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Portland Observatory webcam picture of Casco Bay. You can click on the picture to get the Chebeague weather page. To learn more about the Portland Observatory click here!

December 25, 2001 - MERRY CHRISTMAS - I have been working on a website I started about 6 years ago for the 1980 Olympic Torch Relay which I was honored to be involved in and represent the State of Maine. About 20 of the remaining torch bearers meeting this weekend at Lake Placid where we will be involved in rededicating the Olympic Flame Tower which was used in the 1980 Winter Olympics. My children and I are spending the weekend where the Lake Placid Olympic Committee has a full schedule of events for us to participate in including Vika doing a bobsled run at Mount Van Hoevenberg - I would have like to have done it 20 years ago but not now I don't think. The 2002 flame will be arriving in Lake Placid for a run down the bobsled around 3:45 and then to the 90 meter jump at 5:15 then the torch will be greeted by the reunited 1980 Torchbearers where the opening ceremonies took place 22 years ago. I'll probably have lots of pictures!
December 21, 2001 -
Just received a note from Donna Damon with a Town Council Message.

The library has a short film by Jason Kessler (Gabby Tracy's son) entitled, Q. What's Wrong With This Picture? The film is related to the events of September 11. They invite you to view it and let them know what you think so they can give Jason some feedback.

December 17, 2001 -Someone left the Whalers concert with the wrong jacket -It's a blue/green and black Columbia brand jacket. There is a cell phone in the pocket. The person who has it can call John Kaminski at 879-7786 to make arrangements to trade back. Or they can email me at
December 16, 2001 -
The show last night was a hilarious success - of course I'm biased - I really enjoyed it so much last year from the audience and being in it this year meant I got to see a lot more of it every night during rehearsal. I've got a lot of pictures of the show on which fortunately Doug Ross took for me.

Today my family and friends traveled around the island from one event to another and I was able to get some pictures. Our first stop was the Holly Berry Bake Sale at the Library. We have already eaten the banana bread, half way through the most delicious Blue Ribbon Apple Cake made with fresh apples and orange juice made by Jean Whittaker. The other favorite which I got some last year was the citris peel candy which Beth Howe makes - my grandmother always brought it to me for Christmas. The punch they served was the best I have ever had (cinnamon, cloves, cranberry, orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice and gingerale...)- Mona Calthorpe said she would email me the recipe. The real decorated minature tree was won by Anne Thaxter. We left the Library and went to the Island Commons where everyone had put out a wonderful spread. I have a few pictures from the Commons. From there we went to Miller Designs Open House where she taught the children all about her business and gave them some hands on experience on creating some of her ornaments, napkin rings, earings, etc. Of course I took some pictures and you can see them here.

Donna Damon just emailed me thatThe Building cap issue will be on the Town Council agenda on Monday, December 17. The meeting is in Cumberland at 7 pm.

The Library will have some of the left overs from the bake sale on sale at the library tomorrow night. So after people go to the Historical Society pot luck supper and Christmas Party which starts at 6 pm they can stop by the library and see what is left or maybe pick something up on the way.

December 15, 2001 - News flash - the Whalers show is at 7:30 not 8 as I had previously reported!
December 14, 2001 -
Thought you might like to see a few pics from our practice last night - you can tell Deborah is putting us through our paces.

Tom wanted to let everyone know that the Fire Department has donated the tree again this year for the Stone Pier in the spirit of giving and in memory of "Lukie" Ross.

December 13, 2001 - Chebeague Island Historical Society pot luck supper and Christmas party on December 17 at the Parich House will begin at 6:OO o'.CLOCK, not 7:00, as advertised.
December 12, 2001
- Sunday the Island Commons is having a Holiday Open House from 11 - 6 - If you want you may bring an ornament and help decorate the Christmas Tree!!!
December 11, 2001 -
Remember that this Saturday is the Whalers and Company Christmas USO Show - it is going to be so much fun. Refreshments will be served - 7:30 pm Saturday, December 15th, $8 - worth every cent!!

Holly Berry Bake Sale at the Library will be Sunday, December 16 from 11 am - 1 pm.

Just received an email from Gail Miller of Miller Designs who wants everyone to know she is having a Holiday Studio Hours at her home studio Saturday, December 15, 10-4 and Sunday December 16th, 10-2 or by appointment - call her at 846-4369.

December 5, 2001 - The Fire Department's tree sale will be held from 3 to 5 weekdays, and noon - 2 weekends, or you can contact Tom Calder, Marlene Bowen, Roy Jackson, or Allen Maloney.
December 4, 2001 -
Just added a picture taken by Wink Houghton of an unusual Christmas Tree on the island. Every lobsterman on the island has supplied a buoy to make this very special! Just received a note from Tom Calder that the real trees should be arriving today for the fire department to sell.

Today is Flu Shot Clinic at the Hall from 8:45-11:30 am - bring insurance card.

It has been difficult finding time especially now that I have three children doing instant messenger and internet homework (that's what they tell me).

A couple of important notes to announce: The Bean Supper which was planned for this Saturday has been canceled - Cindy and the Hall plan on setting up one for sometime in January. The CTC FREE shopping day boats are this Saturday the 8th and then on Saturday, December 15th. Any teens planning on doing the Teen Mall Crawl this Saturday should let Virginia know right away. The Whalers and friends have been practicing for their Christmas Concert which is Saturday the 15th. This show looks to be hilarious - you won't recognize me I hope in one of the acts (the more makeup and costuming the more relaxed am I). The Holly Berry Bake Sale at the Library will be December 16 from 11 am - 1 pm. You will be able to see the beautiful quilt created and donated by Linda White. Also available are full size posters and note cards of this quilt. It's on display at the Library. (I will be posting more information soon)

The CPA Children's Christmas Party is at the CIHCC, 7pm on December 22.

November 29, 2001 - I received this note from the Freeport Inn: "The Freeport Inn would like to offer a Special Rate to the residents of Chebeague Island! Our regular off season rates are $59.95 to $79.95 per night. We want to extend the special rate of $39.95 plus tax per night to Chebeague Islanders! The dates this rate is valid is November 28, 2001 through May16, 2002. We will also offer a special midweek and weekend rate during the summer. I will contact you when these rates have been established."

Their website is: , guests may make reservations online and they can email : Their local number is 865-3106 and their toll free line is 800-99VALUE.
November 27, 2001 - BRUCE RIDDLE is 50 today! Congratulations!

Everyone has seen the missing cat posters and the plea on the web Sept 1 for Deborah Gordon's cat - on Thanksgiving Ozzie was found around Division Point by Eleanor Morse. She is home now safe and sound and doesn't have any desire to leave the house.

November 25, 2001 - Finally I'm home for a while - just got back from Vermont where we started our Christmas shopping. I missed the Craft show at the Hall on Saturday which I heard was a great success. On December 8th there will be another Baked Bean and casserole supper at the Hall. Cindy again is organizing it - it is such a great way for the community to get together and as a fundraiser for the Hall. The Whalers and friends are working on their Christmas concert scheduled for December 15th.
November 14, 2001 - The latest news from the library is on line so check it out. The Bar Codes are being put on the books - what a great service that will be for us all. The library is offering a series of book discussion groups in conjunction with the Maine Humanities Council. Sheila Jordan just completed the first group, After Frost: Poetry in New England. The next one is: An in-depth, personal view of life during the Civil War presented by Phil Jordan. Later Jim Millinger will be doing a series on Going to Sea.

Michael Porter has just put up his Marine Design website which I have added a link to on the Anchor Page. He has lots of photos and designs of his boats.

Next week I should have some great pictures of our school field trip to Plimoth Plantation (spelling is correct- now it is) - Only 4 1/2 hours on a school bus with two classes of children (our school and one from the mainland) each way - should lead to an exciting, exuberant, comfortable .... time.

November 11, 2001 - The supper last night was a huge success -Thanks to Cindy Riddle who has volunteered to organize and run these suppers for the Hall on a monthly basis - the Hall committee as well as the general public thanks her so much for this community function! A few pictures from the supper are on the CIHCC page.
November 9, 2001 - Good luck to Ben Johnson whose soccer team is in the regional NCAA Division III Men's Soccer Championship Great Lakes Regional semifinals this afternoon at Chicago's Stagg Field. Ben (number 9 is a senior and has had an awesome year!
November 6, 2001 -I have a reminder from the fire dept that they will be selling trees again this year, they hope to have the trees right after Thanksgiving, so watch for further details.

The 3rd annual Children's Christmas Craft Fair is scheduled for Saturday morning from 10am - noon at the rec center - this is an opportunity for children to make gifts for their family and friends - the cost of each gift ranges from .25 to $1.50 - and what fun they all have!

At 6pm the Hall is having a casserole and baked bean supper !

November 5, 2001 - Last night Jerry Wiles presented a lecture on John Adams at the Hall and what a great time. There were about 30 people and it was a great learning time. The Hall is grateful to Jerry for donating his expertise and time and he said he would come back and do more. I started to make a website for him highlighting one of his lecture series. I would love to hear what people would be interested in. I want his next one to be about women's sufferage -Anthony and Stanton.

Tomorrow is election day - don't forget to vote!

Next Saturday is the Casserole and Baked Bean supper - 6pm at the Hall. Check below for details.

October 26, 2001 - A couple of big events coming up for the Hall:

November 4th, at 7 pm Jerry Wiles will be putting on a presentation about John Adams. We will be accepting donations for the storage addition to the Hall. Jerry is renown for his having taught History for 30+ years and has been an inspiration to his students. He has been studying up and has been putting on John Adams lectures around the area.

Baked Bean and Caserole Supper! November 10, 6 pm - yes, back by popular demand and because Cindy Riddle has volunteered to organize them. The CIHCC is so appreciative to Cindy for taking on this vital community event. She is hoping to plan one once a month - just like the old days! Adults $6.00, 4 - 12years $3.00, and 3 and under free. COME ONE COME ALL! If you need more details or want to help call Cindy 846-1055.

Message from Cassidy, May and Jeff: Next week Cassidy will be making their annual contribution to the soup kitchen at Preble Street Resource Center. $422 was collected from donations from friends, family members, the kids at Cassidy's birthday party and work colleagues. Just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone.

October 23, 2001 - I was asked to pass on this information about a girl from So. Berwick who has been missing since Saturday Night. Amy St. Laurent, Age 25 was last seen outside the Pavilion at 1:45 am.
October 22, 2001 - Something I should have posted last week was that the store is closed all week and will reopen next Sunday the 28th.

Just received this notice from the Chebeague Island Fire and Rescue:

The firemen's boot full of money that was at the store for some time raised $713.51 for the New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund in which 100% of the funds go to the families of the firefighters and EMS workers that were killed in the attacks at New York. It is in cooperation with, Fire House Magazine, Fire Expo and the International Association of Firefighters and is a non-profit 501(c) 3 tax deductible organization administered by IAFF. Along with Chebeague's Fire Department donation of $500 we sent a total of $1213.51. Thank you to everyone who dug deep for that change and wrote checks. I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated.

I also received this note from Tom Calder: Hours at the Transfer Station changing Oct 28, AFTER that date,, no more Fridays, and we close at 4:00 instead of 5:00. Don't forget to change batteries in your smoke detectors,,thats a very important cheap investment.

The Halloween Party is scheduled for October 27 at the CIHCC 7 - 8.

October 17, 2001 - Tomorrow night, October 18th, at 7:30 pm, is the annual meeting of the Chebeague Island Hall Community Center. We appreciate having received many proxies which will enables us to get our 10% membership quorum. We will be reviewing the past year's business and events as well as nominate a new slate of officers. They are Peggie Jones, president; Mabel Doughty, vice-president; Martha Hamilton, recording and booking secretary; Beverly Johnson, treasurer and Dianne Brewer, corresponding secretary.

A PUBLIC HEARING is also being called for 7:00pm to answer questions about our submitting a grant to the USDA to obtain funding for our storage addition project. The community has been very generous to date and we have raised over $13,000.

My sister Charlotte Johnson turns 50 today and last weekend her siblings surprised her in Vermont!

October 16, 2001 - Congratulations to Simon Brown who has been elected to the Student Council at Greely Junior High!

News from the Library : The automation of the Library is well underway. All the new computers are now in place and running smoothly. We are looking for volunteers with an hour or two to spare, to put the bar code labels on each book. If you would like to sign up, please contact the library.
Read or listen to a J.K. Rowling Harry Potter book and earn the chance at a free movie ticket! Come to the library for details.
Our newest display centers around India and its diverse history and culture. Come check it out!

October 15, 2001 - School Board Meeting Tonight on Chebeague!!! Tonight the School Board is meeting on the island at the school at 7 pm. This is a very important meeting. Of concern is the numbers at the Chebeague School and also the referendum for the new Middle School and the renovations at the Junior High for the Nov 6th ballot.
October 11, 2001 - CHEBEAGUE ISLAND HALL COMMUNITY CENTER NEWS: Andrea Ballard (daughter of Sam) is in the Peace Corps in Sofia, Bulgaria and her husband John Aurbakken is a photographer. They have done alot of travelling around the country and learned a lot of local history and lore. They are putting on a slide show with some crafts and things from Bulgaria at the Island Hall, SUNDAY EVENING. Oct. 14 at 7:30 PM. Admission 4.00 for the benefit of the Hall.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY NEWS: - The Chebeague Island Historical Society monthly general meeting is being held on Monday, October 15th at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish House. This session is a "workshop" on the Chebeague-Littlejohn bridge proposal of 1957-63. Participants in the petition drives and others remembering these times are urged to share their memories. Any written materials, photographs, etc., would be much appreciated and will be returned. Historic materials will be displayed. The Historical Society is planning a full scale program on this topic for next summer. All are invited to join the gathering and help preserve this important chapter of Island History.

CHEBEAGUE RECREATION CENTER NEWS: - POTTERY: Towanda has split up the children's pottery class and is inviting teens and adults to join the older kids' class. The class is offered Monday afternoons, from 4:45-6:15 pm for 5 weeks starting October 15th. Some of you might prefer this earlier time over the evening class formerly offered. This is a great way to make some beautiful holiday gifts. Please call Beth or Virginia if interested.

FITNESS WITH SHIRLEY: Starts Monday at 9 am - come give it a try! Only $1 drop-in fee per day.

CRC FALL CLEAN-UP DAY: This Sunday afternoon, October 15th, CRC is planning a Fall Clean-Up Day. There will be inside and outside work (such as putting away pool furniture), and we would love all the help we can get. Refreshments provided. Please come help us keep your Rec. Center looking good! You can come anytime after 1 pm and stay for as long or as short as you like. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

October 7, 2001 - It's a beautiful cool day here today - temperature this morning was 38 degrees. Yesterday the Frost tournement at the Golf Club had a wonderful turnout in spite of a short downpour. There are yard sales all over the island today. I just added a picture to the pic page of a road side display on the island. I also just received a copy of a poem written a few years back by Clay Hawks about peace and have added it to the Chebeague Anchor Page - It's Ours to Keep!
October 4, 2001 - Today was an exciting day for Mrs Smith's class - the violins arrived. Thanks to a very enthusiastic music teacher and grants from Recompense, Island Institute, and MBNA each of the children will have their own violin and lessons this year. You have to check out the photos of them opening up their instruments for the first time.

By the way the Red Cross Benefit Concert is up to $5240 now.

October 1, 2001 - Received this note from Deborah: a small correction/addition to the final amount raised (so far) from Friday night: $5090...To all who participated in the concert, as well as to all who financially and otherwise contributed: it was YOU who pulled this together, and a paramount reminder to all of us who try and live out our lives here, of why our community is so fundamental to the American way of life we want so much to protect, for ourselves and the rest of the world. A very heartfelt thanks to each of you.

Hansen's Well Drilling is on the island as of 10:30 this morning! If you are wondering about a well you can contact them at 1-877-839-3293. They will only be here for a few days .

On Saturday three jackets were left on the ground at the corner of John Small Road and South Road by three bikers. When they returned from their loop around the island they were gone. There was a yellow ll Bean vest, red knee length rain parka and a blue elastic waste parka.Please call 846-9138 if found - thanks.

September 30, 2001 - Friday night was a wonderful success!! Over $4500 was raised by the Chebeague Island Community at its Red Cross Benefit Concert - Food sale and impromptu Silent Auction. Check out some digital pictures from the event.
September 26, 2001 - Friday night at 7:30 there will be a Red Cross Benefit Concert - just about everyone is involved in one way or another. Some of the performers include The Wagoneers, Octavia, Whalers, Mark Dyer, newly formed quartet of Malcolm, Bob B, Doug C, and Dick Freeman, John Howard, Dick Bowden, Phil & Sheila Jordan, Jessie Rouseau, school children, .......... - children are also selling baked gods, drinks, - All donations are welcome. Checks may be made out to the American Red Cross. Please come to this positive healing community event!
September 18, 2001 - The Chebeague Community is putting on a Benefit Concert for the Red Cross on Friday, September 28th. The Whalers and a number of other musicians and groups will be getting together to accomplish this. Anyone who would like to join us can call Deborah Gordon, 846-4481 or Martha Hamilton 846-4078 or come to our initial get together Sunday night at 7pm to plan the concert. If anyone would like to organize any other things that night to raise money (food, auction items, sell services....) let us know. This would be a wonderful way for us as a community to help with the healing for us and others.
September 17, 2001 - The Cumberland Town Council Meeting will be holding a special Town Council Meeting on Saturday, September 22 at 8:45 at the Hall. Mark you calendars!!!! This will be a one item agenda and that will be a continuation of the discussion of building caps and growth permits. Please click on Town Council News to learn more about this meeting!
September 16, 2001 - The Chebeague Island Historical Society is holding its monthly general meeting on Monday, September 17th, at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish House. The topic is the "Watch School", and Jane Frizell will present an evening of slides, video and rememberances of this enterprise which was in operation on the East End in the late forties. All are encouraged to attend, including those who want to learn about it, and those who have some memories to share.

Hospice of Maine will be doing a unique fundraiser on September 30th which includes biking on Chebeague Island! Please read their letter about what they represent and what they are planning for Sunday, Sept 30.

September 15, 2001 - Received an email from John Layng who was on a train heading into the city when word came of the attack. John use to work for Morgan Stanley.
September 14, 2001 - Tonight at 7:30 at the Chebeague United Methodist Church there will be a memorial service for the victims of this tragedy.
September 12, 2001 - I wanted to report that Jessie Eaton, son of Gilbert and Grace who works across the street from the Trade Center is OK and is in San Fransisco - out of town on business. Just received an email from Teresa Kaufman and she and Maddie Kate are in Conn. with family and Peter had been in Chicago and evacuated from the Sears Tower - he is driving home.
September 11, 2001 - This has been the most horrific day and I know everyone is in terrible shock. There are many people whom we are all worried about around the country. I just received word that Jack Williams is OK. He is usually working on the 40th floor of the second building. Today at the time of the attack he and Gail were on a plane just ready to take off for Colorado. Rochelle Rice has also called her parents and is fine. Nick Nyhan, who works near the towers is also ok.

Chris Pierce Jr who recently graduated from Yale and got a job at the World Trade Center was in Philadelphia on business and wasn't there today. Also heard from Karen and Jay Corson who are fine. Karen was involved with some of the ambulances and rescue. Nancy Pierce's brother Rick who was working at the Pentagon is safe.

September 9, 2001 - The AYSO soccer season began yesterday with 8 players from Chebeague participating. I'm coaching a 4/5 grade team which includes Darya, Arianna, Alissa and Anna and am having a great time. Other children participating are Dennis, George, Brian, and Caroline. I hope to get the team over hear for a practice soon on our new field. I'm so busy coaching that I didn't get time to take as many pictures of all the children playing you can see some of them on the AYSO page. Photos from Sept 8, 2001.

The Blanchard tournament is scheduled for today at 12 for all island residents. There is also a softball game scheduled at the ballfield at 4 and the pool is also opened today with adult swim starting at 1pm. I guess we will all be active today. I hope noone minds me leaving the golf coarse for my half hour swim.

We have library news updated so check it out! The calender of events will be coming in later.

The golf club's women's committee has a fundraiser which would make a great Christmas gift and/or stocking stuffer. Two decks of playing cards for $12.00. You can buy them at the club house until they close and then you can get them from Donna Clark (846-6089) over the winter.

September 6, 2001 - Just received this note from the Rec Center:

POOL NEWS: For all you swimmers out there, we are happy to say that the pool season is not over! We have a lifeguard coming from the mainland on Wednesdays and Sundays for the month of September. Adult swim will be Wednesdays, 12:00 pm -1:00 pm, and Sundays, 1:00 pm -2:00 pm. Open Swim will be Wednesdays, 1:00-3:00 pm, and Sundays, 2:00 - 4:00 pm.

FALL PROGRAMS: The brochure will be in your mailboxes early next week. Most programs begin in late Sept. or early October. However, here's what's starting now: Rug Hooking starts Sept. 10th (10 week session - $77) minimum 7 people; a new 12-week Weight Watchers session begins Thursday, September 13th, 7-8 pm; Pre-Teen Center every Saturday 3:00-5:30 pm; Teen Center every Wednesday 7-9 pm and Friday & Saturday nights 7-10 pm; Men's Pick-Up Basketball is also ongoing every Wednesday night 7-9 pm.

VOLUNTEER FIELD: Isn't it great?? Don't forget you can use it now! If you'd like to organize an event (like a softball game), please remember to check with the Rec. Center to make sure it's not already scheduled for something else.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: The Chebeague Island Preschool Program is looking for an assistant to the teacher, Vicki Todd. Help teach seven adorable 3 & 4 year-olds on Monday & Wednesday mornings from 9-11:30 am. If interested please call Vicki or the CRC. Virginia is also looking for help with the early-release Wednesday program scheduled to begin in October.

Thanks, and have a great day! Beth & Virginia

September 3, 2001 - What a wonderful celebration for the opening of Volunteer Field on Saturday, September 1st. We can't thank Betts Mayer enough for what a wonderful gift she has given the island. Dennis just left for the field so he and some friends can play some football on the new field. Yesterday two teams were able to be formed to play a game and Mike Robinson has the distinction of being the first one to hit the softball over the fence (he must be left handed). I was so busy with the Triathlon I didn't get as many pictures as I should have of the crowds of people but I did get some of the ball games that took place.
September 1, 2001 - MISSING CAT OZZIE has been gone several weeks form Cottage Road where he lives with his year round family. Very friendly, beige (buff) with some white, neutered male with polydactyl (extra thumbs) front paws. Perhaps he has been taken in and fed by some well intentioned visitor? or accidentally locked into someone's cottage or barn? but we would sure love to see him back at home.
call 846-4481 with any information PLEASE
August 27, 2001 - Big weekend coming up for everyone!

Friday night -Contra dance at the Chebeague Island Hall on Friday, August 31. They have a great band coming lead by Nat Hewitt of Peaks
Island and caller Kathy Anderson, well known for her wonderful dances up and down the east coast. The Chebeague Island Friends of Folk Arts (CIFFA) is hosting the first annual Chebeague Island Contra Dance on the Friday of Labor Day Weekend, August 31, 2001. The events surrounding the contra dance include: Pre-Dance Potluck 5:30-7 -- Octavia Concert 7:00-8:00 ($5)---- Contra Dance 8:00-midnight ($8) All event will be held at the Chebeague IslandHall Community Center (CIHCC), SouthRoad, Chebeague Island, ME.

Guests are asked to bring something to share at the potluck. Beverages and desserts will be provided.

Tickets for the Octavia Concert can be purchased separately on the evening of the show ($5), or can be purchased at a discount along with contra dance tickets ($12 for dance and concert). For more information about Octavia, contact Deborah Gordon, 846-4481. For more information about the dance in general, contact May Hall 846-3677.

Friday night also - There will also be a teen dance (5th grade and up) 7 - 11 at the Recreation Center with a return engagement by the "Sound Lord" (also known as Lee)

Saturday activities start with the triathlon at 10 am. The opening celebration of the VOLUNTEER FIELD begins at 11am with Flag Raising, Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem (members of the Little League Championship ball team the Yankees) - Dedication and naming - Guest Speakers - Triathlon Awards --11:30 Ribbon Dancers, Ribbon Cutting - Everyone on the field for games (soccer Challenge, football Challenge - Softball Smash - Free Frisbees) 12:00 FREE Hotdogs & Soda; Peanuts & Crackerjacks (Pie sale by Chebeague Island Friends of the Folk Arts - 12:30 Raffle Drawings 12:45 Throwing of the First Ball by Sanford Doughty ----Exhibition Games (3 innings each): Kids 12:45-1:15, Women 1:15-1:45 and Men 1:45-2:15.

August 22, 2001 - On Friday August 19th a black soft suitcase was lost or misplaced full of cloths, the side compartment had photos and books. If anyone has seen the bag you can email

Unfortunetely I'm spending a lot of time on the mainland these days - Vika has three weeks of preseason for field hockey ( I can't wait till she gets her license) and Dennis is at day soccer camp all week and I started soccer coach training this week as well.

The musical "Islands" will be coming to Chebeague for a matinee performance on Saturday, October 13. It has received rave reviews from virtually every publication in Maine that has been exposed to it, including the recent major article in the Press Herald.

August 19, 2001 - The Chebeague Island Historical Society is holding its monthly meeting on Monday, August 20th at 7:30 p.m. in the Island Hall. The topic is "STORYTELLING" and the evening will start off with some stories from Gary Anderson of Harpswell, who is renowned for his telling of historical tales. All are invited to pull up a chair and listen, and, if you wish, add some contributions of your own.

Only two more weeks before the opening of Volunteer Field - what a day is planned! We will be having our first triathlon for the kids who participated in the triathlon program this summer. This will be an annual event and hopefully will be opened up for adults and all who want to participate. This year there will be some teams and a some individuals with awards for all who have participated this summer. The pool swim will consist of a quarter mile, the bike will be three times around the cottage road for about 5 miles and then 9 laps around the ballfield for about a 2 mile run.

The raffles which have been going on this summer for the Library ( boat and painting) and the CRC raffle for $3000 will also be drawn so its not too late to get your raffle tickets. The rec center was also donated a fabulous electric car which will be selling raffle tickets for over this winter with the drawing on July 4th.

August 10, 2001 - It is still unbearably hot! I finally got a moment to put some pictures on the web of the dress rehearsal of South Pacific taken by Lucille. It was such a great fun show and I'm looking forward to next years show - so I hope all those people who watched and thought they would love to be in a production will call Deborah Gordon.

The Chebeague Island Council will have it's Annual meeting at the Parish House on Saturday Aug 11 at 9 am. They have a very special presentation to make and hope all will come to see it. Donuts and Coffee will be served. See you there.

August 8, 2001 - Hot, Hot and Hotter!!!

The island is starting a fund for Mark Doughty's family and I will let people know where they may send donations as soon as I find out.

The Town Council will hold a meeting on Chebeague on Monday, August 13 at 7 pm at the Hall. The department heads will be present to make
presentations and answer questions. Tentative agenda items include: a discussion of the ground water study; a discussion of the impact of the building cap [Do you like it? want to change it? want to eliminate it? discuss other ways to limit growth eg preserve land? identify unbuildable areas?] The acceptance of a public access easement on Indian Point Road; act on a petition to post the school area with speed limit signs.

As always the public is free to discuss any item not on the agenda during the public discussion portion of the meeting.

The Council will be touring the island before the meeting stopping at the Stone Wharf, Chandlers Cove, Waldo Point, Indian Point Road, Central Landing Road and other places if time allows.

If you have any questions please call Donna Damon at 846-5140 or email her at

July 31, 2001 - What a busy summer for me - there is lots to report on but no time to do the reporting. I hope to have pictures soon of South Pacific, Annie, Fire Rescue Open House and more! I did add some pictures of opening day at the Artisans Icehouse which opened its doors July 1st. Vickie Todd has been busy putting together a shop full of Islanders creative work as well as some other wonderful items. I also took some pictures of Clint Jones' metal sculptures which are so much better in person. They have been on display at the library all month and you can also see some at the Artisans Icehouse.

TRAVEL TO TURKEY WITH SUHAIL BISHARAT IN MAY 2002!! There will be an information meeting for interested persons to learn about the trip to Istanbul and cruising the Turkish coast. It will be held at the Bisharat's house, 76 Littlefield Road on Thursday, August 2nd, at 7:00 p.m.(Sponsored by the Chebeague Island Historical Society) Interested persons who cannot attend should call Phil Jordan at 846-6907.

July 24, 2001 - South Pacific is being held at the Hall this Thursday, Friday and Saturday - The first 104 seats may be reserved by buying your ticket ahead of time at the CRC or sometimes outside the store. Call 8465068 to see if anyone is there. The seats are $8.00 and we are all working very hard getting it together - so much fun! The cast includes: Betsey Wemesfelder, Peter Carleton, Darya Johnson, Rebecca Wemesfelder, Barbara Marks, Martha Hamilton, Beverly Johnson, May Hall, Vail Traina, Malcolm Rice, Bruce Bowman, Bob Brown, Tyler Putnum, Peter Rice, Mike Grunko, Piper Bennett, Lucille Ferragamo, Sally Ballard, Elizabeth Hill, Lucy Brown, Cassidy Jeffers, Laura Formisano, Arianna Stefanilo, Joan Robinson, and Jamie Freeman! Wonderful set design by Linda Carleton with help from Caroline Summa and Karen Corson, lighting by Doug Damon, Accompianist Jim Cole. Don't miss it - you can buy tickets at the door also.

Hansen's Well Drillers are coming to the island within the next few weeks - if you are interested in having a well drilled it would be a good idea to contact them at (207) 839-3293, toll free number 877 839-3293 or email at

July 19, 2001 - Don't forget tonight and tomorrow night - Annie at the Hall - 7PM!

The CCR is putting on the Lewis Ross Golf Tournament which will benefit the Island Commons. It will be held Wednesday, August 15, 2001 - 1 pm shot gun start 18 hole scramble followed by a pig roast. More information as well as a registration form can be obtained at:! The organizers are also looking for hole sponsors and donations toward their silent auction held at the same time.

The summer is almost half over and just a reminder that you can get your raffle tickets for the $3000 tip to anywhere through AAA (If the trip is less than $3000 the difference can be in travelers checks) at the rec center. A limited number are being sold so get your chances early - $25 a ticket. You can call the rec center at 846-5068 and charge your ticket! If you win wouldn't that make a nice to your children or parents.

July 18, 2001 - Message from the Rec Center: - WEDNESDAY NIGHT - don't cook! Come to the Chicken BBQ! Starts at 6 pm. $7 per person includes hot BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad, lemonade, fruit, and pool time. Call to reserve your place or buy tickets at the door.
-THURSDAY & FRIDAY NIGHT - Come see the Stars! (of the stage!) 7 pm- The Chebeague Children's Theater presents "Annie" at the Hall. $5 for adults/$3 kids under 12. Come see this spectacular show starring kids ages 6 to 18. Directed by Rachel Damon with musical accompaniment by Betsy Wemesfelder.
- ALSO THURSDAY - Come see the Stars (in the sky!). The Library presents the Southworth Planetarium's show at the CRC from 3:30 pm to 11: 00 pm. Lots of fun activities, including telescopes for stargazing. Free.

July 17, 2001 - Our Councilor, Donna Damon has just asked me to include information about the new Stone Wharf Committee. I have started a Town Council News Page so you will be able to access information about upcoming meetings and results of meetings. If you would like to be part of the committee go to the Town Council News Page!
July 15, 2001 - Sorry I'm so behind on so many events and activities lately but I'm trying to catch up. If you have sent me something you think would be interesting and you haven't seen it on my page don't be afraid to remind me. Sometimes emails just disapear - there are about 10 people using my computer for emails and all - and sometimes I just plain forget.

A few weeks ago the Chebeague Island Hall Community Center Board sent out a mailing requesting funds for our proposed storage addition as well as needed repairs to the building. I have included it on the website for all those who never received the mailing. The response to our letter has been wonderful and we appreciate any contributions we can get. We are also looking toward some fun times at the Hall and hope you will all be able to participate.

There was a neat article in the Brown University newspaper about Louis Leonard and his first reunion at Brown- includes a great picture.

I received this internet access message from Jim Phipps - perhaps there is someone reading this page who can help Jim and Chebeague:


If any one can help me learn if broad-band internet access is available on Chebeague please contact me at JPHIPPS@PRETI.COM. If it is not, I'd like to work with a concerned group of islanders to make it happen. If it is available, please advise me of who to contact to sign up ASAP.

Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide.

- Jim
James E. Phipps, Esq.
Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau, Pachios & Haley, LLC
One City Center, P. O. Box 9546
Portland, Maine 04112-9546
Phone: - (207) 791-3000
Fax: - (207) 791-3111
email: -

July 13, 2001 - Chebeague Children's Theater is Presenting Annie At the Hall on Thursday, July 19 and Friday, July 20 at 7:00PM-[Due to
scheduling problems no Sat. performance] Tickets: $5 - Children under 12 charged only $3 - Don't miss out on this great evening of entertainment!! What a great cast, director and accompaniest they have too!

July 12, 2001 - SOUTH PACIFIC TICKETS - Get your tickets early - they are available at the Rec Center. We actually have a seating chart and we need to know if we need to put on another performance. The website for the play is I just added some pics of our rehearsal tonight - I'll get a lot more on Monday.
July 9, 2001 - The Chebeague Island Historical Society is holding a meeting for all to enjoy on Monday, July 16th. Following a 7:30 PM rendezvous at the Central Landing site [ PLEASE PARK ON THE SOUTH ROAD ], we will move to the Hall
where members and friends of the Historical Society will take us back to Littlefield's (and later) Central Landing in a slide show, talk, and "Show & Tell" presentation. Your admission fee will be gladly refunded if you leave the Hall not knowing the answers to:
*Why were there two Littlefield Landings? Where were they?
*Who was the Littlefield for whom the site we just visited named? Why? Are there any of those Littlefields left on the island?
*Who changed the name to Central Landing? When and Why?
*Why "Central?" "Central" to what?
*When did the last Casco Bay Lines steamboat land at Central Landing? Why?
*Why were Charlotte Stilphen and Audrey Hamilton hiding in the Central Landing freight shed one January day in 1942?
*Who owns this once important landing site now? H-m-m-m!!!

The Barbeque Chicken at the Rec Center is scheduled for Wednesday, July 18th!

I finally was able to get some pictures of the Whalers concert Freedom, Peace and Unity. They were taken off my video camera ao they aren't the best but the concert was great!

July 6, 2001 - I have added a few more pictures of the races, picnic and parade taken by Kim Munroe and Mike and Beth Grunko have given me a news release about the races with the names of the winners in the various categories.

I am way behind in the results of the Town Council election which took place nearly a month ago. Donna Damon, Steve Moriarty both won for Town Council. Congratulations.

July 4, 2001 - Just got back from the 4th of July Fun Run - 1.4 miles - 40 kids signed up and I got lots of pictures before my camera started to mess up. I have just added photos from the 4.2 mile race.

Here are some pics of the Parade!
July 3, 2001 - Rehearsals have started for South Pacific and there is still a need for actors, singers, and dancers for nurses and sailors - so don't be shy - call Deborah. Tickets will be going on sale for the three performances and you will be able to get your seat early. Elizabeth Hill has started a website for the play and you may even check out the seating plan at the Hall.

June 30, 2001 - Don't forget that tonight at 8 pm the Whalers Spring Concert will take place at the Hall - and the room isn't too hot either. Today is one of the hottest days we have had - at least it seems like it to me - maybe it is just preshow jitters.

Kim just sent over some pictures from the Commons which shows a wonderful example of the young and the old having a great time together playing a friendly game of BINGO! What a great place the Commons is for our island!

I just rejoined the Golf Club after many years not being a member and hope I'll be able to get some golf in. I missed the swatfest this morning because of other obligations and now the play rehearsals for South Pacific start so maybe in August. We will be selling reserved seats for South Pacific starting July 4th. You'll be able to get the tickets at the Rec Center and there will be designated seating. At least people won't have to stand in line for an hour only to find all the seats gone - I hope this method will work for people. Deborah is still looking for some nurses and natives for the show - actors that is so if you are interested call her - 846-4481.

The 24th annual 4th of July Road Race will be upon us soon. The free fun run starts at 9:00 AM. All who run will get ribbons and popcicles. The 4.2 mile road race has sign up starting at 9:15 with the race at starting at 10:00 and the fee for this race is $5.00. The races go on RAIN or SHINE! This year we are adding a trophy for over 60 men. The Grunko's (Mike and Beth) who have been the volunteers handling (thank you so much) - if you need more information you can contact them at 846-6047.

I have just added a note from David Hill about DSL! Wouldn't it be great if we could get it on Chebeague. Right now if I have a lot of research on the internet I go to the Library because it is about 4 times faster than at home here. Maybe we can all put some pressure on Verizon.

June 24, 2001 - We are back from Washington D.C. where we had a fabulous time - I documented the trip in pictures which you can see for a while by clicking here. Some of the highlights were our visit with the Marks', most of the Smithonian museums, tour of the Capitol through Olympia Snow's office, tour of the White House, Holocaust Museum and all of our walks around the city.

Thank goodness that Kim Munroe got a digital camera and is so willing to document so many events. She took a picture yesterday of the new bench which has been placed next to the freight shed on Cousins' Island.

Yesterday a group of hard working volunteers from the Library and community got together to work on the gardens around the Community Center and again Kim was there to document all the energy! Check out her pictures!

Don't forget the Whalers' Spring Concert "Peace, Freedom and Solidarity" is next Saturday night at 8 pm at the Hall!

June 20, 2001 - Beth Ross Williams is celebrating a birthday today. If you'd care to guess how old she is now, pick a number between 49 and 51! Wish a Happy Birthday to Beth!
June 13, 2001 - Today was the last day of school for the children in Cumberland and not a moment to soon for me. I'll sound and feel a lot different August. The children and I leave for Boston and then Washington D.C. tomorrow - so much to do.

The Friends of the Library are sponsoring a trip to the Maine State Music Theater on July 24 to see OKLAHOMA. A bus will pick us up at the 10 o'clock boat and drive us to Bailey's Island for lunch at Cook's. We will then be driven to Brunswick for the matinee and back to Cousin's Island for the boat home. The $53 cost of the trip includes your ticket to the theater, the bus, and a $20 donation to the Chebeague Island Library. Reservations are being accepted at the library, by calling 846-4351, or by e-mailing There are only 32 tickets and they must be paid for by July 7, 2001.

Congratulations to Robin Read who has just graduated from Phillips Academy with honors!

A reminder that the Historical Society Annual Meeting is taking place on Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Island Hall. Please note the change in time from the Calendar listing. The meeting will begin with a presentation by Carol Wilson, the architect working on the plans for the Musuem of Chebeague History. Everyone is invited to attend and view the exciting renovations designed to transform the District 9 Schoolhouse into a Museum for all to enjoy. A brief business meeting, including the election of officers and trustees, will follow.

June 11, 2001 - I almost forgot to remind everyone that tomorrow is ELECTION DAY! We have three candidates runnning from Chebeague for the Town Council - so get out and vote!
June 9, 2001 - Happy birthday to KayKay Hill, Jennifer Vinttener, Eric Ross , Brother Ross and Allyson Smith!

I took some pictures of our trip to Long Island where our team which is now called the Chebeague Seals (the children decided they didn't want to be the Mussels) competed in the softball throw, long jump, 100m sprint, 50 m sprint and the mile xcoutry race. Long won the meet overall but we had some great competitors and and took home lots of ribbons! Check out the pictures!

June 7, 2001 - I really have updated the Library this time! Today a group of us are going over to Long Island for a track meet. I think about 10 children are going - most from our x-country team - what a beautiful day. We were supposed to go last week but the wind took over and we had to cancel. I received a note from David and Nicole Ruscak asking me to thank the rescue and everyone who came to their aid when he fell from his roof.

Congratulations to Catriona Shepherd who will graduate from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia on June 8 and will begin her residency in Family Practice at Maine Medical Center on June 21!

June 6, 2001 - I can't believe it has been a week since my last entry - where is the time going. Everything seems to be crazy around here; me, the kids, the animals - Spring fever and school is over in a week - yippy I think! The day after school gets out the children and I are heading for Washington DC. I have never been there long enough to see anything. We already have tickets to a White House Tour through Olympia Snow's office and also a tour of the Capital. The children next year will be studying government - wouldn't that make a great school field trip? If anyone has any ideas the new teacher and students would definitely welcome them - in the meantime I will be scouting out the area.

This Saturday at 9 am is the CRC Annual meeting - usually a short meeting with approval of new directors and thank yous to old.

The Chebeague Island Historical Society is holding its Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 16. The time of the meeting has been changed to 7 p.m. It will start with a presentation of the plans and drawings of the Chebeague Museum of History by the architect, Carol Wilson. A brief business meeting will follow, including a vote on the nominees for Officers and Trustees. All are invited to attend and see how the old District 9 Schoolhouse will be converted into a museum. "Watch Factory", as originally scheduled, will be the topic of a future meeting. Thank you!

I also updated the library page with the latest news from Deb!

May 31, 2001 - As you know, school will be ending in a couple of weeks and that means the Teen Center will be open 6 nights per week until Labor Day. Currently we do not have people to keep it fully staffed. We try to have two people on at a time, since we usually have 20 to 40 kids per night. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in working part-time or volunteering with Chebeague's teens, please call Virginia Calder-Tatakis ASAP at 846-5068.

The Teen Center is open Monday through Thursday 7 pm to 10 pm, and Friday and Saturday nights 7 pm-11 pm.
Competitive pay, employee discounts on Rec programs and passes, and a casual and fun work environment.

May 30, 2001 - Just returned from the candidacy night at the Hall. It was very well attended and lots of great questions were asked with lots of good answers. It was being filmed so that the mainland will be able to watch it on their cable - I don't know when yet. I guess the library will have a copy of the tape soon also. I included some pictures on the candidates page and have asked for input from the candidates who have not yet submitted information about themselves.
May 29, 2001 - Just a reminder that tomorrow night is candidates night on Chebeague. I just received a candidates letter from Betts J. Gorsky who is running for the school board and I added it to the Candidates page. I just received word that now the library has all the Videos of Town Council meetings which are now being seen via cable on the mainland where people can just drive down the street and easily go to the meeting (do I sound bitter).

I forgot to include Ruthie Putnam in my list of graduates this year - sorry Ruthie and congratulations!

The Octavia concert originally scheduled for this Friday has been postponed until August 31st.

May 27, 2001 - Yesterday was the first day of the Book and Bake sale for the library and I added a few pictures of the volunteers, workers and patrons.

Kim Munroe happened to be at the Stone Pier in time to take some shots of the new amphibian car to hit the island. I wonder how the salt water is on it?

I want to remind everyone that there will be a Candidates Night Wednesday evening at the Hall at 7 pm. I think all the candidates are coming including the School Board candidates (I wish we could get someone from the island to run). I won't be able to attend but I hope everyone else will. You can read about what the three island candidates have to say here.

We have 10 children on our cross country running program and our championship meet is Wednesday at Twin Brooks where we will be competing against all the towns around. Thursday we are all going over to Long Island where they have invited us to a track meet which will include running as well as jumping, throwing, and a few other events. I would love to see our club expand this summer with times for the children and adults to run together. Our team is planning on running the 4th of July short road race around the Firehouse block. We are also looking for a catchy name if anyone has any ideas. I believe the Long Islanders are the Lobsters - our kids didn't want to be the clams. Any ideas???

May 25, 2001 - Last night's Education and Arts Appreciation night was a huge success and lots of fun. I have included pictures from my video camera as well as some of Kim Munroe's pics.

I have just included a page with items being auctioned off on Saturday at the CPA Silent Auction!

May 24, 2001 - Tonight, Thursday, is Education Appreciation Night as well as School Arts Night. The fun begins at 6 pm and goes to 8:30. This year the program will be at the Rec Center so that Wendy will have plenty of space to do their gym class presentation. There will be refreshments and coffee. This year we are honoring our graduates Rachel Damon, Marguerite Bowman, Jessica Rousseau, and Ruthie Putnam and our 6th graders Zach Doughty and Matt McDonough. Lindsey Hamilton also graduated out in Arizona.

The pool is opening up this weekend!!! A reminder to all those lap swimmers that there will be lap swimming from 7:30 to 9 Saturday, Sunday, Monday (because of the holiday) and Tuesday. People can start their swim around the island and some people could probably do the coast of Maine.

Don't forget about the CPA's Silent Auction Sat 4- 6 - they wanted me to remind everyone that Clam Chowder will be on sale for $2.00 a bowl, so even if you don't bid there is a chance to get your dinner. They always have great items including babysitting, Miller Design napkin rings, barrettes and earrings, lobsters, services, Shirley Burgess wall hanging, David Scrase beautiful hand carved wooden bowls from Chebeague Island wood, Royal River Boat Yard haulout and bottom wash (value $390), CTC ticket books, library movie passes, Romeo, Falmouth House, Mr. Eds -the list is endless I don't have time to writhe them all .... - it is taking place this year at the PARISH HOUSE.

Memorial Observances will be this Sunday at the 10 o'clock Service,Chebeague United Methodist Church.

May 22, 2001 - Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching and we still have a lot of water to turn on and jobs to do. This Saturday there are a couple of big events. The Chebeague Parents Association is having their Annual Silent Auction and this year it will be at the Parish House from 4 to 6 pm Saturday, May 26. The Library will be having their huge Book Fair and Bake Sale at the CIHCC which runs on Saturday and Sunday from 10-4 pm.
May 19, 2001 - Happy birthday Dick Graves! I just added a few more prom pics for Lauren and one of Rachel.

Just received this message from Jennifer: The Chebeague Island Historical Society is holding a meeting on Monday May
21st at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish House. This month the topic is "Sardine Fishing" and Ralph Stevens (of Yankee Marina) will be talking about the Sardine Factory which was in operation in Yarmouth. It is hoped that some Chebeague fishermen will join in and tell us how they caught the fish that ended up in the factory. All are welcome!

May 17, 2001 - last weekend was Prom time for Cumberland and Yarmouth. I was at the Hill's house when KayKay and Elizabeth left with their dates and happened to get some nice shots. You can also see a picture of Lauren and her friends which is on one of Lauren's friends website - what a handsome group! Check out Prom Page - if anyone wants their pictures added just let me know.
May 8, 2001 - Just scanned some fabulous photo' s from Mia Taliento's 2 week spring trip to South America . Lucky Mia went with her Aunt Dawn and Cousin David Harlor to Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands, and Peru. A few of the highlights for Mia and David were snorkeling with the sea lions, seeing the giant tortoises, exploring Machu Picchu, and passing out pieces of bread to the peruvian children in a small village high in the Andes.
May 7, 2001 - Happy 18th Birthday Gail Libby!!

I can't believe after last week's record heat - last night it was 32 degrees - what we realy need is rain. I finally got a picture of John and Tina's baby.

May 6, 2001 - Sherman Rich's boat the Kelley Anne was launched today at 11:30 and what a pretty sight it was!! The fine workmanship certainly stands out. You can catch all the excitement right HERE!
May 4, 2001 - Here is the latest on the Blanchard Parking Lot issue!
May 2, 2001 - Today we had a wonderful x-country meet in Cumberland. We run along with the children from Cumberland mainland, Falmouth, and Pownal today. We have six running the mile, 3 running the 3/4 mile and 1 running the half mile. I took some pictures of each of the runners - they did so well. It was only about 90 degrees at the Twinbrook field.
May 1, 2001 - Just received this note from Beth Dyer at the Rec Center: Just a quick note to let you know that Ken plans to wax the hallway floor this Sunday, May 6th so we need to close the CRC Sunday until 5 pm. This will mostly affect the people who use the gym and fitness room to exercise so please plan your schedule accordingly.

Also- Weight Watchers will begin this Thursday, May 3rd!! Instructor Leanne Brooks will be coming over to begin a 12-week session at 7 pm in the Craft Room. Anyone is welcome to join. Call or e-mail 846-5068 or

April 30, 2001 - This morning we had a surprise baby shower for Mr. Benoit before school started and fortunately Kim Munroe had her digital camera, I forgot mine. She also finally got a picture of Virginia's baby Tiffany.

Dennis found a pair of prescription glasses around the Historical Society building if you know of anyone missing them just let me know.

Tomorrow is Mabel Doughty's birthday - Happy Birthday!

April 28, 2001 - What a lot of fun the singalong was last night. It was especially great to have Gary Ross accompany us with many of the songs. Now that I'm a whaler I will have to start up a whaler page - I have a few pictures of us before we started and during the Western singalong. I even taped some of the songs and as soon as I figure out how to add soundtracks you may be able to listen to us anytime you want. It is a long way off.

Happy Birthday Sylvia Ross! and Ken Marsh too! Tomorrow is Gina Ross' Birthday!

April 25, 2001 - Don't forget about the Western Singalong with the Whalers on Friday night at 7:30! It will be great singing all those old western songs we use to hear and sing -remember Red River Valley, Clementine, Jambalaya, Rawhide.... There will also be refreshments and the $5.00 donation will benefit the Hall so comealong cowboys - yip-i-ya-a, Yip-i-ya-o!!

Yesterday Sherm Rich moved his boat out into the sunshine and what a work of art as well as very practical. I have added some pictures as well as information about it.

April 24, 2001 - I CCR is looking for help outfitting their new studio room at the Island Commons. Click on the Island Commons to see how you can help get it set up especially if you're doing any Spring redecorating.

Happy Birthday Scott Libby!

April 22, 2001 - Now that everyone is getting to see a lot of Quebec in the news I have finally put together the Quebec page for our recent trip. As I said before the trip was quite a success. The kids got to practice their French and see and learn about a culture and area quite different than ours. They were able to meet students from a school in the city and some have even written to each other. Dennis wrote an article soon after we got back which I have also included. I'm glad we were there a month ago and not this week. Check out Chebeague School goes to Quebec!

Happy Birthday Polly Wentling!

April 21, 2001 - I received a note from the Long Range Planning Committee which you may wish to read - it also tells about their upcoming meeting May 10th, 7:00 at the Hall. There will be discussion on food carts, ground water, septic pumping and oil tanks.
April 19, 2001 - Just got back last night from Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire and Spring might be arriving here. Yesterday morning it was snowing in Rhode Island as I'm sure it was here also for a little while.

I have a note from Beth Dyer at the rec center: There is a group of people anxious to get our Weight Watchers program back
in action. We need 15 people in order to have the Weight Watcher instructor come back on Thursday evenings, 7-8 pm. So far we have 11 or 12 people - are there a few more folks out there who want to join this successful group? If interested, please e-mail at ro call Beth at 846-5068.

I have just added notes from Sam Ballard and Karen Hamilton who along with Donna Damon are running for Town Council on my Candidates Page. Now if we could only find someone to run for the School Department.

April 16, 2001 - Last week the K - 3rd grades gave a solar system presentation to their parents and friends at the school. Kim Munroe sent me some pictures which you can see here!
April 15, 2001 - HAPPY EASTER - What a beautiful day! Just returned from the Easter Sunrise Service which I got a few pics of the sun coming up which you may see on the pic page. The Easter Bunny came last night and everywhere I look there are little chocolate eggs - Darya is having a blast. Now I have to get ready for Easter Service at 10 o'clock where I make my debut as a Whaler. We will be singing three songs - a lot of the Whalers are away this weekend so there are only a few of us to sing.
April 13, 2001 - Yesterday it poured rain all day but the island is still has areas of snow and where there isn't snow there's muck, YUCK! Tom Calder is out with his backhoe is clearing snow from side streets and driveways so some people can get to their camps and houses. The Recreation Center will not be having the Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday afternoon as planned. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Mia Taliento is on her way to the Galapagos islands and Machu Picchu with her Aunt and Cousin. What an experience of a lifetime - can't wait to hear all about it when she gets back.

The Chebeague Island Historical Society is inviting all to join in their upcoming meeting on Monday, April 16th, 7:30 p.m. at the Parish House. It is a "Show 'N Tell" session and everyone is urged to come along and bring an item of interest to share with the group. It might be an old photograph you need help identifying, a hidden treasure discovered in your attic, or anything of an historic nature. This type of gathering has been very popular in the past, and is back again by public demand!

April 10, 2001 - Don't forget the Slide Show Saturday- 7:30 at the CIHCC. Slides taken by islanders of Chebeague in the forties, fifties and sixties and beyond! Benefit the Hall.

The Whaler's Western Sing along scheduled for April 20th has been postponed to Friday, April 27th.

Happy Eighteenth Birthday Rachel Damon!!

April 9, 2001 - I have had lots of calls from people wanting to know if they could get thier water on for this weekend - in some cases it is doable but we won't gaurantee warm weather. Anyone with water lines near the surface or above ground it is unlikely you will get any water for a couple of weeks unless there is some drastic changes in weather. I just went out and took some pictures so you can see the snow that is still out there. The flowers are up next to my house but the two feet of snow next to the flowers is a little different. I guarantee that these pictures will show up unlike the last ones I posted. Sorry about that - I will have to download them and try again.
April 7, 2001 - The school children took some pictures to share with the class in Quebec and a few of them were processed through photoworks so I have added the picture album here. These pictures weren't able to be used because we didn't get them back in time for our trip but they show a few scenes of Chebeague and skiing and are a little dark.

Some great programs from the CRC coming: Weight Watchers: will start again April 12th only if we have 15 participants. We need to know by April 6th...tomorrow! Pottery: Towanda Brown is returning to teach kids and adult's pottery classes beginning this Saturday and running through May 12th. Kids class is 1:00-2:30 and adults class is 3-6. We have plenty of kids signed up but no adults yet so please call ASAP if interested. Towanda is a great teacher. Intro to Basketry: The multi-talented Towanda Brown will also teach this one-session class on April 19th. Kids class from 9-11:30 am and adults from 12:00-3:00 pm.

April 4, 2001 - Happy birthday Deborah Gordon!
April 3, 2001 - I just received this notice from Tom Calder at the Transfer Station: "The transfer station is on summer hrs,,,hrs are Wed/Fri 1;30-5;00 pm, and Sat and Sunday 9-5. The date for bulky weekend is August 3,4,5 and its the regular hrs. Please note that paint and solvents are not accepted at the transfer station and used oil may be dropped off at the town garage.."

It is hard to believe we are talking about summer hours when I need snow shoes to walk across my front lawn!

April 2, 2001 - Spring is here now and the proof is in the latest picweek!
April 1, 2001 - Happy birthday Hannah Koppmann and Danny Todd!

John Howard has created a photo album online of Chebeague and getting here by way of Casco Bay which you can see at I especially liked the Golf Course one. John has created two other albums with some fabulous pictures of the island and nature.

The Historical Society's Sloops Log is out and if you didn't receive one or misplace the one you got you can now get it in pdf form from their page which I just started. I haven't got the logo on yet but the rest is there and don't forget to send your dues envelope in.

March 31, 2001 - The Monthly Calendar has just come out so I have finally updated the Calendar which I haven't touched since my computer went down. A few additions to the Monthly one is that the Chebeague Island Hall Community Center is continuing it's slide show on April 14th at 7:30 at the CIHCC Slides taken by islanders of Chebeague in forties, fifties and sixties and beyond!

Also the Community Health and Safety Forum will be meeting Tuesday, April 17th, 7 pm at the Public Safety Building. The Committee through a grant was able to distribute CO monitors over the last few weeks to individuals.

March 28, 2001 - Congratulations to Tyler Putnam, Bradley Putnam,and Rachel Damon made high honors and Christopher McCollum, Lauren Miller, Vika Johnson, Katie Phipps, Christy Bernier, made the honor roll at the Greely Junior High and High School.
March 23, 2001 - We all made it back from the best trip ever. The weather in Quebec City was perfect and the children were the best acting kids ever. I didn't bring the digital camera with me but will be putting together some pictures for the website soon. We did guided tours of the Chateau Frontenac, city tour from carriages, Citidelle, and Ursuline Museum. We also saw the 3d historical movie and the Musee du Fort show. The children were unbelievably attentive and genuinely interested in everything they learned. They were complimented every place they went including the wonderful French restaurants. They met a 4th grade class at the school of Ursulines which has been in existence since the early 1600's. They put on a slide show and all presented information about Chebeague in English as well as French and then they paired up with a couple of students each and tried to talk to each other. We ended our trip with a boat ride across St. Lawrence River where the bus was waiting for us. Since we have been home it has been pouring rain and today snow all day.

Donna Miller Damon has announced her candidacy for the Cumberland Town Council. I have created a file here on my website for anyone running who wishes to submit their announcement to me. You can click here to find out what Donna has to say.

I have recently found out that I am way over the limit on web space at my server without having to spend more per month. The Recompense Foundation is already sponsoring what space I have and there is a lot of information which can be deleted. (reminds me of my closet with the dresses from 1967) There are lots of pictures and pages from as far back as 1996. I will be downloading them again and removing them from the server when I find time so if there are any sites you really want to stay or copy please do so now. I will leave the island news pages as they are - the links will probably be missing.

March 18, 2001 - Yesterday's Irish Dancer entertained and taught everyone how to dance. When he asked you to join the groups there was no way out - you did it. Vika and I took a number of pictures and because I don't have any time to do anything fancy with them I did a quick picture image batch with my photo shop and all you have to do is click on the picture to see larger. Usually I lighten, crop and resize pics but there is no time with this trip to Quebec only a few hours away - CANT wait! When I get back I promise my next agenda item is to update the Library and Island Commons pages and also get some bills out.
March 16, 2001 - Kim Munroe just sent me some wonderful pictures from the k-2nd Grade class. Today they celebrated Dr. Seuss Day and presented their own poetry to the parents. They also built leprachaun traps which you'll be able to see right here! HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY tomorrow.
March 15, 2001 - I'm back!! I feel as though I have been on vacation - I wish I could say I've been to the Carribean but that is not the case. Monday I got a my new computer and all my free time as been spent setting it up and putting my old files into this one.

My major job this week has been helping set up a trip to Quebec for the 3rd through 5th graders at the Chebeague School. The students along with chaperones, Mr. Benoit, and our Island Institute Fellow are heading up there on Monday morning thanks to grants from MBNA, Recompense, and Island Institute. Our itinerary is incredible with tours of the Citadelle, Chateau Frontenac, Musee du Fort, Wax Museum, 3D multimedia show as well as a horse and carriage ride tour. The children have also prepared a slide show of Chebeague for a fourth grade class at the school of Ursuline. They are presenting it in English as well as FRENCH. We have picked out some terrific fancy restaurants which I'm sure the chaperones will love! I can't wait to go!

The St. Patrick Day Dinner has been cancelled for this weekend but there will be a Irish Dancer entertaining everyone at the Hall Saturday, March 17, from 3:30 to 5! World celebrated Irish dancer Patrick O'Dea is coming to Maine to give Irish dance performances and workhops in Portland area schools and community centers. This program is part of Irish Festival 2001 sponsored by the Center for Cultural Exchange in Portland. Last year he visited Peaks Island and they had a blast.

I have missed lots of birthdays while I was out of commission - Happy Birthday Doug Ross yesterday and his mother Gerry last week.

I have lots of updating to do on the library page, Chebeague Care Resource Page, email page, soccer and the list goes on. Thank you to David Hill who added some important information.

Finally I was able to get back to finishing the Sloop's Log which will be in the mail shortly along with the dues envelopes - for a while I thought I was going to have to start over but I was able to retrieve everything off my old computer - it was a tedious job. The publication will also be online in a pdf format.

I also wanted to pass on this note I received a few weeks ago from Claire Ross:

Archie and Claire Ross want to thank everyone for all of their cards, calls and wonderful food that has been brought to the house. Archie is resting at home, now feeling much more comfortable than in December. His condition is late-stage cirrhosis, of unknown origin, but probably toxic exposure. His liver is marginally functional, and there is no pain directly associated with this condition.
The care received from this island community has been overwhelming and deeply appreciated. Archie would not be able to be home without it. Thanks to all who have provided rides for the nurse at night and for all the many good deeds. There have been mystery flowers, mystery plowing and many other contributions . Thank you all.

March 8, 2001 - The Cumberland Town Council will be meeting on Monday, March 12th, 7:00 pm at the Island Hall. This will be a perfect opportunity to learn more about the building cap on the Island and to let the Council know your feelings.
March 1, 2001 - and March is roaring in like a frozen lion...down to zero and below in places with snow on the way. When will it end? Beverly's computer has been declared legally deceased. I guess I could write it up in the "People" column, but that would be totally tasteless. People are starting to get excited about the Recreation Center's Maine Island Adventure. This off-summer-season spring and autumn event is a partnership with L.L.Bean intended to lift some of the fund-raising weight from the Island community while providing people with a great outdoors experience. Click on the link in the last sentence to learn about the program -- you'll at least see some pretty pictures!
February 21, 2001 - I don't know if Beverly tried to download a picture of Anna Kournikova or what, but her computer has crashed and may need major surgery. That, combined with the fact that she's in Massachusetts this week visiting relatives, means that it may be a while before she updates this news page. If something major breaks, I'll update it for her, but I'm not nearly as dedicated (or as fun to read) as she is! (posted by David Hill)
February 14, 2001 - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! - A Middle School Committee representative and a school administrator are coming to Chebeague to speak about the new building project and to answer questions from the general public. People are invited to come and learn about the plans for SAD 51's new middle school and to raise issues of concern to you. The gathering will be tomorrow (Thursday, February 15) from 7 to 8:30 ath the ISLAND SCHOOL. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, call Sheila Putnam at 846-5080.

The Valentines Dance scheduled for Saturday night has been cancelled.

February 11, 2001 - If anyone stays up really late they can see Jane Shattuck's grandson "Opus" (Susan Shattuck's son) appear every now and then on the Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn. He is working as a receptionist but is called out frequently to take part in the show. There will be a five part Bio of him in the month of February called Opus Opus.
February 10, 2001 - The wind has been relentless today and the power was out for about 4 1/2 hours. The CTC boat has had to lay over on the Cousins Wharf and it was quite a scene landing on Chebeague around 10:15 and then again at about 12:30. I took some pictures of the CTC boat, Stone Pier, and also the Casco Bay boat and Chandlers Wharf . It was a lot wilder than the pictures show!!
February 8, 2001 - The Coffee House has been cancelled this weekend - too many people have had too many colds and illnesses to deal with it. Last week one day nearly half the school was out.

I just added some pictures in picweek - a couple Gisele sent me and a couple I took of the kids and one of the snow on Tuesday. I also changed the picture on the Island Commons Page to one more appropriate for the season - as soon as the Spring flowers appear a new picture will take it's place.

February 6, 2001 - What a beautiful day! The sun is shining bright, 38 degrees and two feet more of heavy snow everywhere! Even the snowmobiles are bogging down. I have spent the morning shovelling and moving and cleaning cars. There was no school and the kids are all having a blast making forts and playing in the snow. Stephen is up on the roof right now shovelling after spending the last two days with an axe clearing away potential ice jams. There have been a lot of roof leaks reported around the island from the buildup of ice and snow around the island - even the library has had to have some attention.

There are a couple of plays happening this summer and the directors and Rec Center are looking for potential cast members. Deborah Gordon is anxious to get the casting done for "South Pacific" which is scheduled to be performed the last weekend in July. If you are interested in being in this play you need to contact her as soon as possible at 846-4481 or email at

The other play will be "Annie" directed by Rachel Damon ( who will need 12-20 children and is hoping to hear from any potential participants - email or call her at 846-5140 or Virginia at the rec center 846-5068. She will be assisted by her mother Donna and Betsy Wemesfelder will again give her musical expertise.

Tomorrow is February 7 which means that Elizabeth Hill turns 16! Happy Birthday Biseth!

February 3, 2001 - I just received a call that Shelly Rice will be featured on Monday's CBS Early Show between 7 and 9 am and not Tuesday as previously reported. She thinks it will be about 7:45. I hope it is early so the kids can see it before they go to school. Shelly's website is and her email which is not working correctly on her website is

I also found a site when Shelly was on abc news last year: (it even has pictures of her)

January 29, 2001 - I just received a note about the 10 year old grandchild of the apple Sweetser family in Cumberland who has aplastic anemia and is need of a bone marrow transplant. The children remember playing soccer with him last year and also at school get togethers. The family has a web page for the Eben Family Bone Marrow Drive and I have also put the information emailed to me on a page of how people may be able to help!
January 28, 2001 - I just got back from skiing trip with my kids and had lots of emails. Ralph Munroe got a few pictures of the skating party and Marks birthday party which you can see on the picweek page.

Rochelle (Shelly) Rice (Malcolm and Sandra's daughter) will be will be on CBS the Early Show on Tuesday, February 6. She is supposed to be on at around 7:45, barring any breaking news that day.... plus her book will be out early in Feb.. she probably will mention that on the show. Check out Shelly's website!

January 26, 2001 - Skating party tonight at 5:30 at Sanfords Pond and tomorrow night a birthday celebration at the Hall for Marc Dyer and he is even playing with his band. Should be a great party!

Thank you Ruth for sending me a picture of the Big Blue the Lobster Catcher for my picweek page!

January 23, 2001 - Happy Birthday Lori Rich! The skating party this Friday will be starting at 5:30 and not 6:30 as I reported earlier. The CPA will be supplying hot dogs, hot chocalate and goodies. Sanford has with the help of volunteers Ralph, Jon, and Geof lay the the new rubber floor in the warming shed and Kim Munroe got some digital photos which you can see here! Look forward to seeing everyone there Friday.
January 17, 2001 - More news from the Library and they even have a CD with all the income tax forms on it. That will sure be helpful.

The Island Skating Party will be Friday the 26th at 6:30pm and is sponsored by the Chebeague Parents Association. Lets hope for good ice. Sanford is looking for volunteers to help lay down the underlayment and new thick rubber floor he has bought for the warming shed.

January 14, 2001 - David Hill has put a video of the Polar Bear Plunge on his site at The sound is the best part - it sounds like the sinking of the Titantic.
January 13, cont again - The Chili/Chowder challenge had some wonderful entries and there was plenty for everyone. The Rec Center wishes to thank all those wonderful cooks who included Sally Ballard, Banu KomLosy, Shirley Barker, Diane Calder, Gail Miller and Nancy Hill for chowder. The cooks for Chile were Lindy and Allyson Smith, Millissa Doughty Roussou, Nancy Hill, Mona Calthorpe, Virginia Tatakis-Calder, and Banu KomLosy. Everyone got a sample of each and voted on their favorite and the winners were for chowder Shirley Barker 1st prize, Nancy Hill 2nd and for the chili Nancy Hill 1st prize and Millissa Doughty Roussou 2nd. The real winners were all the people who got to eat all the great food!

I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures of the dance with Flaymin Raymin and Sizzlin Susan but the dances we all learned and the fun the kids had was immeasurable.

I forgot to thank the Chebeague Rescue for standing by at the Polar Bear Plunge and also Doug Ross for making and maintaining the warm fire on the beach.

January 13, 2001 cont.- The first photos are in from the Polar Bear Plunge! As you will see it was the most beautiful day yet. I think there were 13 plungers and 100's of spectators - what a day. I will have more later from my video camera I hope.
January 13, 2001 - The talent show last night was a blast and the winners were in the Adult category Bob Brown (comedy routine) 1st place, Herb Maine and Company (Deborah Gordon, Lucy Brown, Caroline Summa) 2nd place, Gisele Phipps (tongue twisters) 3rd place. In the young persons category Allissa Hamilton singing 1st place, Julia Maine (River dancing) 2nd place and David Hamilton (comedy) 3rd place.

About an hour to go and Dennis and I along with: Elizabeth Hill, Rob Friedlander, Bruce Hutchinson, Chris McCollum, Polly Wentling, Kelly Joyce and more will be jumping into the luxurious waters of Casco Bay - We can hardly wait! I'm hoping to find someone there to take digital pics so I can have them online soon after. We will be warming up after at the Chili Challenge and then tonight at 8 - Family Dance with Flaymin Raymin and Sislin Susan. Tomorrow is a big hockey game at Sanfords pond!

January 12, 2001 - OK - Thank you David for updating my page earlier today - it wasn't I - honest to everyone who happened to go online before 10:30. At least there were no photos of me this year! I have been so busy trying to prepare for our talent act which is tonight. Today we are rewriting a song, trying to memorize it and figuring out how to present it.

There aren't many people plunging this year - I can't understand why?

January 6, 2001 - I am still here but it seems that getting into the swing of school and all has been really hard. The Polar Plunge and all the activities next weekend have kept me busy! The teens had a meeting on Wednesday to plan the BIG Weekend and they have some great plans. They are looking for talent (which we know there is an abundance of on the island) If you have a talent and wish to share please contact the rec center ( before next Friday.

If you are not plunging there are lots of people you can pledge who we know are jumping in and the list is growing: Bruce Hutchinson, Elizabeth Hill, Chris McCullum, Denis Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Rob Friedlander, Kris Marsh, and Kelly Joyce. The Casco Bay YMCA (non-profit organization) is even supporting one of our plungers with a $50 donation.

Check out the latest news from the Library.

The sledding and tubing has been incredible. Herb created a wonderful tubing run and everyday after school this week the kids have been getting plenty of exercising running up and down the hills. Kim Munroe tried out her new digital camera and emailed me a few pics which you can see here.















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