. To reserve Tickets call Kathy Leighton 829-5639.

March 5, 2000 - Case Conover "juggler" (He use to come summers here with his mother Anna Ginn and father) entertained the children and adults at the rec center today. He is a 15 year old student in Freeport who got into juggling four years ago. Last summer he travelled around the country with a young peoples circus group and will be featured this summer on a Disney show. I took a few pictures with my video camera which you may see here.
March 4, 2000 - Today is Darren Hillicoss' birthday - happy 40th!

The Cumberland Fire Department is raising money to buy two thermal imaging cameras, one which would be housed on Chebeague. Saturday, April 8 they will be having a Save a Life WALK! It will start at 9 AM from Greely Junior High to Cumberland Commons (1 1/2 miles). Donation of $5 per person or $15 per family. This camera is a phenomenal piece of equipment which can actually follow a path in a smoke filled room where someone may have crawled.

March 2, 2000 - I have just posted two more reports from the Vixen which were received while I was away. Eldon and Betts had lunch with Jane Abrahamson in Nevis last week. Chebeaguers are all the world. Meanwhile Pam Brewer was in Beirut and then Egypt where she and Rich became engaged - Congratulations!

Tonight at the Rec Center there will be a HOME FIRE SAFETY informational evening about fire safety in your home. Our fire department will have officers to answer questions and show the correct use of fire equipment. Great opportunity for the whole family to get involved.

On Sunday from 1-3 Case Conover "juggler" will be at the rec to show how to juggle, make your own juggling balls and put on a show. The cost is $3.00. I have always wanted to learn and have started to learn many times but just can't seem to stick with it - maybe this will be my incentive.

March 1, 2000 - We're back . . . from a vacation in Florida and a Carnival Cruise which took us to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. After jumping into Casco Bay it only made sense to take off to warmer waters - some people thought I had frozen up forever but here I am. While I was gone there was a surprise birthday party for Martha Hamilton at the Hall and before I left I put together a Martha web page which you can see at
February 19, 2000 MORE PICS cont.- I'm finally home and can give everyone an update. The air temperature was 30 degrees, water temperature 37.6 degrees and windchill 5 degrees. 15 hardy souls jumped into the waters of Casco Bay at noon today for the Teen Center Fundraiser. It looks as though we will net over $4000 on this day. The oldest was Bruce Hutchinson at 59 and youngest was Denis Johnson at 11. The others who participated included Leanne Libby, Kelly Joyce, Bev Johnson (me), Morgan Weston, Alnah Robinson, Chris McCullum, Jonny Miller, Kendra McKinnan, Vickie Riddle, John Emery, Paul Wilson, Susan Little, and Elizabeth Hill. The top fundraiser was Alnah Robinson with over $1100! We want to especially thank the RESCUE and JOHN Nickerson for standing by and being ready for any problems. The weather also made it impossible for many people to see the event and also a few plungers were unable to make it. Within the next few weeks we will make a time for them to get wet and collect their pledges - if you missed it cause of weather call the rec center 846-5068. Also we'd like to thank Mabel and Sanford for their house, making hot chocolate and getting the pond cleared and having the warming shed all nice and toasty. The TV stations never showed because of the storm. This afternoon at 5:30 is the teen center free spaghetti dinner for teens 5th grade and up. At 7 is a family dance at the rec center.
February 19, 2000 - the first pictures are in from the POLAR PLUNGE - more later - we made about $4000 and it was cold but fun! More later today
February 18, 2000 - The Polar Bear Plunge is fast (too fast) approaching and I just heard that Fox 51 and Channell 13 are coming over on the 10 boat for the event. There is a lot more going on for the first day of vacation. At 9:00 plans are for a hockey game at Sanford's depending on the snow and if we can get it cleared. 12 PM the PLUNGE. After the plunge there will be lunch (hot dogs, chips, goodies for sale), games and tournements at the rec center all afternoon. At 5:30 there will be a free spagetti dinner for teens 5th grade and up. At 7 PM - a family dance everyone can come $1 per person ($5 family maximum) It is going to be a busy day.
February 16, 2000 - Just got back from our Wednesday afternoon ski trip which we almost cancelled because it was snowing. We all had a great time. Just got a note from Rob Friedlander who is in Belise and thought I would share.
February 15, 2000 - Many people don't know this yet but Martha Hamilton is retiring as the Chebeague Librarian. Robert White has asked me to pass on this notice which is also included on the Library Page: CHEBEAGUE ISLAND LIBRARY LIBRARIAN We are a private community library on the largest island in Casco Bay. The position offered is full time and has a health benefit
package. Candidates need good communication, administration and computer skills. They must be flexible, willing to learn, children oriented and responsive to community needs. Please submit a cover letter, resume and a list of three references by February 29th to:
Robert White, Search Committee Chairman
Box 367F, Chebeague Island, ME 04017
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! - Snow, freezing rain and then all rain! No School! Gail, Lauren, Jonny, Anna, Julia, Mia, Denis, Darya, Vika, and I created a polar bear on the golf course to advertise our upcoming Polar Bear Plunge. I also went down to Bennetts and checked out the site of this event. You can see pictures on the Weekly Pictures! Please come and join the festivities on Saturday, Feb 19, 12pm at Bennetts Cove. We will have plenty of hot chocolate and a big fire. If you are thinking of signing up go to Polar Plunge Page. If you just want to see pictures from last year go there also.
February 12, 2000 - Today was a busy day on the island! This morning - every building on the island had some sort of meeting in. At 8:30 the Cumberland Planning Board met at the Hall to discuss a subdivision plan on land up behind the ballfield and also to discuss the new ballfield.

The library had a couple of computer specialists from Americorps to help us with the libraries recently acquired grant which included a substantial amount toward technology. I have added some more pictures to the Library page which includes a picture of our new World Book Encyclopedia.

At 11 am GrandMaster Allan Viernes put on a clinic and demonstration at the rec center which you can see pictures of here.

February 11, 2000 - Grand Master Allan Viernes and Family is coming to Chebeague to do Martial Arts demonstration Saturday, February 12. He has honors from all over the world. It is FREE and you'll be able to participate and learn different styles. It is at the CRC from 11 AM - 1 PM.
February 10, 2000 - Monday nights is teen craft night and this week some of the kids got together to build models which you can see on a page I put together. I just wish I had taken pictures of some of the earlier craft nights when they did Ukranian egg painting with Deb Bowman, knitting with Joan Robinson, stamping with Peggie Jones ....
I have also added a couple of pics on the weekly pictures of our newest bird to our bird feeders. I'm afraid he's not interested in any of the food we are putting out - maybe he's after our children - he is huge!
February 7, 2000 - Today is Elizabeth Hill's birthday - Happy Birthday "Etta". My family is planning on a trip south during February Vacation and it really doesn't make any sense especially when you see how some people can relax in our own warm tempertures of 10 - 20 degrees. Please check out Weekly Pictures and see for yourself!
February 5, 2000 - Yesterday we took advantage of having the late boats back in service. I took my children to Greely Jr High Hockey Game agains Mt. Ararat. Jon Miller plays and is one of the stars! At seven we went to Greely High School and watched Ryan Ross on the Varsity Basketball Team play against Kennebunk. Even though they lost it was a very exciting and close game. I took some pictures of that game also. Some of the other island kids playing on the mainland are Eric Ross is on the High School JV, Justin Doughty - Greely Varsity Hockey (one of the top scorers), David Rich plays for another team for Jr. High, and Simon Brown and Zach Doughty are also playing in the Middle School League.
February 1, 2000 - With all the ice and terrible walking conditions outside I just wanted to remind everyone that anyone can use the Gym at the Rec Center when the staff are there as long as a program isn't going on. You can run or walk around the gym, shoot baskets, jump rope or anything for free. There is no charge for this. If someone wants to utilize the fitness room there is a charge of $4 per day or you can sign up for longer periods of time at a very reasonable rate. Denis and I ran laps around the gym this morning and then had basket shooting contests. I am there usually on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:00. Click here to see pictures of Ray Newcomb, Rec Center Volunteer who works out at least 3 times a week in the fitness room.
January 30, 2000 - I just received another report from the "Vixen" and have started up a page so everyone can follow Eldon, Betts and David Burgess as they continue their adventure in the Carribean. They left from here about three months ago and I have enjoyed getting their reports and thought it would fun to pass them on. Does anyone have a picture of the boat and crew I could include?
January 29, 2000 - The ice is back and pretty thick. The CTC has put into commission the Big Squaw which handles the ice better than the Islander. I have added pictures of the boat pushing its way through the ice. It was a beautiful day but cold and the kids were sledding and skating all day.

Last night we stayed in town so we could see the Greely Basketball Game against Lake Regions which Greely won thanks to a 3 point shot in the last .2 seconds by Ryan Ross - WAY TO GO RYAN!. It was soooo exciting and the crowds went crazy.

January 27, 2000 - There was a terrible tragedy at sea on Tuesday. The boat called Two Friends sank and two of the crew of three died. They were Harry Ross and Larry Rich, Larry's son Shawn survived after three hours in the icy waters wearing a survival suit. A lot of people on Chebeague are connected to the families in one way or another and of course everyone is mourning the losses. You can read all about this in todays Portland Press Herald including the last radio transmission. Harry has four children including a one year old girl and Larry has six boys the youngest being 8 years old. You may remember that Larry was widowed five years ago when his wife died suddenly. Contributions for the families may be sent to the Changing Tide Foundation, RR 1 BOX 98, Long Island Maine 04050 in care of Sharon Marr.
January 25, 2000 - Big storm today, the children all got out of school early and only a few boats running. It snowed about 6 inches and now its freezing rain on the island. I just pictures on of Flamin Ramon and all the line dancers swingin away.

The CTC has stopped all late boats because of the ice around the Stone Pier - I should have taken some pictures but haven't yet.

January 22, 2000 - This month's Maine Medical Magazine featured Katie Phipps on the cover and in an article about diabetes. I have put a couple of pictures on picweek - congratulations Katie and family!

Don't forget tomorrow, Sunday at 1pm - CRC - Flaymin Raymon and Sisslin Susan country dancing - they even have hay and saddles to really get in the spirit of things!

January 20, 2000 - Tonight the Town of Yarmouth passed a resolution!

The Sunday Brunch scheduled for February 27th at the CIHCC has been cancelled until further notice. Check for the new date and details of upcoming events at the CIHCC on their new page.

January 18, 2000 - It's cold - 2° F at 7 am in the morning - Happy birthday Wink Houghton, yesterday. I added a couple of cold pictures to the picweek page. It finally is winter - I've enjoyed the snow and the cold - I'm satisfied - now we can go back to the way it was. Just kidding - now the kids can skate and the skiing should get better - a little more light fluffy snow please so we can go cross country skiing. Happy Birthday Carol Todd Sebasteanski!
January 16, 2000 - It is snowing! Flaymin Raymin and Sisslin Susan are postponed till next week. Today is Becca Rich Koppmann's Birthday.

- Don't forget - tomorrow is Vicki Taliento's birthday!

At 1 PM Flaymin Raymin and Sisslin Susan will be at CRC teaching a variety of different styles of country western dances. The whole family should have a blast at this event!

January 14, 2000 - I just came from a meeting of the Hall and am starting a page up where you will be able to see the new license plates they are selling. There are a limited number and they are going fast. Just click here to see what they look like and how you can order them.
January 13, 2000 - Another article about the parking lot in today's Portland Press Herald!

Yesterday a group from the island finally had their first ski lessons at Lost Valley - we all had a blast - yest there is snow but only on the slopes where it has been manmade. The 10 kids in this years rec center ski program had just as much fun any way! Thanks for all the birthday wishes - I appreciated my brother-in law's cyber work much more this year than last! Thank you David!

January 7, 2000 - The lastest article to appear in the Forecaster this week is here. Just got back from a Greely Basketball Game where Islander Ryan Ross is a starter and of course the most outstanding player - he was great - and they also won - Congratulations.

My cousin Joanie Koenig-Coste will be featured on the NBC nightly news on Monday night. She has been a pioneer in work in Alzhiemer Care.

January 6, 2000 - It is really hard to get that date - I have yet to write or type it correctly the first time. This must be the birthday month - today is David Stevens and Victoria Smith's birthday. The pot luck dinner was great as usual. We had a Polar Bear Plunge meeting and it is not to soon to start getting your pledges. Just go on line to get your pledge sheet!
January 5, 2000 - Don't forget the Pot Luck Supper at the CIHCC, 6:00 PM tomorrow night- Benefit Hall - $5.00 Adults, $3.00 children under 12, children under 3 are free. I'm sure not going to miss it - I hear there will be a variety of cakes for dessert.

I have been asked to add a report from Jim Phipps about the Long Range Planning Committee which has been meeting last year. They missed the deadline for the calendar last month so it will be posted around on the island and of course you can read it here! Which reminds me the picture on the cover of the Calendar last month is of a familiar person to everyone on the island. Did everyone figure it out - I'll give a hint: She recently celebrated her birthday and lives near the West End of the island.

I missed David Miller's birthday on Monday and my brother Glenn's birthday is today! We still haven't had any snow and personally I'm sick of this weather that is great for commuters, carpenters, plumbers, runners, etc. I want SNOW!!

JANUARY 1, 2000 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!! My computer is still working fine and I'm just back from a New Year's Party - the electricity is still on and the heat is just fine. Today is Mia Taliento's Birthday, Mary Doughty's Birthday, and Arlene Doughty's birthday. I have been so busy with getting the end of the year stuff taken care of I haven't had time to post anything lately.

Thank you, Robert and Linda White for the great party. The fireworks were great! Everybody had a great time!

Chebeague is a great place to be living in the new millenium!

The Library is going to be open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights 6 PM till 8:00 Pm so that the teens can utilize the facility. Laura Summa has volunteered some of her time so that this can happen - thank you Laura.

Some of the things that have happened lately are that on Christmas Eve morning there was a fire at Alan Erickson's house and they just managed to escape unhurt and the fire department was able to control it so that after a week they are back in. Christmas Eve Steve Todd's boat the "Predator" sank. On Tuesday about 50 people got together and were able to get up and now Steve is working on getting it operating again. He lost all his electronics but they managed to get the engine working again.












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