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Portland Observatory webcam picture of Casco Bay. You can click on the picture to get the Chebeague weather page. To learn more about the Portland Observatory click here!

December 31, 2000 - David Hill got a new toy for Christmas and took a video of the Islander landing on Cousins this morning which you can see on his website - Unfortunately I'm not able to view it with my Mac - at least I haven't figured out how. If someone knows I'd appreciate finding out. I can see the still picture fine. I also added a picture of a snowman made by Elizabeth and Linda on the picweek page - perfect snow for snowman!
December 30, 2000 - Just received an email from Sandra and Malcolm Rice who are now in front of their computer in that miserable, hot, dry balmy Tortola - I feel sorry for them while we get to frolic in the 8 to 10 inches of luxurious wet snow. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings if there is power. They wanted me to mention that the idea to send Sandra's photo in was Gerry Ross and the brains for finding the application online was Doug. We also don't want to forget all the many people who got the lights on the clubhouse over the years.

The Library page is becoming more effective everyday and Deb will have a weekly update or reminders as needed which I will let you know about. So please check out her latest news.

December 29, 2000 - It is time to start thinking about taking the PLUNGE. (Click here to get your pledge sheets and see previous year plungers) The Polar Bear Plunge that is - it is a month earlier this year and is happening January 13th, 11:00 at Bennetts Cove. We figure the water will be a lot warmer than it was in February - isn't that great! The teens have quite a weekend planned with a talent show on Friday, Plunge on Saturday at 11, a chili and chowder challenge 12, and Flaymin Raymin on Saturday Night, Hockey Game Sunday. Anyone who would like to pledge can email me or any of the other people who have signed up so far but it is better to sign up yourself and get all your friends to sponsor you.

December 28, 2000 - Congratulations to Sandra Rice whose photo won $500 for the Chebeague Golf Club in the CMP photo contest. The winnings will help the electric bill for the lights. You can see the picture at the CMP website and on the picweek site.
December 25, 2000 - MERRY CHRISTMAS! - Santa left his reindeer bird on the island!
December 21, 2000 - I have been working on updating the Library Page and hope everyone will go to the site and check out all the links. I haven't done the Maine Collection Page or Video page yet but they will be done soon. If you have any suggestions or items you would like to see included please let the library or me know.
December 19, 2000 - The Long Range Planning Committee meeting, December 13, was well attended last week at the Hall and there were many comments regarding the issue. I have included information about the goals of the meeting and the public comments which were written down during the meeting.
December 17, 2000 - I just came home from the Library Holly Berry Bakesale and have taken some great pictures for the library website which is currently getting spiffed up. You can see pics of lots of great food and festive islanders. Last night the CPA's Christmas Party was held at the Church and I took some pictures of the children singing.
December 12, 2000 - Happy birthday Raymond Hamilton who turns 90 today. Yesterday I happened to get some pictures of the some of the eleven children taking pottery lessons from Towanda after school on Mondays.
December 10, 2000 - The Whalers and Co presented Christmas Follies at the Holiday Inn which was really at the Hall. What an unbelievably great show it was. If you didn't get there you missed one of the most entertaining shows ever! I took lots of pictures which you can see here!
December 9, 2000 - Sanford's Pond is open and the kids couldn't be happier!

The Historical Society is holding its annual Christmas Party Monday, December 11th at 6pm in the Parish Hall. Everyone is invited to join in the festivities, including a pot luck dinner (bring a dish), musical entertainment (bring a homemade instrument), and gift swap (gift $5 and below). The Holiday season has begun!

Next Wednesday, December 13 there will be an important meeting at the Hall about the building cap. This is an important issue for the island and the committee needs to know everyone's views. If you can't go to the meeting you can email comments to the Long-Range Planning Committee or I have opinions on this issue which you can access here. (I will be glad to post other peoples veiws if you wish to send them to me.)

December 7, 2000 continued - Today was Maine Presentation Night for Mrs. Wilson's k-3 class at the rec center and I managed to get a few pictures of this terrific event.
December 7, 2000 - The Ladies Aid was busy today creating the wreaths which have been ordered for Christmas. They took some time out to celebrate Bertha Gray's 95th birthday. Happy Birthday Bertha! I happened to be there picking up my wreaths and got a few pictures on picweek.
December 5, 2000 - The Christmas trees will be selling on Saturday the 9th from 3:30-5:30 - not what was reported yesterday. That means that everyone can go to the mainland on the CTC free boat, come home at 2:30 - pick up their christmas tree at the fire house - set it up - go to the church for a turkey dinner at 6 and then go to the Whalers and freinds Christmas Concert!
December 4, 2000 - I'm so glad to hear that the Chebeague Fire Department is selling Christmas trees again this year! It sure makes our life easier. The price ranges are from $21.00 - $28.00 and they are also selling mints and needhams beginning December (should have been 9) from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.

December 9th at 8pm is the Whalers Christmas Special with all kinds of added talent they recruited from around the island. Before you go to the show you can have a turkey dinner at the Church supper from 6 to 7:30pm!

December 1, 2000 - I was just up to the library and took a picture of the Gingerbread house created by Linda and Robert White which will be raffled off on December 17 at the Holly Berry Bake Sale. You can see this wonderful creation here.

Congratulations to Lisa Carey who has just published her second book and was reveiwed in the New York Times with pictures and all!!!! The name of the book is In the Country of the Young!

November 30, 2000 - The other day I updated the email address page and Jon Holt who was taking a course on web design made some great changes to the set up. We would love to get some feedback on the changes and also while you are there make sure your names and email addresses are correct. We have found some mistakes already. Sometimes I get emails from people asking to have their names added and I think some sort of witch goes in and deletes them. Sometimes its me by mistake getting rid of junkmail which I'm getting more and more of.

Just a note to let everyone know that the Library is open on Wednesday night from 6 to 8 - it was inadvertantly left off the Calendar. Also there will be a Ginger Bread House raffle along with a bake sale at the Library, Sunday, December 17th. I'm going to take pictures of it tomorrow and you will be able to see it for yourself tomorrow night.

November 26, 2000 - We have a new bird hanging (another arctic bird lost it's way?) around the golf course. You can see a picture taken today on the bird page. We think it is a snow goose (white morph imature) but if someone knows differently please let me know.
November 23, 2000 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! It is cooooold! At 6 am it is 19 degrees.

We'll be going to Vermont for the weekend after we eat a huge Thanksgiving dinner on Cousins Island (Nancy and Davids) and am sorry to miss the Annual Craft Fair at the Hall. The fair is from 10 to 2 and all the local artists and craftsmen will be displaying and selling their works of art. The door prize is a beautifully decorated doll done by Florence.

November 16, 2000 - The CCR is having a raffle of a beautiful Santa made and donated by Florence Rich. You can buy raffle tickets at the Library and/or at the Christmas Craft Fair which is at the CIHCC Saturday, November 25th.
November 15, 2000 - Last week some of the children finished up their first piece of pottery which they had created fired, painted, glazed and fired during their Wednesday early release program at the rec. Here are some pictures of some of the children with their creations.

This weekend is the Ladies Aid Fair. Saturday from 12:30 - 3 pm at the Parish House. You can enjoy your lunch and get a head start on Christmas shopping.

November 8, 2000 - Yesterday was election day and today we still don't know who the president is. The weather was beautiful and the I think the turnout on the island was huge!

This Saturday the Rec Center is having it's 2nd annual Kids Craft Day from 10 - 12 where you can bring your child and for a minimal cost they can make cool Christmas presents for all their relatives and friends. We had a blast last year but this year we'll be down in Boston visiting relatives and sightseeing.

I have changed the image to the left to the Portland Observatory's webcam which I have been watching ever since Michael Porter sent me the address. You can still click on it to go to the weather.

I forgot to mention that Denis Johnson turned 12 on Sunday - that means he is an adult on the boat - Yuk! He's pretty excited about using the green tickets - but guess who isn't!

October 31, 2000 - Tomorrow is Lauren Miller's birthday - Happy Birthday sweet 17!

Chebeague Island Fire & Rescue is soliciting donations towards an extrication tool that would allow us to extricate a person from a vehicle quickly after an accident. The tool cuts through and spreads the metal saving precious minutes immediately following an accident.
We need $7500.00 to purchase this life saving device. Please send your donation to Doug Ross, RR 1 Box 462, Chebeague Island, ME 04017. Checks should be made out to Chebeague Island Fire & Rescue. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

October 30, 2000 - The goblins have been decorating the golf club bird - check out picweek
October 29, 2000 - It is windy, cold and snowing!

Yesterday there was terrific wind and the CTC boat rescued a boat broken down between Mosiers and Chebeague. We watched from the shore with binoculars as the boat went alongside threw a life ring and then managed to get the operator aboard. I included some pictures of the CTC boat returning with their grateful passenger.

Last night the Halloween Party was a lot of fun and I took some pictures of a few of the participants. I had a blast with some of the teens on an island scavenger hunt - we had to solve clues and drive all around the island finding more. We ended at the teen center for more games and a pie eating contest - yuk.

October 27, 2000 - The Island Market will be closed all next week starting on Sunday. People will be able to get their Sunday papers between 11 and 12 on Sunday in front of the store. They will be back in business next Sunday, Nov 4.

The Halloween Party will be tomorrow night at the CIHCC at 7 with all the usual fun (cake walks, costume judging....) There will be a scavenger hunt for 5th graders and up starting at the CIHCC at 8 pm and ending at the rec center finishing with more fun and games.

October 26, 2000 - I have an end of the year message from Archie and Claire which includes some pictures.
October 21, 2000 - I have added some pictures of Volunteer Field as well as some information. I have heard a number of people comment on how nice it will to be able to go for a ground ball without the worry of it popping up in your face. My fear was always twisting my ankle while running for a ball - I have done it more than once over the years. Thank you Betts for a wonderful gift to our community!
October 19, 2000 - Next Monday on October 23, 2000 the Town Council has on their agenda a workshop on the Growth Management Ordinance Regarding Chebeague Island. The meeting starts at 7:00 at the Town Office on Tuttle Road. There have been a lot of concerns about the fact that building permits have been used through 2004. This means that if someone wants to add a guest house or new building you can't get a building permit until 2005. Young people who have lived here all their lives and are now planning on building in the near future on a small piece of family owned land are unable. You may email Bob Benson about this issue.
October 17, 2000 - Yesterday I was down at the Chandler's wharf when volunteers Gail Miller, Beth Howe and Mac Passano were shipping the last of the stored cans and bottles from the island. What a service it has been for the island. You can see them hard at work on the Chedemption Page!

While I was there I took some updated pictures of the parking area and the new pavement and you can see them on the Wharf Page.

Today is my sister's birthday Charlotte Johnson and David Campbell. Yesterday was Doug Damon's birthday. Happy Birthday!

October 16, 2000 - tonight is the CIHS Meeting at 7:30 p.m. at the Parish House. The business meeting will be followed by "Portraits and Stories of Old". Come along and join the group, and bring a photo or memorabilia to share, if you wish.
October 13, 2000 - Tomorrow morning, Saturday at 8:30 am the Planning Board will be here on Chebeague at the Hall for a meeting to discuss many issues. There will be a Public Hearing on the Long Range Plan and another on the reuse of the Nellie G Restaurant. You can see the agenda on the Cumberland Website. You can also view the Long Range Plan here on this website.
October 10, 2000 - Last weekend the Great Chebeague Golf Club had their annual Columbus Day Weekend "Frost Tournement". For everyone who would like to see who the big winners were I have made up a page - so click here! Congratulations!
October 9, 2000 - The Historical Society Meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 16, 7:30 p.m. at the Parish Hall. The topic this month is "Portraits and Stories of Old" and everyone is invited to bring a photo, or memorabilia to share with the group. Perhaps you need help in identifying a mysterious person in a snapshot, or want to show off what you discovered in your attic. So think about what you could add to the evening discussion and bring it along. Also, Nancy Adams, on behalf of CIHS, is organizing an outing to Winslow Homer's studio in Prouts Neck on Wednesday, October 25. You can either meet at the Cousins Island Parking Lot at 10:15 a.m. and car pool or follow the leader; or join the group at the Studio at 11:00 a.m. The tour will be led by Mrs Charles Homer and the fee is $5.00. The studio is only open by special request and this is a great opportunity for Winslow Homer fans (aren't we all?). Anyone inerested in attending, or who would like more info, should contact Nancy Adams (846-3126)or Jennifer Hamilton (846-4343).

Sam Birkett is working very hard on raising enough money to purchase some new playground equipment suitable for all age levels at the school. So far she has raised about $1800 and would like people to know that contributions toward this would be greatly appreciated. You can send checks to the Chebeague Recreation Center and be sure to put in the note that this is for the playground equipment. I will try to get a picture of equipment she is looking at for the web site.

October 8, 2000 - Tonight the Whalers are perfoming at the Hall - I am planning on going and understand that the concert will be starting at 7:30 and not 8 as previously advertised. There will be lots of opportunity to sing along and plenty of goodies!

Last night the Baked Bean and Casserole supper was a great success and congratulations to GiGi Dyer who won the beautiful hand stitched quilt donated and made by Shirley Burgess. After months of selling tickets it was fun to see the look on GiGi's face when they announced the winner. Congratulations also to Kit Johnston who won the lobster trap coffee table made by Leland Hamilton.

The Chebeague Island Library Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Deborah Bowman has been appointed Interim Librarian at the Chebeague Island Library. She will be officially at the helm when the Library opens on October 11, 2000. Debbie comes to us after serving a successful stint as the interim librarian at Greely Junior High School. We look forward to working with Debbie.

The Historical Society Meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 16, 7:30 p.m. at the Parish Hall. The topic this month is "Portraits and Stories of Old" and everyone is invited to bring a photo, or memorabilia to share with the group. Perhaps you need help in identifying a mysterious person in a snapshot, or want to show off what you discovered in your attic. So think about what you could add to the evening discussion and bring it along. Also, Nancy Adams, on behalf of CIHS, is organizing an outing to Winslow Homer's studio in Prouts Neck on Wednesday, October 25. You can either meet at the Cousins Island Parking Lot at 10:15 a.m. and car pool or follow the leader; or join the group at the Studio at 11:00 a.m. The tour will be led by Mrs Charles Homer and the fee is $5.00. The studio is only open by special request and this is a great opportunity for Winslow Homer fans (aren't we all?). Anyone interested in attending, or who would like more info, should contact Nancy Adams (846-3126)or Jennifer Hamilton (846-4343).

October 6, 2000 - I took some pictures of Chandler's Wharf Parking Area which has had some major construction. I was so surprised at how much had gone on that I went home and got my camera so everyone could see it. I understand that next Tuesday at 11 the area will be paved.

Tomorrow is the Baked Bean and Casserole dinner at 6 pm at the Hall to benefit the Hall. $6 for adults, $3 for 4-12, 3 and under free. Drawings for the coffee table made by Leland Hamilton and Shirley's quilt.

Today in school the children had a special treat- a Civil War Union soldier spent the morning telling children about the war and what it was like to serve. Dr. Robert Swan did an exceptional presentation and even brought hardtack for the whole class. You can see some pictures put on the website.

October 3, 2000 - I thought that because I just don't seem to keep everyone informed of what is happening that I would start up a page of future events on the island as reported in the Monthly Island Council Calendars. I won't put people's tel numbers and if someone doesn't want their event listed or they didn't get their event listed and want it they can let me know. It will be linked at the upper right corner of this page under calendar of events.
October 2, 2000 - Now that Darya and Denis are in Soccer 3 days a week and Vika is playing field hockey everyday I can't seem to find the time at the computer the way I use to. They also have found the internet and instant messenger so I'm really having a problem getting the news out. I even forgot to report that the volunteer appreciation day was yesterday with free food, swimming and awards. A number of people received t-shirts for swimming around the island and Rob Friedlander was volunteer of the year this year. He puts in about 65 hours a week volunteering at the pool and running the pool. Thank you Rob.

Don't forget that the Chebeague Island Hall's Columbus Day Weekend Baked Bean & Casserole supper (rolls, cole-slaw, pickles, pies, coffee and punch rounding out the meal) It's the old fshioned kind of supper that we all love! The drawing for Shirley Burgess' hand stitiched and quilted quilt will be drawn and also the wonderful lobster trap table donated by Leland Hamilton will be raffled at the end of the evening. Get your tickets from members of the board if you cannot attend. Saturday night at 6 pm is the dinner at the Hall.

September 25, 2000 - Today is the Historical Society's "Chebeague Cemeteries - Do You Know Where They All Are?" is on for Monday night at the Parish House starting with a walking tour at 6:30. Anyone interested in a quick tour of the Church Cemetery should meet outside the Parish House, perhaps with a flashlight as it will be getting dark. After learning some history of the cemetery, the group will gather in the Parish House for further discussion on Island cemeteries.

Last week my daughter Vika had her second field hockey game (this time against Yarmouth) and she and I set up a web page for the Greely Jr. High Field Hockey Team.

Yesterday Steve Dunsmoor from Lake Side Archery gave a demonstration at the Rec Center. The kids and adults loved the demonstration and then had the oportunity to try the bows and arrows out themselves.

Congratulations to Ben Johnson who was named the University Athletic Association Athletes of the Week for men's soccer (offense) - He is playing for University of Chicaco.

September 22, 2000 - Tomorrow is the annual GRANGE FAIR and AUCTION starting at 11:00. They will be having their exhibit of island artists and they have a beautiful old organ in the auction.

Don't forget that the Historical Society's "Chebeague Cemeteries - Do You Know Where They All Are?" is on for Monday night at the Parish House starting with a walking tour at 6:30.

September 19, 2000 - Sunday was the official dedication of our new Chedemption Building. Following church we had the ribbon cutting ceremony. Volunteers all summer have been helping out at the landfill to educated everyone on how to sort and dispose of cans and bottles all to the advantage of non-profit organizations on Chebeague. I made up a web page for the event and will include all the statistics from Beth Howe when I get them.

Last night at the Hall was a very nice retirement party for Jim KomLosy with wonderful pictures of his 45 years of sailing. Jamie read excerpts from his yearbook, along with notes from family and friends. Jim's brother Fred who just had his 50th reunion was here. That means that between Fred, Jim and now Jon's 9 the KomLosy family have a total of 104 years of sailing!

September 15, 2000 - I can't believe how great the new field is progressing, the irrigation is in and being adjusted, the earth work on the field is complete, seeded and the infield of the diamond is in place..with fencing to be completed soon. We should all plan to get our teams together for next year - the hope is to have it up and running Labor Day 2001. Thank you Betts! We will have a great place to work on our soccer skills next fall. People are asking why it is called Volunteer field. It was named that in honor of all the volunteers the island has.

Happy Birthday Chris Rich!

September 13, 2000 - I just received this note from Jamie KomLosy:

"Monday, September 18th, 2000, Chebeague Island Hall, 6 to 9 pm Retirement Party for Captain James S. B. KomLosy All Invited! Light Refreshments will be served.

My father has been sailing for 45 years, and "stepped-off" his ship, the Major S.W. Pless on June 20, 2000. He is coming to the island to celebrate his retirement with his island friends and family. We hope that everyone will attend Monday, and we are looking for folks who have tales to tell about my Dad - there are sooo many!!"

September 12, 2000 - Last weekend was one of the most beautiful of the year! Stephen and I played Sunday in the Chebeague Golf Clubs "Blanchard Tournement" and the big winners were Marlene Bowen for nine holes and Billy St Cyr for the 18 hole competition.

I missed a lot of birthdays last week David Hill, Dick Phipps, Kendra McKinnan, Kim Underwood...

You can still get raffle tickets for the wonderful handmade quilt made by Shirley Burgess! The drawing will be October 7th at the Casserole and Baked Bean Supper which the CIHCC is putting on.

I have become quite involved in the American Youth Soccer Organization (Soccer Mom) where Denis, Darya, George, Conrad, Allysa, Brian are all participating in. The philosophy's are wonderful and the children are having a great time without getting stressed out. I volunteered to start a web page for the Cumberland/No Yarmouth 1271 Region which has been a lot of fun. The games are all on Saturday morning and I am trying to get pictures of all the different teams. This has been one of the most positive competitive sporting programs I have seen. I haven't been involved in any before so who am I to judge. Denis is in the Orange Flames and Darya is in the Purple Pulverizers.

September 9, 2000 - The Chebeague Island Historical Society Meeting for September has been changed from Monday, September 18th to Monday, September 25th. The topic "Chebeague Cemeteries - Do You Know Where They All Are?" remains the same, and the walking tour will start at 6:30p.m. at the the Parish House.
Today on Channel 10's Public Opinion - Donna Damon will be one of the panelist - 7:30 tonight and 4:30 tomorrow afternoon.

Yesterday was Cindy MacNeill's birthday. Today there is a SURPRISE birthday party for Cecil Doughty who has just turned 60! Louis is having a the pot luck, bring your own beverage, at the Hall starting at 5 today. The Wagoneers are playing and everyone is invited.

September 7, 2000 - Happy Birthday Gail Miller!
September 4, 2000 - LABOR DAY! Tomorrow is Donna Martindale's birthday!
September 3, 2000 - Happy birthday Dan Barker and Rick Woolfrey!

I can't believe it - I won the beautiful CCR adirondack chair - my lucky day.

August 31, 2000 - What a site the children had when they had to enter the school bus yesterday for the first day of school. Doug Ross is the temporary bus driver while Marshall Bowen is on leave with a back problem.
August 29, 2000 - Hansen's Well Drillers are still on the island and yesterday I took some pictures of them at work .

School starts on Wednesday for the Chebeague Children and I know they can't wait to get back, well at least I can't wait.

Teresa Bennett, a licensed hairdresser and cosmotologist will be on the island Fridays to do peoples hair. Check out her add here for more information.

August 25, 2000 - Gary Beauchamp and the Chebeague Inn are putting together a huge birthday card for Bill Shuttleworth who will be turning 80 this fall and is in ill health. If anyone wants to email me a message for Bill - I will copy and pass on to Gary or you can send them to Gary at the Inn. The archives are looking for a picture of the Model A which Bill Shuttleworth use to drive around the island. If someone has one they could contact Martha Hamilton.

Happy birthday to Nicky Wheldon, Waneta Cleaves, Betsey Ross and Will Sharp!

I'll be in Vermont for the next few days.

August 22, 2000 - Last night's Historical Society program by Donna Damon was very interesting and informative. The Hall was full and we all learned so much. When I drove my daughter to the teen center I couldn't help but realize how much was going on last night. The firehouse was full with people for a fire rescue drill, there was a meeting of the CTC at their office, teen center was full of young people, adult pottery class was happening with James Treadwell in the craft room at the rec and the Library was full!

The Well Drillers arrived on the island yesterday afternoon and will start drilling this morning. They have scheduled five wells and will probably be gone by the end of the week so if you are thinking about one call early in the week. The ballfield is looking so smooth and the irrigation company is on the island for the next few days to get it in. What a beautiful week for getting things done.

August 21, 2000 - A new link has been added to the Chebeague Page - Barbara Porter's "The Casco Bay Assyriological Institute". Barbara has recently published a book One God or Many? which you can read about on the site.

I finally updated the email list - so please check to see that I put the correct address on and also I forgot to add the link which brings up a to mail for a few and I'm not sure which ones might need to be changed. Sorry it took so long!

August 20, 2000 - This month the topic of the Chebeague Island Historical Society meeting is "A Window from the Past" - Part II of "The Preservation of Chebeague", presented by Donna Miller Damon. Donna will cover the everyday life on
Chebeague in the "olden days". Everyone is invited to join the group at the Hall on Monday, August 21, at 7:30 p.m.

There are so many programs and events that I have missed this summer - I feel bad - If and when an event is scheduled if someone would just email me with the information I'll try to get it online as soon as I can.

August 12 cont. - Today is Jon Rich's birthday!! I fixed the incorrect link for the pictures below if you tried and couldn't find them.
August 12, 2000 - Today is the CPA carwash and bakesale specifically to raise money for playground equipment at the school. Goes from 10 -2 - and it looks like it will be a great day. I'll be up at the transfer station this morning to help with the ongoing forever bottle drive which will benefit all the non-profit organizations on the island. It is so great having a place on Chebeague everyone helps out. There is sign up sheet at the transfer station so everyone can volunteer sometime to sort the cans. Hopefully there will be a time everyone knows what to do with cans, bottle etc. which would mean less volunteers.

I ust received some pictures from the Good, Bad and Ugly Golf which took place last week. These pictures are of the "good, bad and ugly" as you will see here - it was scarrrry!! - Thanks Ruth!

August 5, 2000 - Tomorrow the Chebeague Fire Department and Rescue is having its annual Open House - they will be having extrication demonstrations and many more activities. The equipment is all spiffed up for this wonderful event! There will be light refreshments and lots of fun for the kids!
August 3, 2000 - The Chebeague Rec Center's GOLF and HO' DOWN was sooooo much fun. Stephen, my brother Glenn and his son Chris, and I were a team - even though we didn't win any prizes it was a great time together - we are definitely going to get together next year when the Chebeague Care Resource sponsors their golf tournement. The two organizations have been taking turns each year. Flaymin Raymin and Sizzlin Susan were a "HOT" and so were all the guests. I wish I could remember all the winners of some of the events. We had the hairy leg contest, the YeeeeeHawww screaming contest,we learned some great dances. The door prize of a beautifully framed picture from Galyree was won by Ruth Slowik. The punt which was built by Bob Dyer, painted by Allen Malony with oars and life preservers donated by Hamilton Marine was won by David Lynch. I have tons of images of last night which you can see now!! I will try to get the list of winners of the golf tournement and post them. I do know that Donna Damon's team of Sheila Putnam and Thomas and Tyler won four prizes!
August 1, 2000 - What can I say - I didn't move - and I haven't been away - but I haven't had much time lately for the web site. I'm so far behind I don't know where to start!!! Gosh, I haven't even reported on how great Oklohoma was. There have been so many things happening. The CCR Yard sale was a huge success and Sunday the kids went to the CIHCC Ice Cream Social which included a magician. Last night a free Mozart Concert took place at the Hall. This morning at 5:50 am Mac Passano, Beth Howe, Carol Maine and I counted at least 11 young lobsters we found in Bennetts Cove.

There is a lot happening this week starting tomorrow - THE GOOD BAD AND UGLY GOLF TOURNEMENT followed by the HO' DOWN. Stephen and I even signed up to play golf in it which starts at 2 pm. There is going to be all kinds of prizes, the raffle for Bob Dyer's punt will take place at 8 along with other awards. I even heard that Jon Rich will be in the kissing booth - that ought to draw some crowds.

The children's play will be this Friday night - It's $3 for adults and $2 for kids. it starts at 7 or whenever the boat gets in on Friday night. The show will be full of surprises!!!!!!!! A VON TRAPP FAMILY ADVENTURE.

The transfer station is having it's BULKY WEEKEND Aug 4,5,6 all furniture,appliances are free,(except those containing freeon) also free is any metal debri you have. demolition item(shingles,wood,sheetrock etc will be charged accordingly)

July 18, 2000 - Ellen Goodman was on the Today Show this morning - and I missed it! You can read excerpts from her book on the Today show website.

Tomorrow the funtime Luau is from 6 - 8 pm at the Rec Center - $5.00 includes dinner and swimming - the Polar Bear float is here. At 7:30 - 10 at the Hotel under the tent a group of jazz musicians are getting together to share their talents to benefit the Chebeague Care Resource, including Laurel Masse, formerly with Manhatten Transfer and Vinnie Martucci, Jim Cammack with Ahmad Jamal, Jeff Siegel (Roland Hanna), Mark Dziuba. Suggested Donation $10.

July 16, 2000 - The Fishermen's Fair was a huge success for the Hall and everyone had a great time! Don't forget Monday night the Historical Society meeting at 7:30.

Our rehearsals have been going real well and I finally took some candid shots with the digital camera and you can even see some of the characters!

July 14, 2000 - Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Fishermens Fair which runs from 10 - 2pm.

Mark your calendars with this one too! The Historical Society monthly meeting is on Monday, July 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the Island Hall. The topic is "Getting to Chebeague: Steam (and other) Boats & Landings", presented by
Jim Millinger. All are invited to enjoy a review of this aspect of Chebeague's history.

July 9, 2000 - I haven't been on vacation - and yes my life is out of control - there is no time for anything. Some of the events I wanted to report on with all kinds of pictures are the Whalers Concert last Sunday, lobster study photos, fourth of July Road Race, parade and picnic, I promise that I will get the pics on sometime. We have to be "off book" by Monday for the Oklohoma play - which means I still have a little memorizing to do. I will list some of the upcoming events just in case I don't get back for a couple of days!

July 10 - Vacation Bible School starts at 2:30
July 13 - CRC "TEEN Inter-Island Caribbean Carnival"
July 15 - CIHCC - FISHERMEN'S FAIR 12-2 pm
July 18 - CCR's Summer Evening Jazz Concert, Chebeague Inn 8-10pm
July 19 - CRC "LUAU" and inflatable polar bear (Rob is ordering Chicken this Wed and needs to know how much to order - so please call the rec
July 21 - "OKLAHOMA!" 8 pm CIHCC
July 22 - "OKLAHOMA!" 8 pm CIHCC
July 22 - CI Golf Club Lobster Bake Tournement, 2pm
July 29 - CCR's 5th Annual Fanta$tic Yard $ale, CIHCC, 20-1pm
July 31 - Chamber Music Concert, "Sebago Long Lake Region Chamber Music Festival" 7:30 CIHCC













I would love to have any news, poetry, stories to add to my news page so please email with anything you think would be of interest to islanders around the world - yes Singapore, Egypt, Mediterranean, Boston etc. checking out the news page everyday! So please email me at
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